100K Shout Out & AmpiFire Review

  • Product Name: 100K Shout Out
  • Developers: Chris Munch
  • Price: $2.497 (Payment Plan Available)
  • Verdict: 100% Worth It.
  • Official Site>>> 100kShoutOut.com

What is 100K Shout Out?

100K Shout Out is an innovative platform combined with a live training course designed for individuals who want to make money online by driving thousands of targeted visitors to their websites.

It’s created by Chris Munch and an 8-figure SaaS company called PressCable. At its core, 100K Shout Out is a business model that makes use of the latest 8-figure technology built from the ground up. The ‘all-in-one’ traffic platform has been worked on by veterans in the industry and designed to work with minimal input.

What’s interesting to note is that Chris Munch’s platform has the capability to generate unlimited income via several engines, including the AmpiFire software.

AmpiFire is a Content Amplification Engine that the company says is the first of its kind. Users who have opted for the 100K Shout Out course can access it and amplify their business, whether new or existing to get more buyer traffic and exposure on the internet. At the heart of AmpiFire is the ‘OmniPresence’ campaign that takes your online business and expands its presence on the web.

There are many online platforms that promise money-generating techniques, but almost all of them require an input of some kind. You may have to find a niche product, a service or come up with SEO content in order to get recognized as a trusted brand online.

100K Shout Out does away with all that by providing an all-inclusive course and engine that could automate all the processes needed to launch an online business. And since Chris says that the business model could be anything, you can just set up what you’re good at, or what you’d like and go from there.

It all sounds simple enough, but how does the 100K Shout Out work? More importantly, we’ll find out who could use the product to acquire a 6-figure income per year.

How Does 100K Shout Out Work?

First, you’ll need to get the 100K Shout Out course to gain access to the AmpiFire software, the ‘all-in-one’ engine that could drive upwards of $100,000 revenue per year.

The course is made up of  in-depth step by step training how this system works. You log in to the Training platform and watch the first videos which is over 2 hours of training designed to help you get you started right away. You also gent instant access to the AmpiFire software.

There rest of the training will be done live with weekly webinars. If you can’t attend the live webinars you can watch the replays in the members area.


Accessing the AmpiFire

When you first access the AmpiFire tool and you’ll be greeted with a wizard-like interface. You will need to create a company profile and fill up the fields with vital information so Chris and the PR guys can generate the needed content to kickstart your campaign.

Upload a few images and choose a category within the drop-down menu. Add your company information and publish.

The AmpiFire software will start creating posts on high-traffic blogs, articles on popular news sites, videos on Vimeo and YouTube, PowerPoint presentations on LinkedIn and audio clips on BuzzSprout and PodBean, among others. Moreover, the engine will generate buzz on social media platforms Twitter and Facebook and adds content to Google News for good measure.

AmpiFire combines writing, software automation and artificial intelligence handled by the company’s in-house professionals for maximum online exposure and traffic. You can save hundreds of dollars and plenty of time by foregoing the work needed to establish a relationship on high-profile websites.

All of these should give your campaign the boost it needs to appear on Google searches and on social media. You can expect traffic streams to come in, which equals more chances of selling your products or services.


Here some of the things AmpiFire dose.

  • Creates And Publishes Posts To Real High Traffic Blogs
  • Creates And Publishes Articles On Mainstream News Sites
  • Creates And Publishes Videos On YouTube & Vimeo
  • Creates And Publishes A PowerPoint Presentation To LinkedIn’s SlideShare
  • Creates And Publishes An Audio Clip To Well-Known Podcast Directories
  • Creates And Publishes Social Shares To Facebook & Twitter
  • And Even Publishes To Google News As Well!

All of this is done automatically by AmpiFire using a mix of AI, software automation, manual writing & optimization by their team of inhouse professionals. It’s a powerful way to generate traffic and online exposure.

Who Can Use 100K Shout Out?

100K Shout Out is labeled as one of the easiest income generators on the web.

As with any online business, you will need a niche, an online presence and a way to get your website, blog or e-store noticed by those who will need it.

100K Shout Out will take care of the hard work of ‘spreading the word’ regarding your new or existing business. Typically, you’d need to do this manually by investing in SEO, or search engine optimization. Keyword search, producing articles and getting yourself out there is hard work and requires a massive amount of time and effort.

Over time, traffic towards your website builds up; then, you will have to come up with a sales funnel that can lead your visitor to becoming a consumer. It’s more or less a trial-and-error process, and more so if you’re not familiar with sales and marketing campaigns.

100K Shout Out also works for those who’ve tried setting up an online business before and failed to generate the sum they were expecting. Maybe you weren’t focused enough on generating content that can get you traffic, or your sales funnel just wasn’t that effective. By opting in with 100K Shout Out, you now have an engine that can do the work, and more.

Last but not the least, 100K Shout Out may be used by veterans and entrepreneurs who already have experienced successful launches and are looking for added revenue streams. The inclusion of AmpiFire engine makes it work like a passive endeavor, where little to no input is needed to make profits.

Do you have an idea of a new online business you’d like to try out? 100K Shout Out could be the right platform to launch it. Going by the mechanics, you won’t have to worry about bringing traffic or spending additional money for marketing and sales funnel tools.


  •  Comes with its own template for creating websites.
  •  All PR content will be generated with no effort.
  •   Beginner-friendly and intuitive.


  •  Not a get-rich scheme.
  •  You’ll still need to understand and watch the course.

Should You Buy 100K Shout Out?

100K Shout Out is expected to have a pre-launch come August 15 for those who are interested in seeing what the product has to offer.

The cart opens on August 20, where you can already secure your copy of the 100K Shout Out product and get access to the AmpiFire software. Chris has made it that people can buy 100K Shout Out until the last day, which is August 26.

On the whole, 100K Shout Out does sound promising. It’s a good tool to have if you’re just starting out in the online business. The $100,000 a year profit can effectively replace your day job, or give you a new revenue stream in just a few minutes.

Plus, the AmpiFire software takes the hard work out of getting the exposure you need to get the kind of customers you want. It creates content on all fronts- media channels, social network platforms, on YouTube and your website so you could rank up on Google searches and whatnot.

This typically requires large sums of money, e.g., hundreds of dollars to post on high-profile sites, creating an effective SEO campaign and posting on social media, and something you can get when you buy the 100K Shout Out course when it launches.

All you need to do is follow the guidelines for a profitable niche in 2019, then complete the online form. The in-house professionals will take care of your online business via the OmniPresence technology so your brand, niche or blog will get seen.


It’s hard to find an all-in-one profit generator as the one 100K Shout Out offers. If you’ve ever run an online business before, you’ll find that the most tedious processes can be run with the greatest of ease using the 100K Shout Out.

The platform even allows for multiple campaigns as long as you have access to the AmpiFire software. Stack and run recurring revenue platforms, and pretty soon you’ll be making money in a passive manner.


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