GrooveKart Review

  • Product Name: GrooveKart
  • Developers: Mike Filsaime & John Cornetta
  • Verdict: 97%
  • Official Site:>>> Click This link

If you are interested in e-commerce, then you have possibly heard something about Groovekart. In fact, the new alternative to the Shopify platform proves to us that most people are completing their shopping online and most merchants are working hard to earn more online. The type of platform you select to operate your online business highly matters because it will determine the number of conversions you get.

Apart from a platform that provides professional e-commerce stores, merchants require one that can do that at a cheaper price. The number of e-commerce platforms that people use to display their products is always increasing, but GrooveKart has plans of offering better features and at a lower price. The platform has been in development within the last few years .

The designers made the platform to assist people to earn huge amounts from their online businesses. The new GrooveKart offers everything you require to start an online venture such as reviews, up-sells, re-targeting, social proofing, templates and more. If you have been planning to start an online store for a long time, it is the platform to keep watching.

So, what is GrooveKart?

If you are still wondering about the GrooveKart, you are not alone. Most merchants are also not aware of its existence too. GrooveKart is a new e-commerce platform that offers outrageous features at a reasonable price, which will not be a hassle to cover. The first thing that you will realize about the platform is that it does not require the user to download any applications.

The features it provides cover everything you would expect an online store to provide. That is unlikely on most e-commerce stores, which require the user to download applications at an additional price. From the social proof to higher converting templates, reviews, and many other features, the platform has everything you need a few clicks away.

The founders of this e-commerce platform

To provide the best version of a product, you have to know the products your target market requires, and the problems you are planning to solve. GrooveKart developers are experienced in the e-commerce industry and they, therefore, understood what we needed when creating the platform.

Mike Filsaime has developed many businesses such as EverWebinar, Marketer’s Cruise and Kartra and has watched them grow. In fact, he has made millions from the businesses. That alone should tell that he could help you start your online business easily and watch it grow.

Mike worked alongside John Cornetta to create the alternative to Shopify. Cornetta is also experienced in the online business world, and he has built e-commerce stores singlehandedly that bring him millions of money each month. He is also the brain behind the user-friendly design and the features behind GrooveKart.

The co-founders have a reputation for building and maintaining and that might be what has kept them on the e-commerce platform line. They have designed the GrooveKart with trustworthiness, integrity, and quality in mind. The available alternatives miss what makes GrooveKart stand out. You might need to try the platform immediately after its launch to enjoy the benefits.

The key features

Any online seller searching for the best e-commerce platform should start by researching the key features each platform provides. So, which are the features to expect after the launch of GrooveKart? The developers claim that the platform will provide numerous features that will help reduce the money and time you spend on your marketing part.

The developers believe that the platform is easier to use and anyone, including the beginners, will use it without feeling as if they are missing something. You can move items around if you need a different visual appeal, including during your first use. Moreover, you will not need to be present throughout the day to monitor the performance of your e-commerce shop. The users require a few hours to organize everything and then watch the platform working around the clock to heighten the number of conversions.

After the launch, merchants will have more choices when it comes to the platform’s online front. The developers have ensured that the platform is compatible with other e-commerce platforms like Shopify. You can switch from any other platform – you can transfer an entire Shopify store to the new platform effortless within a few seconds.

The developers claim that the new platform will have more features but you will have to wait for the launch to know whether that is true. Here are a few of the features.

– Easier switching from Shopify

As we have already mentioned, the process of switching from Shopify to Groovekart is surprisingly easy. You just need to follow a few steps and you will be through with the importation within a few seconds. The importation feature requires a few clicks to offer results.

– Click and sell – you do not need any coding knowledge

You should not be an experienced coding expert to start an online business. With GrooveKart, you will only need a few seconds each day to post your products, the reviews, descriptions, and images. After that, you can wait for your target customers to buy. The process is that simple.

– Plug and play solution

If you are like most other online merchants, you hate the applications that promise easier interface navigation, because they are likely to get you stacked halfway. You will not have to worry about that with the GrooveKart platform. Anyone can set up a store easily, without the help of developers.

– Unlimited upsells

The e-commerce store will be yours to operate and the only thing you will need to increase your conversions involves adding as many upsell as possible. When designing the platform, the cofounders ensured that the users would have a chance of adding unlimited upsells. There are no extra charges associated with unlimited upsells.

– The GrooveKart Studio

The GrooveKart Studio is another exciting feature that you will definitely like about GrooveKart. It helps you make a customized store. It offers product design tools and a page builder that comes with many features for better page building.

Moreover, it provides a drag-and-drop feature to allow faster page building in addition to layer app that you can use to drag-and-drop patterns on your products, such as sneakers, sweaters, high heel shoes, jumpers, and tote bags. The GrooveKart Studio comes with Print on Demand Apparel and GK AliConnect to help complete automated drop shipping.

– Built-in help

You can complete all your integrations on the platform without downloading any app. The developers have built the help desk into this platform so that you will be able to get assistance easily each time you need it.

– Better payment methods

Most e-commerce platforms will charge you a fee for every transaction. However, that is not the case to expect with GrooveKart – you will never share your profits with any person. You will also manage to accept payments from any part of the world using PayPal, Stripe, – the platform supports them.


Who should go for GrooveKart?

The Groovekart does not target a specific group of online sellers. Anyone who enjoys selling online can get this platform for his/her store. That is the key reason why the developers made the platform easier to use. All merchants can use the platform and monitor the level of conversions.

We cannot deny that the market offers similar software. However, GrooveKart is likely to outdo all of them. The developers aimed at offering something different from the norm, which involves numerous platforms that can limit the growth of your online business. If there are other better ways of selling products online, they are yet to be discovered. With the new GrooveKart platform, your online presence will significantly boost your sales.

The price

When it comes to the pricing, GrooveKart offers three plans, and you will have to select one during the signup process. They are:

1. The Annual Pricing: this pricing requires you to pay $997 per year. However, they are currently offering it for $497 today.

2. Pay after every 4 months – $397: they are currently charging $197/4months.

3. The Monthly Plan which they have divided into the Starter Plan going for $79 per month, the Basic Plan going for $99 per month and the Platinum Subscription going for $149 every month. Today, the Platinum subscription is going for $99.

After the signup, you can pay through Mastercard, Visa, Discover or American Express card. If the options are not enough, you can opt for PayPal. They offer many options.

The login process

You are likely to find GrooveKart users searching for the login page link, but it is existent. GrooveKart will send you an email containing the link after your payment/enrolment for the platform. If you have not received an email, you might have used a wrong email address (mistyped one) during the signup process. The email might have also landed into your spam folder or the platform did not generate the login due to technical issues.

Click on the login link and enter your username and password (use the ones you received after the signup). You can contact the customer support for help if you encounter any login problems. If you have forgotten your password or username, click on the “Forgot Password Link”.

The money-back guarantee

GrooveKart provides a 30days 100 percent money-back guarantee after you have accessed the license. Their guarantee period starts immediately after purchase. Therefore, if the platform does not provide exactly what you are looking for, you will just need to email their customer support for the refund – you have to do that within 30 days.

Moreover, if you do not want the system to charge your card automatically, you should email the customer support immediately. The customer support is kind enough to listen to your requests, but you should avoid taking a chance.

How fast it takes to observe results

The powerful e-commerce platform offers many unique features that will help you save time when customizing your store. The offered drag-and-drop features will make the entire process feel as if it is something you are completing for fun. The developers offered 300- premade designs that come with premium appearance, which will make your design work easier.

The free GrooveKon ticket will also come in handy during the design process. You do not have to pay any amount for training to start using the software. You can attend conventions near you at no extra cost – you should not miss out an annual event. The conventions will help you learn about some more features.

The available support

If you encounter any problems, you will have to reach out the GrooveKart customer support through Their FAQs section also provides valuable information. You should, therefore, start by checking it to avoid reaching the customer support for something you could easily solve after reading the section.

The training videos

The developers will release a more detailed course with training videos in January 2019. The videos and the course will have the information you need to build and develop your online business. And because the upgrade of your account will happen automatically, you will be able to access the course without any additional cost including if you subscribed to the platform during the beta launch.

In fact, most e-commerce platforms provide minimal training videos for developers. Including when the working of a platform is easier to grasp, videos showing the processes would come in handy. Therefore, if you are a seller searching for a better way to sell your products online, you should try GrooveKart. The expert development in addition to many other options will help you increase your sales.

The bottom line

The co-founders designed GrooveKart to help you enjoy your time when selling your products online. They designed it to help you achieve your goals in various ways. In fact, you do not have to worry about add-on expenses and transaction fees, which are likely to reduce your earnings on other similar platforms.

The high converting templates, scarcity, timers, reviews, social proof, funnels, downsells, upsells, retargeting, analytics, bumps, and the other features will help you sell products easily. You can sell your products with variants like colors and size. You can also have categories, analytics intelligence, powerful reporting, power shipping features, customer lookup, a support desk, and customized feel and look.


Welcome to my Blog guys! Today I just got my hands on the latest product by Mike Filsaime & John Cornetta and i am testing it a little bit. After i’m done I will post my full and unbiased review here on this page, so you can bookmark it for easier access later.

Quick Overview about Groovekart

Groovekart is a new eCommerce platform that has been under secret development for over 2 years by John Cornetta and Mike Filsaime. The digital platform, which is currently in beta, has been touted to become the greatest e-commerce system by top critics once it is fully unveiled to the public. According to beta testers, it is easier to navigate, more affordable and contains more features than the current top eCommerce providers.

Groovekart was developed to enable entrepreneurs better promote and sell their products to buyers. Whether you sell products in a physical store, on social media or from the trunk of your car, this cloud based system can help you better present your goods to your target audience and increase your sales.

The platform provides entrepreneurs with high converting templates, analytics intelligence, powerful free native apps, powerful reporting features, and inbuilt support… among others. These features are available at a fraction of the cost charged by other top platforms.

Other Perks
Groovekart has a highly intuitive user interface which allows sellers to set up an online shop and easily include their prices, just like in a gallery. The platform also provides entrepreneurs with a unique domain which the sellers can use to differentiate their brand.

If you’re building your eCommerce business from the ground up you don’t have to worry about hiring a web developer. The interface was designed to be highly customizable to facilitate easy account set and management.

For the buyers, the Groovekart interface allows for a very easy set up of consumer accounts. Buyers can also enjoy an easy trading experience by using a highly sophisticated Point of Sale system which saves them time by processing their orders promptly and more efficiently than other eCommerce systems.

Interested in migrating your store to the new platform? No problem. If you have an existing shopify store, for instance, the Groovekart system can safely import your store in a matter of seconds with just a few clicks.

The Full GrooveKart Review will be posted soon on this page.


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