Who is Aidan Booth the Creator of Parallel Profits?

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Affiliate marketing is changing people’s lives all over the globe. It takes determination, perseverance and hard work to start from a low point and make a living out of online marketing. In this regard, you may have heard of the 100k factory system but probably know very little about the creators Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. Both Aidan and Clayton are celebrated names in the world of e-commerce and affiliate marketing. Today, the focus is on Aidan Booth and his accomplishments. He is the man changing many lives by helping and teaching them to stay focused and realise their dreams. Just who is Aidan Booth? What makes him tick?

He is one of the two creators of the e-commerce system known as 100k system. It is by far one of the best affiliate marketing systems ever created. The factory, which combines an ad revenue system and an online e-commerce system, guarantees people in the program to gain financially within a very short period. All those in the program do, is follow the set guidelines and enjoy scalable income they only dream about or read about in the internet. He is launching another blockbuster these days of January called parallel profits, you can read more about it on my parallel profits review page.

The early years

He had a very humble background. Born and raised in a farm in a small town in New Zealand until 2003 when he moved to a Spanish speaking country, Aidan could not speak any other foreign language besides his own. His wife who he met in Lake Tahoe inspired the move to Argentina. Armed with a tourist visa, the first few days in Argentina were not all rosy for him because he could not speak the language. He tried looking for a job but because of the language barrier, no one could hire him. As luck would have, not finding a job, started him on his online marketing journey but it did not happen overnight.

He searched the internet for any available online jobs but got further frustrated because he could not get what he really wanted. Instead of giving up like many people would, He instead saw an opportunity to begin something. Come 2005 and he opened his first online site. The site, aidanbooth.com followed by 1234Tango.com did not make him a millionaire or make him as much as he wanted but he got a long just fine. In fact, the little he got changed his life and he could even enjoy free meals in some of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires.

About that first site

The site started picking up and by 2006, he had learnt so much about online marketing that he took it a notch higher. He started by creating affiliate websites online. The websites were simple but they were able to generate enough commission for him that made him feel like he was almost there. He got the commissions out of sending traffic to the various affiliate websites using Google AdWords. He did the affiliate websites for a couple more years but being the aggressive thinker he is, he wanted more. From affiliate websites, he went on to start ecommerce sites alongside the affiliate websites. Google rankings of the sites were on top and so were other traffic avenues.

Playing with numbers

A University graduate of Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering, numbers excited him and he had a way with them. He knew his maths and this knowledge helped him to pave his way forward. His first real test online came with Google Analytics and other similar programs. He was finally able to understand why he was not doing as well as he should have been doing with his websites. He was able to scrutinise and pick out the weaker spots he had earlier missed in his endeavours to succeed. The first thing he learnt was not to put anything out there if he had not tested it out first. After this, he started enjoying the success that came with his ecommerce and affiliate sites.
Going full throttle

There was no stopping the hard working He after this. He started by hiring an able team in Philippines that worked hard to open at least three sites every day. He had father help from another strong team of writers, builders and image designers. Because of the overload, he even hired a project manager who took over some of the management duties. Within a very short time, he had well over 1500 sites in his name. Not every one of the sites made profit but that was not anything to worry about because he could manage the losses. The sites that were not making any losses doubled up and made up for what he lost with the bad ones.

With things looking good, He was unstoppable. He partnered with one of his mentors and long-time friend Brian G. Johnson. Together they went for the kill and released one of the most sought after internet marketing program. Everything was working too well for the pair and you could say, everything looked glossy but the best was yet to come. Or so he thought.

The surrender and the Rise

Sometime when something’s seems too good to be true, it probably is not. This was the case with Aidan’s online business. He was too dependent on Google for the rankings that he did not see the damage coming. Google got rid of 500 websites on May Day of 2010, and to date, they have not reappeared. This cost him a third of his total websites, some of which were doing extremely well in other platforms.

This did not put him down but it opened his eyes further to what he should do differently. Google messed up with his factory yes but he knew he had to create something that was indestructible. His new websites changed both in strength and in avenues. He diversified his ecommerce sites more than he did before, earning even more than he ever earned before from the affiliate site he operated.


Not long ago, he partnered with Steven Clayton and Tim Godfrey to run the 100k system and 7-Figure Cycle and is no longer the sole owner of a multi-million affiliate program. He says partnering was one of the best business decisions he ever made.


Together with Steven Clayton, they are opening a training program and software called parallel profits. This product will help people, especially those new in online marketing, new and better ways of making financial breakthroughs through online marketing. The program will launch on the 29th of January 2019. The duo promise that this new program will be life changing and considering how good the pair is, we can only agree.


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