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Stage To Scale, Why Stages Review

Hey folks It’s Alex J here, I purchased Pete program last year and I decided to make an in depth review for all of you that are interested in joining this year.

Being a professional speaker isn’t really an easy task. However, if you are looking to take your business and profits to the next level, it is especially important to have the right speaking skills. These skills won’t help you stand out but will also help you create a degree of credibility among your audience who in turn will purchase your product or avail your services.

The right oratory skills aren’t just important for someone who owns and operates a business, but it is equally relevant for the ones who are looking to establish their reputation by giving motivational speeches.

But while mastering the art of speech might seem simple, it isn’t as easy as you’d probably presume. And this is exactly where the Stage to Scale Method comes to play. Conceptualized and created by Peter Vargas, this program is tailored to help you come up with speeches that’ll drive real conversions. But how relevant is this program? What does it offer? Does it really work? Well, these are some of the many questions we are going to address over the next few sections, in our dedicated Stage to Scale Method Review.

What Is the Stage to Scale Program All About?

The Stage to Scale Program is a detailed step-by-step program designed by Peter Vargas. For some people, this is more of a method than a program. Either way, it is tailored to help you boost your profits through three comprehensive stages. Here’s what these stages are going to cover:

Stage 1: As a part of the first stage, you will get to master talks and speeches that’ll convert your audience to loyal buyers. The program will help you use the right oratory skills to tap in greater reach, thereby boosting your profits.

Stage 2: As a part of the second stage, you will get to create a solid system that will incorporate the stages that are actually in demand.

Stage 3: For the final step, you will transcend these conventional stages thereby impacting the lives of multiple individuals while also expanding your business and profits.

So, as you’d guess at this point, the Stage to Scale business will help you stage your business before the wider mass and also assist you in scaling it up, thereby skyrocketing your profits. Whether you operate a business, happen to be a motivational speaker, or are someone who is just looking to earn some extra cash by honing their oratory skills, this is one program that will almost certainly live up to your expectations.

How Will This Program Help?

Have you ever been in a room with 50 or 100 odd people? Have you ever been asked to hold the stage amid these individuals? Have you ever stumbled or stuttered addressing a large crowd? If your answers are yes, the Stage to Scale Program is probably what you need right now.

Regardless of how confident or outspoken you are, overcoming fear and frustration while speaking out isn’t an easy task. This is especially true when you do not have ample first-hand experience with it.

The Stage to Scale Program is tailored to help you overcome this frustration and aim higher. It is tailored to help you feel extremely confident while you’re taking the stage. After you complete the program, you will feel like you’re in full control while addressing the crowd.

The best part: by the time you complete the program and perform before a crowd, you will no longer have to spend your time struggling to book a new stage. Instead, professional planners will consult you for fixing a stage.

This program is ideal for both amateur and veteran speakers. Why? Because it helps you hone the best methods for triggering your attendees for your purchasing your products and availing your services. You will also master the art of deeply engaging the attendees throughout the few minutes you spend on stage.

By the time you complete your session, you will be truly amused by the attendees suggesting you to participate in their events. Thanks to your excellent flow and the right choice of words, people would naturally want to hear more from you. The entire program is valuable and worth your money. It will uplift your position from just another face in the crowd to an established speaker. Everyone will value and revere you better.

Pete’s Course Changed my Life. I was able to put together a virtual stage (webinar) following Pete’s instructions and during my first webinar  I generated well over $72,522.09 in profits. 

Who Is This Program For?

As I previously mentioned, Pete Vargas came up with this course for every individual who has an active audience base. This is applicable for both individuals and people with businesses who are looking to take their sales to the very next level. Here’s a quick sneak peek over who this program is specifically designed for:

Business professionals who are looking to boost their visibility by connecting with more people via public speaking. Individuals who are looking to earn money from professional speaking but are struggling to gain traction. Individuals who are looking to run their own business.People who are looking to jumpstart their startup business.

You can also benefit from this program if you are a:

Teacher, mentor, professional coach, healer, or professional consultant. AuthorBlogger or writerPodcasterSocial Media InfluencerOwner of a Non-Profit Venture

To put it simply, this program is meant for anyone who is looking to expand their business through the simple art of speaking.

At this point, you are probably asking yourself the question, what if I am designated to handle a specific niche? Well, in that case too, you needn’t worry. This program isn’t restricted to a specific niche or area of expertise. Even if you do not fit in any of the mentioned roles and are only looking to engage in stage conversations for securing jobs from the individuals you talk with- the Stage to Scale Program is just the right option for you.

The bottom line: If you sign up for this program, you will need to show the right action. Mere concepts aren’t sufficient for it. You need to understand the program and incorporate the skills in your practical life.

I understand that it might seem difficult in the beginning. This is especially true for people who are introverted and have trouble connecting with more people. However, once you keep follow the guidelines and practice them from time to time, nothing can deviate from your goal of scaling up your business and making higher profits.

What Does This Course Include?

This course comes with seven different modules involving comprehensive training videos. These videos, in turn, handle three major sections, namely; the Story, the Scale, and the Stage. One of the biggest highlights of this program is that it is not just tailored for native speakers. Yes, in a bid to make things simpler for the non-natives, Pete has transcribed every single video.

The course also comes with an audio-only version. This is ideal for those people who do not have much time in their hands and are looking to grasp the course while they are jogging, traveling, or commuting to work.

Finally, the course also includes a workbook. This book is designed to serve as homework that you are required to finish even before you switch to the next video. Keeping this homework like format keeps you more serious and helps you complete the course faster.

If you are planning to purchase the program and are looking to know what each of the modules offers, here’s what you need to know:

First Module: This sets the foundation for the course. Here, Pete Vargas will open up for sharing the story that has given him the success he is enjoying right now. In this module, he also discusses why the next few stages are so relevant.

Second and Third Module: These are the modules that’ll cover the section involving the story. The head mentor of Pete, Pat Quinn has a special segment here. In this segment, she offers practical examples in helping you understand the simple ways to solve your oratory glitches.

Here too, you will need to have a clear idea about the audience you’re looking to pitch your solutions to. This will help you to come up with a signature talk that drives maximum conversions. In her segment, Pat is also going to help you figure out how exactly you can boost your talk by 10 to 60 minutes or even more.

Fourth and Fifth Module: The fourth and fifth modules will be handled by Pete. These modules will specifically cover the scale section. Here you will come across eight different and effective ways for scaling past the big stage with minimum errors.

This module will also educate you about pitching offers, maximizing sales, and collecting leads, even when selling seems like next to impossible.

Sixth and Seventh Module: This is the last module that will cover the stage. In this module, Pete will assist you in helping you present yourself like an expert whereby you can meet the specific requirements of the audience as well as the meeting planner.

Here, he will also share the details about the business model you should follow as you speak, the various stages of generating revenues, the various marketing mediums you should use and so on. He will finally conclude by offering his insights into making a customized marketing campaign. His tips will certainly make your campaign successful.

What Are The Benefits of Taking This Course?

The benefits of using this course are manifold. Some of them are listed below.

You can access this course both online and offline. That means you can use it anywhere, and anytime you deem fit. The next major benefit is that the course is ideal for every level of business. Regardless of the current stage of your business or your vocation, niche and expertise, this course will accommodate almost everyone. Pete is an exceptional teacher. Since he does what he is preaching it will be easier for you to grasp what he says. Pete uses multiple teaching formats that are tailored to accommodate people from all walks of life. The workbooks you will get will serve as an assistant, helping you learn the course better.Throughout the course (and even beyond that), you will enjoy unwavering support from Pete. The course uses simple words and it doesn’t involve any complicated terms. This makes it easier for second-language English speakers.

Why Should You Get This Course?

Since there are plenty of similar courses available, you are probably wondering why you should specifically chose this course in the first place. Well, this is simply because no course is as comprehensive and educational as the Stage to Scale Course. This is an A to Z course that adopts a unique approach in mentoring and live coaching.

Pete Vargas along with Pat Quin and a team of professional coaches will meet and interact with you digitally over eight weeks. Do note that like Pete, Pat too has been the winner of multiple speaker coach awards. The meetings conducted by these experts will offer solid help in incorporating the things you are learning.

Here are some additional benefits you will avail from the course-

Extensive community interaction. Right after you join the course, you will have complete access to private groups that will assist you in scaling up. As with any other communities, here you will get a chance of asking questions, taking feedback, and supporting other participants to grow and thrive just like you.As previously mentioned, live coaching will continue for eight long weeks. If you encounter any issues or doubts, Pete and his members will readily address them. This course also allows you to access the Bonus Vault. This is nothing but the right resources that will help you thrive as a better and more accomplished orator.

Bottom Line

Now that you know what the Stage to Scale Method is and how it works, get this program to improve your oratory skills and stand an edge ahead of other professionals. This program, with its comprehensive approach, will help you use the right words to trigger your audience for making a purchase. Alternatively, if you are a motivational speaker, it will help you to connect with your audience and create a deeper sense of engagement. Either way, this program is highly recommended and it is surely worth the money.

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