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LCS2 Review

Few products have inspired the kind of interest generated by Lead Conversion Squared, i.e., LCS2. There have been rumors about its capabilities for months, largely because LCS2 has been billed as a turnkey CRM system from two of the legends of the digital marketing business, Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely.

So let’s dig into the specifics and do an LCS2 review. What exactly is LCS2, and does it do what it purports to do? What are the pros of the product, and where does it fall short? How does it stack up as a business offering, and what is the likelihood of its success?

The Software

Start with the basics. LCS is designed to cover the lead generation and conversation process from soup to nuts.

The heart of the product is a very solid Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software package. It’s designed to provide information about every aspect of customer interaction to support digital marketing.

As you might expect given the track record of the digital marketers who came up with it, the CRM feature set is very complete. It tracks all customer interactions, and it’s very good at differentiating between viable traffic and cold leads that aren’t likely to pay off.

It consists of an interface that truly is easy to use, and it includes a sales pipeline, automatic lead follow up and a powerful tagging system. The system also includes 60-day cookies for tracking, so all of the necessary bases have been covered in spades.

Get LCS also doesn’t require users to have advanced knowledge of any technical issues. It simply walks you through the process, tells you what you need

to know to get results, then tells you what actions you need to get those results.

The steps to initiate all this aren’t that hard to follow, and LCS also includes a monthly billing system that covers recurring income, which is obviously a huge issue in this kind of turnkey system.

The Training

What really makes this product exceptional, though, is the training package.

To say it’s comprehensive is an understatement—there’s a step-by-step breakdown of how to foster good communication by taking actions and promptly doing whatever follow-up work is necessary.

The initial masterclass also includes webinars that cover how to gain long term clients and increase sales continuously. The product includes both branding and customized websites, so there isn’t a lot that hasn’t been thought out well in advance.

The specifics associated with the training have been well-reviewed, too. The training on the interface is excellent, and there are complete breakdowns on how to use the sales pipeline, the lead follow-up mechanism and the tagging system that keeps users from getting bogged down in the technical details.

There are templates for each of these specific elements of the system, which makes much of the process a fill-in-the-blanks endeavor.

The biggest attribute of LCS com, though, is the high conversion rates. This isn’t based on pie-in-the-sky projections, either—the idea is to gradually build your customer base gradually, then go from there.

The VA Extra

As good as the system and the training are, the icing on the cake is an extra offer that’s been added by Michaels and Nicely. The system includes the availability of a pre-trained virtual assistant who can help new buyers generate a thousand leads a month.

While the offer is temporary, it is exceptional. The ability to guarantee that many leads a month is a rare opportunity, especially for businesses that are just starting to build up their lead generation system.

The Resale Potential

In addition to the VA addition, LCS2 comes with a reselling license, and the importance of this can’t be overstated, either.

It means digital marketers, new or otherwise, can build a client base of their own, then sell the leads and the system used to generate them to increase the profit they’re making. It’s a remarkable value that represents a huge selling point.

The Brand and the Rep

Now let’s look at a different aspect of LCS .

The array of features and the ability of the system to perform isn’t exactly surprising given the track record of its two founders, so its important to know a little more about them, too.

Daven Michaels cut his teeth in the telecom world, and he teamed up with Chad Nicely to put this product together. He also founded, which is something of a legendary product in this field.

Nicely, meanwhile, has gained a reputation for using Facebook marketing, so some of get LCS is based on concepts that worked for him in that particular area, which is changing all the time.

Their personal lives have become part of the marketing backstory as well.

Michaels is currently posting Facebook updates on his recovery from a kidney stone, while Nicely uses the story of a devastating divorce as his primary motivator for helping people through his business systems and products.

It may be seen by some as a questionable business tactic, but for better or worse it does make them decidedly more human.

The Pricing

Like all good marketers, Michaels and Nicely clearly know how to price a product. As you might expect, LCS is priced in tiers and layers, which makes you think you’re getting even more than you are.

That’s not necessarily a knock, either. The product includes the initial creation and deliver system, the lead conversion system, the agency license, live training and the virtual assistant, with separate values listed for all aspects of the product.

There are upgrades and membership bonuses available as well. These include custom branding, follow-up campaigns and the 7-day masterclass, all of which brings the value of the product up to just short of $14K, according to Michaels and Nicely.

It’s an interesting approach. LCS is very reasonably priced for a small- or medium-sized business, but it’s a significant investment for individuals looking to master digital marketing on their own.

The risk is that so many product layers will cause these people to suffer from information overload and struggle to implement they products they’re purchasing.

Regardless of that risk, though, is an excellent product that will help most if not all of those who buy it. It will also make a worthwhile competitor for other products in this niche who will now have to account for Michaels and Nicely’s latest breakthrough product.

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