Tim Stafford’s Cash Formula Review Scam

Tim Stafford’s Cash Formula Review: What’s The Story Behind This Program?


There’s no question that a lot of frustration exists for many people because of the current state of the economy. It is very easy to look around and decide that you are being victimized by how the economy is working. You’re struggling to get even a slice of what you used to be able to afford while the top 1% are not only sitting comfortably, they’re making all of the new money.

Not a great deal at all. Income inequality is the highest it has ever been in the United States and while the promise of online riches always seems to be enticing, more and more people are realizing that although it does happen, it is very much like the lottery. Realistically unless you have some type of an edge that gives you the inside track, the chances of any average Joe making money online is slim to nil with slim sprinting for the door.

You need to be part of some type of inner circle if you really want to be part of that high end 1%.

Every year seems to bring more and more online money making systems. If so many are working, then why is there always space for more? This isn’t about greed, but the fact is many of these systems are scams that make the creators money while leaving every other person who dared to hope and dared to dream with wallets that are even emptier than before. This is why these types of systems often had such a bad reputation even though a couple have proven their worth.

It’s a classic example of one bad apple spoiling the reputation of the bunch.

Fortunately there is one program that has pulled its weight and shown tremendous promise throughout the pre-launch testing for those who were lucky enough to get in. This one actually backs up its claims for helping multiple normal people go from basic starting accounts to making hundreds of thousands of dollars and actually getting in sight of that all so elusive stable life and rich retirement that we all dream of.

That one program is Tim Stafford’s Cash Formula program. Read on for a more in-depth review.

So What Exactly Is Cash Formula?


Cash Formula is a binary options trading software that actually follows through and delivers on its promise of allowing the common man, not the common Wall Street trader but the actual common man. The idea behind this system is it reads the markets so well and can act so quickly when the right conditions come up that you set it to auto trade and those algorithms take care of the actual trading and make a profit.

Obviously the important part here is the solid effectiveness of Tim Stafford’s software and the trend recognition software that allows for profitable trading without you needing to get involved at all.

Introducing Tim Stafford?

tim-staffordTim takes pride in helping the little guy because despite his late in life multi-millionaire success he still completely associates with being the underdog. He was raised in a broken family, suffering in childhood because both of his parents were alcoholics. He worked hard, became a small business consultant, but still couldn’t get a break as he made too little money, suffered in the massive economic downtown, and at that point his wife left him for a rich old guy who came in and swept her out of his life.

Tim was fortunate to find a secret mentor who taught him everything he needed to know: how the game was rigged but the secrets to success were easy if you had access to them. With a flash drive that included the formula and a small book, Tim was able to make $2,000 trading and he ran with it. Soon he quit his job, made enough money to make his dreams come true, and he invested to figure out how to automate the trading process so he could share it with others.

Although openings must be kept limited, he’s dedicated to making sure at least 100 people are able to follow in his footsteps of quitting their job and trading their way to making their dreams come true.

How Does The Software Actually Work?

No one knows the exact trading algorithm that is used. If it was public it would be too easy to take and abuse, but that formula is the key to many of the top bankers and traders in the world making their fortunes, and it’s the backbone of the system. It’s also why you want the trading to be automatic instead of manual – why interfere with a trading system that is right far more often than you would ever be able to pull off?system

There’s actually already been some serious grumbling about the formula being shared and more traders getting into that elite 1% club (it seems many members there don’t like having others following in their footsteps), and there are some whispers that this secret formula might be revealed in the Panama Paper leaks that have been showing up all over the news.

These are the papers from the law firms that have been shown to be hiding the money of many of the wealthiest people in the world, as well as their most important secrets. This massive discovering of documents and the leak to follow is going to mean an extended time of covering up and closing up – and Tim believes that among all those documents is the secret formula.

Once certain governments and wealthy individuals find out for sure, they will do everything to make sure the formula is locked up and shut down. This is why it is so important to Tim to share it with a small group of individuals who are dedicated to making it work for them now, before it’s too late.

Pros Of The Cash Formula

There are several pros to this specific trading software, with one of the major ones being that it’s free as long as you get in as one of the first 100. You will need to put in an initial deposit, but that’s what you trade from. You’re not going to buy the system or buy the software or buy a membership. You simply get to enjoy the benefits of having the courage to act.

Next is the automation. You don’t have to be a math genius, or an absolute savant when it comes to trading and reading charts. You don’t need decades of schooling and experience – the formula takes care of all of that. You just need to set up the system to automatically trade and it will start working for you.

In addition to this since you’re trading patterns and not investing stock, it doesn’t matter if markets are moving up or down – the software trades trends so it can make money no matter what direction the markets are going overall. This is part of the power that comes with having a tool that trades trends versus specific companies, markets, or commodities.

What Are The Cons?

The biggest con is that there is a cap to the maximum amount of money any given user can make in one day. That cap is currently set at $20,000 and is there to make sure everyone gets their fair share and that cap can be lifted for more experienced users who have seen the program work and are willing to dedicate more of their increasing fortune to even further building up their retirement dreams.

This also is not a teaching software system. If you want to learn how the trends and markets work this program won’t do it. This is just to make you money without having to think over and over again.

Plenty Of Positive Testimonials

There are many positive testimonials from individuals who were lucky enough to get in pre-release to test the program and get to keep it even after launch. One testimonial is from Julia, who was able to help her mother fix her house with a $5,000 gift that was impossible before the program. Julia has gone on to make nearly one million dollars and obviously is a major advocate of the program.testimonials

The introductory video gives so many more from everyday people like Claire, Randy, and Ron who have all experienced the life empowering change that comes from financial security and wealth.

The Verdict?

In a sea filled with scams it is refreshing to see a program like Tim Stafford’s Cash Formula, one of the rare systems that backs up its claims and will absolutely change the lives of the 100 users lucky enough to jump in and grab their copy. Financial freedom doesn’t have to be a dream, but it does require action to get there.


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