Parallel Profits Review

  • Vendor: Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton
  • Product:  Parallel Profits
  • Launch Date:  29th January 2019
  • Launch Time: 12:00 EST
  • Parallel Profits Price: $2497
  • Verdict: 98%  
  • Official Site:>>> Click This Link

Guys, make sure you register for the Live Parallel Profit Workshop that will take place on 28 January 2019 by clicking here. Aidan and Steven have also  released their free training content on how the Parallel Profits System works, i recommend you watch the videos and grab the Free eBook as well as the MindMap Now to learn more about Parallel Profits.


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Parallel Profits Review Updated: 1/28/2019


This Parallel Profs Review Can Help You Decide If It’s Right For You

Do you dream of getting paid to actually enjoy life? Would you love to love making money so much that it felt like you were never actually working? Everyone would love the magical road to quick riches, but that rarely happens unless you buy a lot of lottery tickets and get lucky. Still, there is great money to be made online if you have the right help. You might have heard of Parallel Profits and are wondering if it’s your gateway to a golden life, or you could just be hunting for anything and have stumbled across this project. In either case, let this Parallel Profits review help you figure out if the program is right for you or not.

The Minds Behind Parallel Profits

Parallel Profits is a program written by a pair of authors you may or may not have heard of, namely Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth. Mr. Booth was born in Argentina, but is an American, and has had such success previously online that it’s hard to find a single negative review of his work. He works with Mr. Clayton as his business partner, who routinely captivates audiences when revealing what awesome success he’s had in a short span of time.

The current program is likely to take off really well because of the previous successes of these two gentlemen. They’ve already been the creators of both The 100K Factory and The 7 Figure Cycle. They’ve both been dominating the world of online marketing for years, and this is a chance to learn straight from them, as they help you learn what they have already been doing as their own real-world business for a while.

What Parallel Profits Is…

In short, it’s a matter of offering pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and simple search engine optimization (SEO) to your own clients. This is a wonderful thing to help out local small businesses that are in dire need of more online exposure. You can also reach out to nearly any kind of small business too, as this program will work in nearly any sector or industry, be it your hair stylist, a local gym, a neighborhood roofing business, or a pizza joint. Any of them want more business, and you can help them get it online.

Small businesses are typically defined as those with fewer than 50 employees, and yet they account for more than two-thirds of all job growth. You get the chance with Parallel Profits to help local businesses in your community grow and make money, most of which will stay in your community. At the same time, you get to make an easy living while under the mentorship of proven Internet marketing veterans and enjoying the life you want and deserve. That’s a win-win, no matter how you look at it.

What You Offer And Sell Through Parallel Profits

This program isn’t just some kind of ebook they wrote. It’s also not just some kind of tutoring or a mentoring system like a class or homework. There’s plenty of such content online available like. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll find it easily, just not here.

Rather, Parallel Profits is a chance to work with these two gentlemen offering and selling a number of primary services. You’ll not only offer website hosting to anyone that doesn’t have it, but also website design and maintenance. You can also provide visibility campaigns that combine mostly SEO with social media content on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

That Sounds Like Work

It does sound like work, because it’s actually a lot of work, and in different fields. The thing about Parallel Profits is that your profits are truly in parallel with the people behind the program. All you have to do is follow the training and land local clients, and they handle all the technical aspects and actual service delivery. You just have to maintain your client relationships and try to land more if you want, which the training will help you do. Otherwise, you enjoy a high profit margin, sometimes as much as 70 percent or more, and the life you can afford with that income. In some cases, you can net $100,000 annually off of less than a dozen clients.

You’re part of a team, but you’re not outsourcing things to third-party vendors that you don’t know. You’re splitting the work and the rewards with two of the Internet’s most savvy entrepreneurs. They and their staff handle your customers, and they know what they’re doing, having done this work going back 15 years, with 9 years put into their current Florida-based operation.

That Must Cost A Lot

It’s true there is a price to just to get entry into the program. At the time of writing, it was approximately $2500. That’s likely quite a higher fee than you’re used to paying for other Internet entrepreneurial programs, but remember, this isn’t just content, but an actual business opportunity. Some kind of fee has to be paid just to show them that you’re serious about working them. For what it’s worth, they do have installment plans available so that you don’t have to pay all of this at once.

Also, consider that it’s a chance to hit the ground running with two successful professionals having your back. If you were to try starting up an Amazon business, you’d have to mass up serious inventory, list it, and wait for it to sell. Many sellers are lucky to make a 25 percent profit margin, and some only get to double their money after they’ve been learning a niche for years. Your Parallel Profits margins are much higher since it’s a service-based business.

For that matter, it can do better for you than many kinds of affiliate marketing. SEO campaigns take anywhere from six weeks for non-competitive keywords to six months for more popular search strings, and that’s before you start seeing any traffic. In the meanwhile, you’re paying for your own website, content, social media posts, and backlinks all the time.

“Parallel Profits isn’t guaranteed to start making you money right away, and it’s not even guaranteed to make you money. However, it’s very likely that you will, or just learn from the masters why you’re not. Once you do, it should keep rolling.”

Who Parallel Profits Is Good For

It’s not a bad idea for students or anyone new to making money online. You get access to a course, training, and then the franchise is run by two of the industry’s best. Most new businesses fail, and it’s often due to lack of mentorship or good advice from those that know what they’re doing. This is a proven business model, and while there’s always an element of risk, there’s also no sense reinventing the wheel when someone can literally show you how to roll with it.

If you’re looking to work from home, this program can be a serious blessing. You also don’t have to put a lot of resources into starting things up. While there is a stiff entry fee, it can be paid in installments, and you don’t need the resources (much less patience) that other online money-making options might require.

Who Might Not Enjoy It

If you’re totally broke and can’t afford the entry fee, then cleaning out your closet, attic, and garage for an eBay dump might be your only shot at starting to make money online. With half the country reportedly living paycheck to paycheck, the cost of the program can be a detriment, although the installment options should help out if you have any discretionary income.

When taking into consideration different factors in the Parallel Profits review, the program process to have several features which make it a great investment to try. If you are eager to try the online investment, then the Parallel Profits is among the courses you can enroll and start your online investment program.




Old Overview:


Hi Guys! Welcome to my page about Adian and Steven latest product called Parallel Profits. In this Review I will be covering everything about the product and the authors. The review will be divided in topics with every cons and pros.

As you might know Aidan and Steven are big guys when it comes to internet marketing and the have very successful products under their belt. Two of the most successful have been 7-Figure Cycle and 100k Factory.

Parallel Profits Overview

Parallel Profits is an online training program which has been developed by Aidan & Steve. It teaches subscribers a business model where they can easily make money online. It is created in such a way it works as a franchise. The major hurdles in making money online have been eliminated in the program. Subscribers can start making money even without developing websites.  The product is unique in such way it focuses on selling useful products to local business.

How Parallel Profits work
The program works in such a way people are invited to join. There is a subscription fee which each member has to pay before he can access the platform to make money online. It works in the following ways:

Becoming part of parallel profits franchise
People who join the program are invited to work in a franchise. There is no need to register a domain name or even register a website. Marketing materials and copy-writing tend to cost a lot of money and time. The program eliminates the need to carry out marketing because everything has been handled within the program. You start making money immediately you sign up without the need to invest in other services such as marketing.

Works on local clients
The program allows members to secure local clients after which they rely on the program to avail the services. Local businesses will require different services. There are cases where they will need technical services. Even if you have secured a local client who needs technical services which you do not understand on how to execute them, you do not have to worry because the program has a technical team which can handle everything so that you can be paid. The professionals in the team are highly experienced hence they will guarantee you great services.

Inbuilt lead generation tools
You do not have to meet with clients face to face so that you can negotiate the deal. The program comes with inbuilt lead generation tools which users can apply to accomplish all their sales. The lead generation tool has been carefully created to allow for easy lead capture.

Parallel Profits eliminates roadblocks in making money online

There are several roadblocks when it comes to making money online. The program has identified the different roadblocks and provided workable solutions on how to avoid them. Some of the road blocks students of the program will overcome include the following:

1. No additional expenses upon signing up for the program
Most online businesses will require other expenses such as setting up a website, buying a domain, branding, marketing, copywriting among others. The program allows students to work in a set up just like a franchise where all the branding and other marketing efforts have been carried out so that it can be easy for anybody who signs up to start making money.

2. Highly experienced professionals to handle your secured clients
After you secure clients, you should offer them quality services so that you can earn or make them repeat customers. The program has a team of highly experienced professionals who are signed up to help you tackle any problem. You do not have to worry even if you are not experienced in a given field. The team of experts in the program will handle everything on your behalf provided you have managed to secure the clients.

3. No face to face selling
To succeed in face to face selling, you need some level of experience. It is also tricky because some clients are unpredictable. It is a different case after you decide to work with the program because it eliminates the need for face to face marketing.

Pros and Cons of the Parallel Profits Program

Pros of Parallel Profits

Created by successful online marketers
The tool has been developed by veteran marketers. They know what it takes to achieve great success online. There are no trial and errors with your money; you will invest the money in a program which has been tested to allow you make money. You can invest with peace of mind knowing everything will run well.

A web based software with several bonuses
The program has great features to allow you start making money online. It is also bundled with several bonuses which are aimed at helping you make quick money online.

Easy way to make money from home
You will not have to create a company or design a website to start using the program. It works in such way you will start earning from the sales which will be generated through your referrals. The tool has everything for you to refer clients and start earning money. You save a lot of money because most of the work has been done for you.

No need of expertise
The program works in such a way you will bring customers to the platform where they will have their problems solved after which you will earn a sales commission. A team of highly qualified professionals are on the stand by to handle different customers so that you can earn commission.

60 days money back guarantee
If you are not satisfied for any given reason, your money is still safe because you can just claim it back. The developers have full confidence in their services hence they are ready to offer the guarantee.

Easy payment process
If you do not have enough money, you can opt for the installment payment method where you can pay in three installments.

Cons of Parallel Profits

Costs a bit high
The program comes at a fee of $2497 which is considered high. Although it is rated high, it has several tools which make it a valuable tool you need to start making money. It works on a sales commission hence you need to work hard and bring more sales to make more money.

The Parallel Profits program is to be launched on January 29, 2019. It is a program which makes it easy to start earning money online with little or no knowledge of online marketing. The experienced online marketers have included different bonuses you need to easily get started.


Update: HYPE ALERT – Tony Robbins has teamed up with Dean and Russel at to release Knowledge Business Blueprint  and MindMint software ..I suggest you read my in depth review before you investing in this program.

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