GrooveKart Review

  • Product Name: GrooveKart
  • Developers: Mike Filsaime & John Cornetta
  • Verdict: 97%
  • Official Site:>>> Click This link

Welcome to my Blog guys! Today I just got my hands on the latest product by Mike Filsaime & John Cornetta and i am testing it a little bit. After i’m done I will post my full and unbiased review here on this page, so you can bookmark it for easier access later.

Quick Overview about Groovekart

Groovekart is a new eCommerce platform that has been under secret development for over 2 years by John Cornetta and Mike Filsaime. The digital platform, which is currently in beta, has been touted to become the greatest e-commerce system by top critics once it is fully unveiled to the public. According to beta testers, it is easier to navigate, more affordable and contains more features than the current top eCommerce providers.

Groovekart was developed to enable entrepreneurs better promote and sell their products to buyers. Whether you sell products in a physical store, on social media or from the trunk of your car, this cloud based system can help you better present your goods to your target audience and increase your sales.

The platform provides entrepreneurs with high converting templates, analytics intelligence, powerful free native apps, powerful reporting features, and inbuilt support… among others. These features are available at a fraction of the cost charged by other top platforms.

Other Perks
Groovekart has a highly intuitive user interface which allows sellers to set up an online shop and easily include their prices, just like in a gallery. The platform also provides entrepreneurs with a unique domain which the sellers can use to differentiate their brand.

If you’re building your eCommerce business from the ground up you don’t have to worry about hiring a web developer. The interface was designed to be highly customizable to facilitate easy account set and management.

For the buyers, the Groovekart interface allows for a very easy set up of consumer accounts. Buyers can also enjoy an easy trading experience by using a highly sophisticated Point of Sale system which saves them time by processing their orders promptly and more efficiently than other eCommerce systems.

Interested in migrating your store to the new platform? No problem. If you have an existing shopify store, for instance, the Groovekart system can safely import your store in a matter of seconds with just a few clicks.

The Full GrooveKart Review will be posted soon on this page.


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