John Crestani / Yes In-depth Super Affiliate System Review

If you are an online marketer who is looking for the best way to trigger volumes of traffics, both sourceable and non-sourceable, your wait is probably over. Did you know affiliate marketing is the bread and butter for any branding venture, online? But the fact is, making money comes for no easy deal and if you don’t want to be a part of a scam, phishing or any gimmick, let knowledge and strategy work their best way. And here is an all-in-one learning solution that claims to take lead generation to the next level. like no other. But before you jump right in, here is the Super Affiliate System Review to steadfast your decision.

So, let’s not waffle, any more and straight look inside.

What is the Super Affiliate System?

No, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme like the rest plaguing the world-wide-interwebs. This is a one leverage learning platform, designed to teach both novice marketer and business stalwarts the secret to multiplying sales traffic. This online course aims to help any digital player generate paid traffic affiliate marketers in as short as 6 weeks.
That said, the 50 hours/6 weeks (maybe more) course pack can’t be consumed overnight and needs you to go through every tier, curated in clips of 15 to 25 minutes each. And the fun is, you start with a new topic every week.

What does the e-learning package offer?

If you are striving to make your business stable and sustainable on the global marketplace, this package has got you covered. It promises almost everything to make you a master of the affiliate marketing skills online.

It emphasizes on the following heat maps:

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Native Ads
  • YouTube Ads

And the list is endless.

What will you learn?

In essence, each module in the tutorial boasts of tools that get you ready to rocket-launch a profitable budding marketing campaign. What’s more, the 2019 version of the Super Affiliate System is a complete ReShot from the scratch and even packs quite a new punch to adapt to the changing selling needs.

However, you will learn to expertise in your niche in the following areas…

  • Tracking of software and domains
  • Ad Swipe Files
  • High CTR Images to Use
  • Targeting Data
  • The Exact Offers To Run
  • PreSell Pages
  • Creating landing pages for promotions and offers
  • Landing Pages Proven To Convert
  • Affiliate Networks to Use
  • Exact offers to run On A Specific Ad Network
  • $895.00 Paid Traffic Network Coupons
  • Best Performing HeadLines
  • Top Performing Ad Copy
  • Facebook, Google, YouTube, Native Ads

However, the course has these above-mentioned topics split in an easy-to-follow 6-week course plan.

Who Invented these affiliated marketing training modules?

If you don’t know already, the mastermind behind this affiliate marketing lesson, was John Crestani. In 2018, he came out with a solution that puts together business optimization techniques with impeccable attention to detail in an end-user way. No matter you are a startup entrepreneur or a tycoon, John has explained every key sub-module with a dip stick research to offer you an extra income to take home.

For example, he focused on the “Buyers List” that could help you make the most of your Facebook Ads from the first day of the campaigning itself.

What do you get as a member?

Are you a newbie in the world of online marketing who’s yearning for profit but not getting it? Fret not, this course is for you. Its carefully designed professional templates and landing pages cover affiliate marketing methodologies from start to end. In fact, this online suite offers a step-by-step guide to unleashing the best marketing techniques you hardly knew existed.

So here is a quick look at what a member can expect from this 6 weeks 5-hour course that unfolds a new lesson every week…

  • The System Setup
  • Understanding The System
  • Marketing Skills
  • Facebook and Google Ads
  • YouTube and Native Ads
  • Scaling and Automation

However, we will take a look at each module separately later in the article.

The other features of this electronic session:
Did you know, the affiliate system package is more than just training? It offers marketing concepts and lets you convert them into real-time skills to boost your ROI. So, it’s time for the Super Affiliate System Review to look inside the extra features of the member’s area,

I) DFY “Ready2Launch”Ad Campaigns:
Apart from the training, the course offers dynamic Ready2Lunch campaigns in the forms of templates, sample ads and targeting and they are everything you need to kick-start or modify your bespoke Ad campaign.

These templates include the following…
> Audience Targeting (For Facebook)> The Affiliate Ads> The Landing Pages> The Top Offers to Promote, and more.
And you can choose from a variety of profitable niches, including Business Opportunity, SkinCare, German Diet, German Muscle, French Muscle, Diabetes, Probiotics, Brain Enhancement, Weight Loss, Fat Burning and more.

II) Data Targeting:

Secondly, the members area comes with around twenty-five files of consumer email data (a part of super affiliate practice) in any niche for instant download. But as a beginner, it might initially require you to experiment with multiple testing budgets to give your campaign a profitable flight.
But John shows how to fine-tune and power-optimize the data list as custom audiences and replicate similar buyers to roll out your marketing promotions, thanks to his experience.

III) Weekly Group Live Coaching Sessions:

Another bonus feature about this session is the Weekly live trainings. You can attend live webinars for 2-3 hours every Friday. This is a surefire way to stay posted on the latest Ad campaign updates and Q&A.

IV) Community Forum:
As a member, you get exclusive access to the PRIVATE Facebook group. It’s a super active discussion forum where beginners can share, discuss, address and exchange their point of interest, success, stories, queries, and experiences on a regular basis.

And this is not all. John even lets his members claim free access to his Free Traffic Training Course, IM Jetset (John’s previous release worth $47 a month). He offers a full set of video tutorials and it talks about the secret to getting your free traffic from high-key portals like Google, Facebook, and YouTube.

Neat, huh?

Inside the Course Curriculum:

So now that you already know about the features, advantages and the relevance of the program in terms of your marketing niche, the Super Affiliate System Review will look into each of the program modules to find out what a week’s training will fetch you.

Week #1: An overview of setting everything up:
With this module, you begin your journey to the affiliate marketing world.

Below are the lessons covered…

  • Goal settings
  • Website setting
  • Introduction to the Presell pages, your own online sales force
  • Creating and setting up of the Facebook Ads accounts
  • Working with a robust network of affiliates

Week #2: Google Ads Setup:

Make sure you are not missing this module as it’s a waterhole of insight into the full affiliate marketing system.

Below are the lessons covered…

  • Making up your mind for success
  • Super Affiliate Niche Research
  • Learning To Find Niche Data and How to speak your niche code of conduct
  • Networking in your industry niche
  • Understanding User intent and its impact on advertising

Week #3: YouTube Ads Setup:

Your key take-back from this session is piercing the ninja psychology secrets of John Crestani’s copywriting formula.

Below are the lessons covered…

  • Fundamental elements of perfect copywriting
  • Meeting Guest copywriter (7-figure)
  • John’s unique 17-step surefire copywriting formula
  • Ad optimization to fine-tune payday and ROI
  • Staple factors for ad optimization

Week #4: Advanced Ads Tactics:

This tier aboutthe biggest FB/Google Ad optimization can make your cash registers sing all-day long.

Below are the lessons covered…

  • Facebook Ads + Case Study
  • Facebook Ads Compliance
  • Metrics To Look at In Online Marketing
  • Google Ads 1
  • Google Ads 2
  • Facebook & Google ad case studies
  • Guest appearance on Facebook Ads- Anatomy of a $ 100k per month FB Ad

Week #5: Presell Pages and Scaling:

Week five is your gateway to learning how to reach a certain volume of customers and get your promotion pitch across the largest segment in bigger paydays.

Below are the lessons covered…

  • Setting up MGID Native Ads The Right Way
  • Outbraining Native Advertising
  • Volume DSP Native Ads
  • YouTube Ads And Setting Them Up For Maximum ROI

Week #6: Selection of Products:

By the time you reach this module, you have learned enough to start a yielding campaign, but automation and scaling can change things forever.

Below are the lessons covered…

  • Using Survey Funnels
  • $240,000 Case Study – Solar Niche
  • Scaling a Campaign from $1k-$20k
  • Utilizing Media Buyers
  • Student Loan Case Study

In a nutshell, these modules will offer you a semi-professional exposure to the entire affiliate marketing world. Guess what, you will never be in a boring learning curve and the whole package is carefully made flexible with practical sessions, Q&A, quiz, home tasks, and more to enhance your learning experience and add value to your marketing goals.

A few of Super Affiliate System’s training course Top Students are listed below:

This guy show his live voluum and facebook account.

Here is an interview john had with one of his students:

My Final Take:

Given the number of resources and the amount of depth put into the program, you will barely find a similar affiliate program for your niche. From the campaigns to the Presell pages to the video deliveries, each is designed “off-the-hook”! While they have so many golden nuggets to discover the potential selling stopovers they are explained in a manner, what can be called, over the shoulder. The best part is John makes the new launch an upsell by showing all the ways to acquire $900 of free promotional credits from ad networks. No matter you prefer, Clickfunnels or Cpanel route, the package is compatible with all. But honestly, nothing happens overnight and there is no magic in this case too. So if you want the Super Affiliate System to click for your personalized marketing needs, all you need is enough time and patience. In the end, it will either rocket up your sales or take you closer to your marketing goals. So what are you waiting for?

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