Kartra in-depth Software Review (Updated Jan-14-2020)

  • Product Name: Kartra
  • Developers: Mike Filsaime & Andy Jenkins
  • Verdict: 97%
  • Official Site + $1 Trial Offer :>>> Click here

Kartra is an all-in-one sales funnel tool for online businesses and internet marketers. Kartra was created and launched in April 2018 by a company called Genesis Digital.

It’s a monthly software as a service (SaaS) that marketers can use to sell physical or digital products or both. Kartra users can take advantage of various marketing automation features such as sales funnels, analytics tagging, email marketing, and landing pages.

The software is like a type of food that provides you with all the essential nutrients. In this in-depth Kartra review, you’ll learn everything you need to know about this amazing marketing automation tools.

Who should use Kartra?

With Kartra, you can build your campaigns in a couple of hours and launch it without hiring systems integrators and a team of web designers or developers. All you need is just $1 to sign up for the 14-day trial period. Kartra can radically simplify how you run your online business and supercharge it tremendously.

This marketing automation software suite will help you launch a new product fast and in a more profitable way by utilizing its done-for-you features. The funnel’s marketing automation sequences are designed to help users track their customers as they close sales.

The tested and devised pre-built, pre-designed and ready-to-launch campaigns of Kartra found at the Campaigns Section is a great cash machine.

It will help you achieve your online marketing goals by getting more targeted traffic, qualified leads and online sales. If you want to succeed as a digital marketer, it is crucial to master various skills such as conversion rate optimization, email marketing, PPC advertising, SEO, analytics, and sales funnels.

Kartra helps marketers strategize, implement, and scale proven online marketing strategies. This tool is well suited for beginners and advanced marketers who are building marketing automation systems and sales funnels for their online businesses.

It is also a perfect software for users who want to switch from a band-aid’ marketing approach to make their business websites and sales more synced. In fact, it is cost-effective to use an all-in-one marketing automation tool for all your digital marketing needs, rather than subscribing to different software vendors.

Features of Kartra

  • Designing Landing Pages

Kartra has easy to use drag and drop rows, sections, elements when designing landing pages. The sales funnel and landing page building process is pretty easy. The editing feel and look of Kartra is almost similar to that of OPTIMIZE PRESS VISUAL BUILDER. Although the learning curve for mastering the elements and tools is slightly long, it is not that difficult.

The block templates for designing landing pages on Kartra is quite interesting. Even a beginner can easily learn how to start dragging and dropping highly converting landing page designs. You simply edit and replace images, videos, and texts on the pre-designed templates to get started. Moreover, you can use different block templates for headers, footers, content, body, CTAs.

You can also build squeeze pages portfolios, checkout pages, pricing pages, and thank you pages with Kartra. You can do all these within minutes and launch your campaigns without wasting time unnecessarily. The pre-built components on the platform are designed for opt-in forms, images, text, and countdown timers. Advanced users can also add their own HTML codes to sections.

Utilize Kartra Custom Domains to boost your brand building strategies by displaying your brand name in the domain. Customize backgrounds, images, colors, and layouts instantly with a point-and-pick simplicity. Kartra automatically performs A/B testing for your page creatives to give you an idea on what performs or converts best with your audiences.

  • Automated Sales Driving Campaigns

The Kartra funnels & campaigns feature helps users put their sales machine and marketing processes on autopilot. This is possible because of its Drag and Drop sequence builder. This makes the task of promoting and growing your business almost effortless.

In other words, crafting an automated, comprehensive marketing funnel is snap regardless of whether you’re experienced or not. If you know how to use the Drag and Drop feature, you can create marketing campaigns instantly and start selling.

It is easier to grow your business profitably by combining Kartra’s high-converting tools, sales funnel features and campaign building capabilities. Some of the crucial configurable stages include:

  • Add or remove tags
  • Send SMS and emails
  • Subscribe/unsubscribe to email lists
  • Remove from the sequence (or add to another!)
  • Add all types of automation
  • Done For You Campaigns

The installation and setup process of Kartra is fairly easy. If you’ve ever used Clickfunnels or Leadpages in your digital marketing processes, it is much easier to use Kartra. It is advisable to start with the Done-For-You Campaigns so as to test how the business platform works and familiarize yourself with its features before you begin using its more advanced features. Once you login into your Kartra account, you can either choose the Done-For-You Campaigns (DFY) or go to the Kartra Academy.

Kartra Products and Capabilities

The first step of the DFY is to set up your software and configure your products. This section will allow you to add any products or services you intend to sell through the business platform. Take advantage of the checklist and guide on the right side of your screen in order to move faster. Check out the list of tasks to be completed and ensure they’ve been fully executed.

Product Pricing Options

Karta allows you to add different payment methods and prices for your goods or services. You can either choose a subscription charge or a one-time payment option for your prospects. In addition, you can choose advanced payment configurations such as free trials. You can also add shipping costs if you are selling physical products. There is a section designed for charging sales taxes automatically for businesses that need to charge sales tax.

Tagging and Segmentation

You can tag and segment your customers based on lead behavior and your prospects activities once they land on your online store. On the other hand, if you choose a band-aid approach whereby you use different tools, you’ll have to consider different integrations and API connections for these tools to communicate with one another.


Kartra comes with plenty of integrations including memberships tools, email tools, etc. This is one of the greatest features of using Kartra compared to other sales funnel options. In fact, once you get your Kartra subscription, you may want to cancel your other subscriptions such as WordPress site hosting, landing page builders, and email marketing service providers.

Payment Integration

Most online shoppers prefer buying from online stores or businesses that allow them to use a wide range of top payment solutions. With Kartra’s payment integration, your customers can use different payment methods such as Paypal, Stripe, Braintree, and Authorize.net. Its easy-to-use API integration capabilities will allow you to seamlessly connect your checkout accounts.

Marketing Automation

While there are several marketing automation solutions out there such as Clickfunnels and DRIP, Kartra has proven to be one of the most inclusive sales funnel solution. You can create your behavioral based campaigns by taking advantage of Kartra’s built-in integrations.

Email Marketing Automation

Karta is a cost-effective option for your email marketing automation. You can save up to $49 per month by canceling your subscriptions to other tools such as Drip or ActiveCampaign. You can start creating and sending behavior based messages or emails and eventually personalize your communications with your prospects.

  • Drive Clicks With Engaging Emails

Building and launching stunning email campaigns is much faster and easier with Kartra. The clicks you will start driving will be more targeted and easier to convert into paying customers.

You can select templates from a wide array of intuitively designed templates and other vital components such as hero sections, thumbnails, and content blocks. You simply Drag and Drop your campaigns to customize your email drip campaigns.

Affiliate management

It is simpler to manage a team of affiliate marketers promoting your product or service over the internet with Kartra. Affiliate marketing is a great approach for actively spreading the good word about your brand and grow your revenue.

The software has a built-in affiliate management system which provides users with all kinds of options such as communicating with affiliates and incentivizing. The entire affiliate management feature comes in a one-click simplicity, which includes:

  • Setting commissions globally
  • Controlling how and when your affiliates get paid
  • Approving with questionnaires
  • Viewing and approving your affiliate signups
  • Adding and tagging affiliates to certain lists
  • Building high converting landing pages
  • Staying connected with the affiliate email system.
  • Seeing how your affiliate program is working using the affiliate analytics feature
  • Processing affiliate pay-outs using the Kartra reports.

GDPR Compliance

Since GDPR was enforced in May 2018, businesses have become more careful to avoid lawsuits. It is important to comply with the GDPR regulations, especially if you have customers in the EU region. Kartra has made the GDPR compliance process easy and fast.

Kartra Video

You can drive sales with unique content. Video has the power of selling and engaging more with prospects than any other type of content. In fact, major social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter favor video than images and plain text.

You can upload your product content videos and marketing messages to kartra and embed them into WordPress blogs, membership portals, and Kartra marketing pages. You can also add engaging CTAs at any points in your videos. Unlock social viewing, liking and sharing. Automatically send follow up messages to your new subscribers, assign tags, and add to funnels.

Kartra Membership Websites

With the Kartra Membership websites you can start giving your customers a premium experience. Take advantage of the Membership Portal system to deliver content to your paid and free members with an intuitive interface. All you need to learn is how to:

  • Drag and Drop the Kartra membership builder
  • Design your branded membership portal
  • Create several membership tiers, with different price points and logins
  • Upload your content such as files and videos
  • Embed high-quality videos from Kartra, Vimeo, or YouTube
  • Deliver full courses by using categories and subcategories
  • Drip content to your subscribers based on a time-release schedule
  • Link to your products or services from the membership sites
  • Run automations by adding customers and assigning tags based on customer actions

Kartra Analytics

Improve how you measure your performance metrics with Kartra. The software integrates information from a set of tools to give you a detailed report on-the-fly, all at a glance. Meaning Kartra will help you know how every email performed in terms of opens, clicks, and conversions. Kartra will show you how all your marketing pages are converting.

The sales funnel tool will also help your automations and sequences. Your A/B testing will succeed if you find a tool that allows you to know how your pages and emails perform against each other. It is also crucial to know how well your helpdesk is performing and how your membership sites are doing so as to optimize and improve accordingly.

Kartra analytics will help you analyze the performance of your online business. The analytics are integrated accurately, updated and designed to give you the most complete picture that you’ve ever seen in your digital marketing campaigns. You can track every individual asset and the behaviors of everyone who visits your business website.

Kartra Helpdesk

Kartra has one of the best support solutions. With this software, you can start using your customers like your product evangelists. Remember, happy customers can also start spreading the word about your great products or business. That is the most effective kind of digital marketing. You can use Kartra to glee your customers with:

  • One-click access from your web pages to the helpdesk
  • Availability of complete user histories such as purchases, support requests, and communications
  • Use your custom domain
  • A vigorous ticketing system to resolve support requests quickly
  • A help-article wiki to help customers with commonly asked questions
  • Complete staff statistics to help you know the team members who are doing a great job
  • Live chat to interact with your prospects and customers in real-time
  • Availability by Skype, phone, and email chat
  • A built-in email system
  • It also helps you get a complete picture of how your business is performing through the analytics tools

Kartra automation can help users capture requesters as assign tags and leads. In other words, Kartra helps you keep your prospects and existing customers happy by using its full-featured helpdesk and spectacular support.

Why You Should Consider Kartra

Every online business owner needs a business platform to launch. In fact, that is a mandatory requirement for any online-based business. While you can use other business platforms such as WordPress to launch your online store, most of these platforms are not designed to host all the elements you need for your business to succeed.

Furthermore, a band-aid approach is a resource hungry task that will also consume most of your quality time. Kartra eliminates those hindrances because it is not only a sales funnel software, but also a landing page builder, email marketing solution, analytics tools, website hosting, complete templates, and a DFY system. Every successful online business needs all these features in order to succeed.

Generate traffic

You need traffic to your website for your business to succeed. You need to drive qualified traffic to your site before people can see what you’re offering. While Kartra is not designed to generate traffic, you need emails, landing pages, and sales funnels to generate that traffic. Therefore, you need Kartra to implement your various traffic generation strategies such as Facebook Ads, PPC, Guest blogging and SEO.

Boost conversion rates

If you want to boost your conversion rates, consider Kartra sales funnel software. A conversion can be an event, lead, or sale that is measured by a metric that is important to your online business. Even an email subscription can be considered a conversion by certain marketing campaigns or business models.

Regardless of the type of conversion you are targeting, Kartra can help you boost those numbers by launching credible campaigns much faster. Moreover, you can join Kartra’s webinars and Kartra Academy as a member to start learning more about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and other marketing automation strategies you can implement in your online business.

Subscribing for Kartra Membership

If you just discovered Kartra, you might be wondering how you can get started. It provides new users with a 14-day trial period, allowing you to witness all the capabilities of the software. You can choose to cancel your subscription after the 14 days if you are not satisfied with the software.

It is crucial to consider choosing a pricing option that meets all your needs. For instance, if you have thousands of subscribers, you can choose a pricing plan that covers all of them. Kartra pricing is slightly lower than that of its biggest competitor Clickfunnels: the plans start at $89 per month for Kartra, while Clickfunnels charges $97 per month.

Kartra Academy

Once you log in with the Kartra Academy logins sent separately, you gain full access to the Kartra Academy. You can choose to delegate this process to one of your team members or take out time to learn how the entire automation system on this business platform works. This is the perfect academy or tutorial for virtual assistants and anyone in your team who is interested in learning more about the software.

Comparisons & Alternatives to Kartra

There are several marketing automation and sales funnel tools out there. While some of these tools are great, others are substandard. Here is a quick overview of how some of these digital marketing automation tools compare to or differ from Kartra.

Kartra VS Clickfunnels

Most successful digital marketers or affiliate marketers rely on Clickfunnels as their sales funnel software. However, Kartra is way much better than Clickfunnels when it comes to email marketing automation, tagging, and segmentation. Furthermore, most savvy marketers have started switching to Kartra because it has a lower price point compared to that of Clickfunnels.

Marketers who prefer Clickfunnels like it because of FUNNELHACKERS community, which is very interactive. Moreover, the community’s Funnel Hacking Live event that takes place every year is also a great advantage of Clickfunnels over Kartra.

Kartra VS Leadpages

Leadpages is another huge player in the industry. However, Clickfunnels seems to have obliterated that spot. In fact, most marketing gurus don’t opt for Leadpages compared to Clickfunnels or Kartra.

Furthermore, Leadpages is a just a landing page builder that is not fully built as sales funnel tool. Leadpages is perfect for businesses that just need a hosted and managed landing page platform. But, if you need a more versatile tool, consider Kartra.

Kartra VS Builderall

Builderall is arguably almost similar to Kartra in terms of usability. However, it doesn’t have the DFY campaigns feature that is available on Kartra. Builderall has an amazing affiliate program that has enabled smart affiliate marketers to rake in millions of dollars.

Kartra VS Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the most popular enterprise-level marketing automation tools. Therefore, it’s not a great option for small businesses and small-scale entrepreneurs. Its pricing options are also quite prohibitive – it costs thousands of dollars to run your Salesforce account per month. While Salesforce is designed for enterprise-level accounts run by account managers, Kartra is suited for coaches and course creators.

Kartra VS Infusionsoft

At some point, Infusionsoft, used to be one of the best all-in-one marketing solutions before Clickfunnels joined the competition. Currently, if you have to succeed in creating highly converting sales funnels, you should consider either Kartra or Clickfunnels.

Kartra VS Optimize Press 2

Creating your landing pages with the Drag and Drop WordPress solutions such as Optimize Press 2 is not an effective marketing strategy. Optimize Press 2 is designed for small start-ups with a limited marketing budget.

If you just need a membership site for selling your digital products, then Optimize Press 2 might be the right solution to help you get started. But, once your business grows and your marketing needs increase, you should consider a more advanced platform such as Kartra.

The Bottomline?

With Kartra, you don’t need to rely on different software vendors for your cart payment systems, sales funnels, landing page creation, and other marketing automation processes. It has virtually everything you need in one place. If you want to sell your products, grow your business, and achieve your business goals, with sales funnels, Kartra is a great option. It has the right sales funnels solutions for any beginner or experienced marketer.


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