Who is Mike Filsaime – The Guy Behind This Revolutionary E-Commerce Platform Called GrooveKart

It is never easy to build a successful online business. There is so much that needs to be done, including identifying your market niche and locating products that satisfy that niche’s needs. However, opening an e-commerce store is one of the better ways to earn money online right now.

In the past it was a very challenging and difficult process to open an e-commerce store. It has continued to get easier over the years to launch and run an e-commerce store. These days there are a number of popular tools that are available that enable entrepreneurs to get their very own online store started with only a couple of clicks of the mouse. GrooveKart is among the most recent entrants into the industry.

John Cornetta and Mike Filsaime are launching the new e-commerce platform called GrooveKart. For more than two years the two have secretly worked on getting this platform developed. The platform was designed to provide all of the features that are needed to run an efficient and effective e-commerce store in the form of a standard feature. So you won’t have to invest in high-price apps to get access to certain features since the software’s standard version provides all of the features that you need.

Building a brand new e-commerce platform completely from scratch is a huge undertaking, but with individuals like John Cornetta and Michael Filsaime behind that platform, it is practically guaranteed to provide something exciting. However, if you don’t know about Michael Filsaime and John Cornetta and how popular they are in the online marketing world, then this article will tell you everything that you would like to know about these incredible Groovekart creators.

About Mike Filsaime

For decades now, Mike Filsaime has been an important leader of the Internet marketing industry. During the early years he became known as a very successful digital marketer. However, over the years, his attention has turned to creating successful software solutions completely from scratch.

Over the past several years, Filsaime has been involved in the launches of several multi-million dollar companies. They have included Marketers Cruise, Everwebinar, WebinarJam, and Kartra. Mike is a digital marketer who is in high demand as a marketing consultant, author, speaker, software developer, and digital marketer. The following are some additional details on some of the most successful software platforms that Mike Filsaime has launched over the past several years. His success is proven by the fact that his software brands that have launched over the last couple of years have earned him more than $85 million.


This totally automated business platform was specifically developed to sell digital products. Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins partnered together to create and sell the automated solutions that covers nearly all digital marketing aspects including membership websites, business management, analytics, split testing, automated sales funnels, affiliate management, email marketing, videos hosting, and more. The platform has been designed to provide all of the features that a digital marketer typically needs for selling various kinds of digital products online.


This is among the most popular products that have been launched by Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime. WebinarJam was first launched in 2014. These days there are a number of different affordable webinar platforms that are available. However, back when it was first launched there were not as many options that were available for marketers.

Mike Filsaime was among the first internet marketers to thoroughly understand the potential that webinars have for entrepreneurs. That is why he decided to partner with Andy Jenkins and have a software platform created that offered unlimited attendance and unlimited webinars. It was the very first product that offered this great of a deal at a very affordable price.


Michael Filsaime and Andy Jenkins also launched this webinar solution for automating webinar marketing. The platform enabled marketers to record webinar earlier yet present them to attendees as live webinars. The main goal of the software was to enable marketers to focus more on driving traffic as their core business rather than having to spend a lot of time on a webinar’s technical aspects.

Along with the software platforms discussed above, Mike Filsaime also has various successful training solutions that he offers to aspiring business owners. Nearly all of the products that Mike has launched have been very successful. That is why is among the most highly sought-after digital marketers in the entire Internet marketing community.

All of the software platforms that we have mentioned have been successfully running for a number of years. That means that their technical teams that are responsible for creating the products are fully capable of creating user-friendly, intuitive, and scalable software solutions. Mike has proven his worth within the software solutions world that targets entrepreneurs as its customers.

About John Cornetta

Like Mike Filsaime, John is a veteran of the Internet marketing industry. For nearly a decade now, he has been actively involved as an Internet marketer. He got started as an affiliate marketers, and sold all types of digital products. However, he realized how important it was to sell physical products. After he started to build e=commerce stores and selling various products, he quickly learned that the profits and revenues were very high compared to what he earned with digital products.

John has built a solid reputation over the years within the community as a highly respected e-commerce marketing expert. He runs many e-commerce stores earning millions of dollars in sales every year.

He got his start with the physical product category through selling T-shirts. John used software for selling half a million dollars worth of t-shirts on Facebook through the use of Facebook ads that were linked to Tee Spring retargeting.

Also, he provides training to help you get your own e-commerce business set up and to run a successful online store. Cornetta is also known as one of the best list builders as well among online marketers.

There is basically no other digital marketer around who has been as successful as John within the e-commerce market. He has know used all of his learning and knowledge of the industry to build a scalable, highly intuitive, and user friendly e-commerce platform for online entrepreneurs.

About Groovekart

This next-generation e-commerce platform has been designed to get a new e-commerce store set up in just a couple of clicks. The standard package offers a massive selection of features. The features are not available on a majority of other highly popular e-commerce platforms with their basic packages, so you might have to pay an extra fee for the apps to get the features that you want.

If you own a Shopify store, you an import your store with just a couple of clicks. One of the main advantages offered by the e-commerce platform is that it is very affordable and provides you with a great deal of value for your money.

The product is being backed by John Cornetta and Michael Filsaime. It offers something that is revolutionary at a very affordable price. Both of the highly successful digital marketers are extremely knowledgeable about the industry with several highly successful multi-million dollar businesses between them.

When you sign up with Groovekart, not only will you benefit from having access to a world-class software platform, you also will receive free training on how to build and run a successful e-commerce store from two of the internet market industry’s top marketers.


E-commerce has grown quickly overall into one of the best and fastest ways to build and grow a successful online business. All you need to do is identify a market niche and have access to a quality software platform for building a successful online store. These days, consumers are used to purchasing online, and GrooveKart enables you to capitalize on this massive opportunity in only a couple of clicks.

GrooveKart offers many built-in features including various easy-to-use templates, email responders, timers, social medial proof, sales funnels and more. GrooveKart makes it very easy for your customers to browse, sign up, create accounts, and place orders.

Take full advantage of this offer. Sign up for your account today so that you can start building your very own highly successful e-commerce store now. To go more in depth on this e-commerce platform don’t hesitate to read my unbiased Groovekart Review so you can decide for yourself if this is the real deal or not.


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