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Russell Brunson is many things. He is an entrepreneur, author and public speaker. He co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels and rocks the YouTube world with his company building videos. In 10 years, Russell has done more with his life than many will do in their entire lives. Russell built his life and career around studying marketing through the mass distribution of junk mail, television commercials and radio advertising. His goal was to learn about direct response advertising.

Direct response advertising is a promotional method in which the customer is encouraged to directly contact an advertiser about a promoted product. The customers respond by using coupons which can be cut out of a newspaper or advertisement, business reply cards, telephone call in numbers or hot spots on the internet that get activated when someone clicks a link on the page. The marketing concept affirms the goals of a company which can be best achieved the satisfaction of the customer being satisfied immediately with the response they receive. It also provides a way for the company to track what most interests the people visiting their sites. The company now can now build their database up greater by knowing what people are looking for and providing that need.

Russell really got his career going with the internet where is he was able to market potato gun DVDs. The DVDs were self made and marketed in his parent’s basement. He discovered the nich market by trying to find out how to make his own. The internet had a lot of people looking for help and not finding answers. He eventually branched out from his DVD making into working out way to simply sell everything from t-shirts to vitamin supplements. His ranks skyrocketed when he connected himself to big names such as Ferrari and creating 1.5 million leads in a little over a month. With his start up partner, Todd Dickerson, the two were able to create their website Click Funnels, a Saas software service, in 2014 and market it to companies everywhere as a way to direct, control and profit from the internet traffic visiting websites all over the net.

The software is a marketing tool what is capable of showing what the viewers are looking at and eventually clicking on it. It gives real time data about the performance of their platforms and what can be done with the information that is being collected. Within three years of their 2014 launch date, their company had grown to over 55,000 customers with $100,000,000 between all them.


Click Funnels is one of the fasting growing companies in the world. Its platform is innovated and is changing the way marketing is conducted in any number of fields.

One of his key strategies is to use the “free Trial” model. Anyone can get a subscription to try the Click Funnels platform and after a trial period, pay to continue to use it. The data gained by using the software is invaluable for any growing company. It can show a company where most of the people are spending their time and show them where their own platforms can be improved. The platform is effective for building what is known as landing pages. It is a page someone starts at and data is gathered as they click through the webpages as to their viewing habits. The funnels that companies can build can lead buyers directly to the products they are searching for.

The platform also adjusts to upsell or downsell as the popularity or need for the product changes. Advanced sales funnel analytics are what the platform is all about. It takes a single stand alone page and with a series of links directs the user what they need or want through their own choice selections. The subscription service of Click Funnels offer monthly no lock in contract options and yearly subscriptions to keep a steady stream of income coming in with a 30 day money back guarantee offered to members that wish to cancel their subscriptions.

Several of the platform features are designed to up-sell the better offer to you as an alternative to the general subscription with a subscription bonus of two free months for years worth of coverage. The Click Funnels platform gives the purchaser access to certain programs and features only if particular versions of the platform are purchased. There are other dashboards on the market that are equally good and offer similar benefits and analysis software such as Lead Pages.


Russell was even able to publish his own book about marketing and has since sold 250,000 copies of it. The book discusses his market Funneling technique and shows how his software is changing companies everywhere. The click Funneling software has even helped create 206 millionaires who owe their success to his platform. Another unique quality about the company Mr. Brunson helped create is that it was started without any outside venture capital funding. That means that Russell and his co-founder Todd own most of, if not, all of the company’s net worth. Russell Brunson’s literary career is growing as fast as his software platform. He has released three books so far and they are top sellers on Amazon. The books themselves are books anyone should read if they want to grow their own companies. They are also ones where the market is as a building block for more than just business. They are books about networking and web building for ideal customer satisfaction. The books are also self published which means that Russell has profited from being frugal and forward thinking in his literary life as well.

Being a multi-talented business man, Russell has also taken his work to people willing to pay him to directly work with them and their own businesses. This business is known as “Inner Circle of Life” in which Russell works one on one with people wanting life coaching directly from him. Through Mr. Brunson’s own website dotcomsecrets.com, anyone can sign up to listen to his podcasts, purchase his of tangible products like his books or register to receive life coaching. There are also links to his blog, twitter, Facebook and 2 comma club pages. The 2 comma club is the group of millionaires that built their companies by using his software.

A lot of what makes Russell’s books and products sell is also his own marketing charisma. He has a natural talent for being able to talk with all sorts of people and deliver his message about the benefits of using his software, looking up more information or just listening to what he has to say. A lot of his own marketing strategy is built using today’s free internet technologies like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to market his own products free of charge. It leaves a lot of room for company growth and reduces the overhead for promotion. The videos that he uploads on all three pages also make him into a real person being set within his own him with him at work at his own computer in a t-shirt and jeans. They are not staged and what Russell is talking about is based on his own experiences. Russell, in these settings, is a real person. He does the promotional talks and lecture series in various locations around the country as well. In those settings, he is just as relaxed as he discusses what made his world run and what his company is all about.

Russell is taking what he has done to non-profit organizations everywhere. He has directly assisted World Teacher’s Aide, changed to Village Act in 2018, by donating $1.00 for every new account that gets opened using the Click Funnels software. The fund is a Canadian Charity which is dedicated to educating students in the rural areas of Kenya. The group is working with the local Kenyan government to help build school rooms and provide supplies to help educate the underserved populations in those areas.

The company is also trying to take things a step further to help resume children that have ended up in the sex trade through Operation Underground Rail Road. The program helps bring together former military, law enforcement and communities to help track down and bring children sold into the sex trade out of it again. Founded in 2013, the company is dedicated to helping raise money to tack these children down and use any resources necessary to find them. It is a world researching company because of the length some children travel beyond their home towns. The process is as follows: 1) Assess the feasibility of rescue, 2) research the location, 3 Design a strategy, 4) Take Action, 5) Recover the Children, and 6) Arrest, try and convict the perpetrators. Russell helps host events all over the U.S. to raise the awareness of what his organization is doing to promote the non-profit’s efforts to rescue those most in need.

About Russell Brunson, his is not only a family man having married his college sweetheart Collette and had five children with her, but he is also a former wrestler who was a state champion and later took 2nd place in the country before leaving high school. His family of five is very proud of him and what he has accomplished and are currently living their home state of Idaho.

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