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Hey Folks thanks for taking the time to visit my post about this amazing investment course created Dr. Patrick Gentempo, Jeff Hays, Nate Hopkins and Michael Hearne.

My name is Alex Johnson and on this page I will publish my unbiased Money Revealed Review , i wanted to let you know that i just got my hands on the product and i am going through all the materials offered in the members area.

I have just finished watching the documentary series called “Money Revealed”. In this blog I will be sharing my honest opinion so you can have an idea on whether or not it’s worth watching. Keep reading below for all the important details and highlights on this comprehensive Money Revealed review.

Money Review is basically a documentary with 9 episodes featuring 36 different self-made millionaires and financial experts. It was created by Dr. Patrick Gentempo, a well-known expert in health and business and Jeff Hays, a world-renowned filmmaker.

What is Money Revealed?

The main idea of the series is to share with its viewers the success stories of each of the self-made millionaires. The format is structured as a set of interviews where each expert talks about the following: their most intimate secrets on how they managed to attain financial success, important economic projections that will affect everybody and how to prepare for it, and even unpopular nevertheless ground-breaking ideas and techniques that will be never be learned from school.

I don’t consider myself as an expert but I am definitely someone who has an adequate exposure to different schools of thought regarding money management. However, the lessons I have learned from watching Money Revealed are somehow new to me and are very much applicable to anyone regardless if they are poor or wealthy.

I want to give you a clearer picture on how this documentary series can potentially help you with your finances. Here is an in-depth Money Revealed Review:

Episode 1: Wiping Off Taxes and Stocks Investments Tweaks

Robert Kiyosaki – Money Revealed starts strong by featuring one of the most popular financial advisors in the world. He is a New York Time’s Best Selling Author for his book entitled, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. He talks about how he uses debt in order to create more wealth. It seemed contradicting to me too at first but as the interview went on, I understood how this unique principle interestingly benefit not just him as a businessman, but also the economy. Further, he explains 5 different investments that legally wipe out taxes and how this contributes to strengthening the economy.

David Gardner – He is most popular for being one of the founders and advisors in The Motley Fool – a multimedia financial services company. In this episode, he shares how the idea of establishing the company started out as a family joke and later on turned out to be a huge enterprise. He also imparts unique and awesome insights on how a minor tweak in stock investing can make a big difference both financially and socially. I think that the highlight of his segment is his advice on how to start investing at any stage in life. He did a great job explaining the tricky parts of the stock market in a way that can be easily understood even by beginners or aspiring investors.

Episode 2: Retiring the Smart Way, Healthcare Investments and The Future of Crypto

Garrett Gunderson – He tackles different traditional approaches to retiring and the reason why most of it does not create financial freedom. He reveals show-stopping truths about 401(k) that even convinced the filmmaker himself, Dr. Patrick Gentempo, to liquidate his after finding out about this secret. Honestly, this segment is one of those that impacted me the most. Retirement is often seen as far ahead into the future but after pondering on the insights I got from this interview, I’m figuring out how these ideas can work for me.

Ray Blanco – For blockchain and cryptocurrency investors out there – this one is not to be missed. He revealed 2 blockchain places that are on the rise as well as the most profitable stock market right now. Furthermore, he adds two healthcare investments that are worth checking out.

Episode 3: Surviving the Economic Storm and Japanese Entrepreneurship Principles

Andy Tanner – He discusses the inevitable fall of the stock market and how there are laws that ensure for this to happen. He also reveals the move that an individual or a businessman has to do in order to survive this economic storm. It includes other important tidbit information such as the deceptive figure on your account statement that “skim” you and how to get rid of it.

Roger Hamilton – This is another key segment for me. He introduces a Japanese principle that applies to both health and wealth. Interestingly, he shares how now is the best time to be rich in any country in the world. He also talks about the 3 phases of entrepreneurship and how to get to the third phase faster where the real money starts to flow.

Episode 4: Tokenization, Managing Household Money and Creating Income Demand

Mike Dillard – He shares how he found out about what he was doing wrong financially which led him to a breakthrough. He also breaks down his strategies on investing in crypto currencies and how the “tokenization” will soon change how we deal with money. I found his principles futuristic and intelligent. I have never come across most of the ideas he mentioned. I personally think that anyone who is interested in these forms of investment should definitely learn from him.

Paul Zane Pilzer – Being one of the senior experts in the line-up, he wisely relates wealth with happiness. He imparts techniques on handling the household money and he also shares the powerful 2-word criteria that an investment must have in order for it to be enough to free you from working. I think some of his ideas are already circulating in the internet but nevertheless he provided a fresh perspective on handling personal finances.

Ryan Moran – This segment focuses on a very structured way of achieving wealth. He introduces his step-by-step process on how you can earn your first $1 million. Although, this doesn’t come across as completely new to me, I appreciate how he lays down some business hacks on creating income demand using his 90-day action plan.

Episode 5: Secret Activity of Rich People & Massive Passive Income

John Mackey – I find his revelation on the one activity that many very rich people do very interesting and surprising. It definitely didn’t see it coming and I think it is one of the key take-aways from the series. He also shares about his unique strategies as an investor in Wall Street. He also stories how joining a commune resulted in one of the most successful capitalistic achievements of our generation.

Justin Harrison – Among the experts, his story is one of the most inspiring. He narrates how mac & cheese led him to the idea that gave birth to his multiple passive income streams. He tells about how he managed his money when his income started to go beyond $10,000 monthly. Additionally, he also gives important pointers on how to efficiently explore the different forms of investment. It sounded very practical to me and I think beginners, especially the young ones should definitely learn.

Episode 6: Single-Family Houses & Collaborative Investing

Ron Phillips – Having an expertise in real-estate particularly in single-family homes, he finally reveals how he managed to significantly grow his portfolio during the 2008 housing crash. This is an important revelation which makes Money Revealed even more interesting as a lot of people, even outside the real-estate industry, are curious to know his secret to success.

Scott Picken – It is high-time that a financial expert gives a sensible advise on how to travel the world using passive income. On his interview, he addresses a growing concern among travelers. He shares some techniques on how to keep the cash flowing in using only one type of asset. Furthermore, he reveals how he uses capitalism and crypto technology to share wealth with those in poverty worldwide. He also discusses the 5 rules on effective collaborative investing and how these apply on being a global investor.

Episode 7: How blockchain is changing the world

Patrick Byrne – He starts off by exposing the way in which blockchain is changing economies. He goes further explaining how blockchain is being used to build better infrastructure in developing countries. Moreover, he generously shares the 3 places he is looking to invest in blockchain from which he is expecting to uncover tens of trillions of dollar in capital.

Ali El Husseini – This guy powerfully summarizes what blockchain is and why it is such an unstoppable force across all global economies. He emphasizes how it is more disruptive than the internet and enumerates the sectors that investors should keep an eye on.

Jonathan Johnson – He briefly discusses how bitcoin is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to blockchain. He lays out the important developments that will probably transpire in the near future which will greatly affect the financial landscape worldwide. He also points out that aside from its effects to money, blockchain will also help eradicate fraud in elections and revolutionize other elements of the society.

Episode 8: Working from Home & Acquiring Wealth while Doing Good

Ryan Levesque – His one-word strategy has allowed him to create 23 high-earning remote businesses. In his segment, he shares his secrets on how he made this happen. This is suitable for a lot of professionals worldwide who are engaged in work from home jobs. Another helpful insight for start-up entrepreneurs is his discussion on the 7 factors that makes a market worth venturing in. He also mentions about a free online business tool that tells if a business should be a go or a no-go.

Douglas Andrew – He shares expert knowledge on tax and 401(k) that no one has ever said before. His fresh ideas absolutely changes the way tax is perceived. “The Rich Man’s Roth” is what he called the strategy that makes tax-free returns. Another refreshing idea is his principle on how avoiding a common financial mistake can allow anyone to earn massive income by doing good.

Episode 9: Product Development and Trading

Jason Fladlien – Starting out with humble beginnings as a seller on Amazon, he managed to grow an empire through a revolutionary way of doing product development. He talks about his tested and proven techniques on getting to know a product and evaluating whether or not you should put your money on it.

John Carter – A notable advise from this Money Reveled expert is having several baskets of investments as a wise strategy in today’s economy. He tells the story on how he made his first trade in high school and how he managed to make millions out of it later on. He also imparts insightful ways on how regular people can do the same and acquire massive wealth through trading. He reiterates the importance of a well-planned portfolio in application to investing in blockchain.

Who are the Creators?

Dr. Patrick Gentempo is popular in the world of health and business. He is an accomplished chirapractor, having developed multiple patented innovations and built international businesses. He is also a published author of several peer-reviewed chiropractic journals.

Jeff Hays has been producing high-quality films for over 20 years. His documentaries have been short-listed in the Academy Awards for a number of times – making him a renowned and veteran filmmaker who is esteemed worldwide. Among his most recent works are “Doctored”, “Undoctored”, and “Bought”. Notably, he is also a seasoned entrepreneur with multiple successful enterprises.

The key take-aways from the experts featured on Money Revealed should help you decide whether or not you will give this documentary series a shot. After thatching it from start to finish I can say that it is insightful beyond expectation. I personally think that while the internet abounds with many free guides, hacks and tips on acquiring wealth, nothing still beats learning from the experiences of real self-made millionaires.

It is unfortunate that things like these are not being taught in school. But fortunately, there are resources like the Money Revealed series which ordinary people can learn from. It gives guys like you and me an extra source of motivation, knowledge and inspiration to keep working persistently and wisely.


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