Niche Profit Fast Track Review

  • Product Name: Niche Profit Fast Track
  • Creators: Adam Short and Bobby Mclees
  • Price: $2.497 (Payment Plan Available)
  • Verdict: 100% Worth It. 
  • Official Site >>> Click Here

As we approach 2020, there are millions of ways to make money online. This means there is an incredible opportunity just sitting there waiting for you… as long as you know how to obtain it. With that being said, this is where Niche Profit Fast Track comes into play.

With so many online courses out there, preaching the same results, you’ll need to know that the one you choose is right for you. That’s why, today, we’ll be giving you an unbiased Niche Profit Fast Track review.

We’ll be taking a look over quite a few things, so if you ever feel lost or unsure, please feel free to refer back here as a guide. The last thing we want is for you to make the wrong decision, so let us help you make the right one.

In this Niche Profit Fast Track review we’ll be taking a look at:

What Niche Profit Fast Track is. Who the creators of the course are? How Niche Profit Fast Track works. How much the course will cost? What we like about Niche Profit Fast Track and What we don’t like. A brief recap/verdict

Feel free to jump around through the sections as you please, but trust us on this one, you’ll want to pay very close attention to each one.

Now, we don’t want to sit here and waste your time, so let’s dive right into the Niche Profit Fast Track review.

What is Niche Profit Fast Track?

Niche Profit Fast Track is, at its core, an online course that will help you create a passive income based online platform. There is a lot to know about the course, and it offers a really good mixture of coaching and mentoring. The course is a live one, and is 60 days long, but you’ll have more time with the material than just 60 days. Therefore, in this section, we’ll give you some brief background on the course.

What is the purpose?

The main goal of this course is to help you achieve a passive income website. Obviously, compared to what’s already out there, this isn’t the most unique thing in the world. Now, while that may be very true, you’ll want to see some of the features that this course has (we’ll touch on those in just a second).

Aside from helping you establish a passive stream of income, you’ll be exposed to many different options. Instead of forcing you to choose one method, Niche Profit Fast Track has 12 different options for you to follow. Some of these options are even premade, which makes launching your website even easier. Therefore, to sum this all up, Niche Profit Fast Track is an online course designed to help you build a profitable website.

What does the course actually look like… under the hood?

The course is actually very diverse, and as we just mentioned, there are up to 12 different paths you can take. Now, aside from premade options, you can even build your own website from scratch. That is pretty unique, because not a lot of courses will give you that type of freedom. Luckily, that’s what Niche Profit Fast Track is all about, and they’ll mentor you every step of the way.

The course is designed to help you with:

  • Creating a website
  • How to monetize that website for passive income
  • How to drive traffic to that website (organic) The different ways to monetize a website
  • A bootcamp that lasts 60 days

So while there may be a lot of courses out there similar in nature to Niche Profit Fast Track, no course is really as jam-packed as this one.

There is so much to show you in this article, so we’ll keep this section brief for you. Plus, now that you have an idea of what you’re looking at, understanding the rest of this article should be an absolute breeze. You ready to learn more?

Who are the creators?

Before we jump right into the process, and how the course actually works, you need to know who the creators are. Even if you find yourself not caring, it’s important to know who made the course, because that’s a great way to gauge whether it will be profitable or not. Luckily, the creators of Niche Profit Fast Track have been doing this for 10 years, so they definitely know a thing or two about making money online.

So who are the minds behind this course?

This course was made by Adam Short and Bobby Mclees. Both of these gentlemen have been in the web design business for several years, and Adam Short has created over 90 successful passive income websites throughout his career. Plus, not only did he create them, but he will be giving you access to the same software that he uses in Niche Profit Fast Track. This means that you’ll be getting exposure to the same software that made Adam Short who he is today. Pretty cool right?

Aside from Adam Short, who is great in his own right, Bobby Mclees is a welcome addition to this course as well. Mclees has worked with Short on dozens of projects, and is extremely familiar with the software, so you’ll be getting two seasoned minds for the price of one.

What have they done in the past?

Now that you know a little bit about who they are, you’ll probably want to know about some of their previous accomplishments. Therefore, if you’ve ever heard of Niche Profit Classroom or Niche Profit Full Control, you’re already ahead of the game. These courses have been released in the past, and they date all the way back to 2008. Plus, each course has had millions of sales, so you know people like these guys for a good reason.

Now, you might be wondering why they keep releasing new courses, and the answer is quite simple. This is due to the fact that online business changes so much faster than traditional business, so course designers need to adapt to the best of their ability. Therefore, having multiple courses under their belts is actually a good thing. Why? Because it tells us that Adam Short and Bobby Mclees know how to adapt.

There is so much that we would love to tell you about Adam Short and Bobby Mclees, but in the interest of time, we’ll sum this up by saying they’re really among the best at what they do. If you want a team of people who have the right blueprint for success, there is no better team than Short and Mclees.

How does Niche Profit Fast Track works?

We’ve broken down a lot for you already, and if you’re starting to get intrigued by this course, you’ll definitely want to pay very close attention to this section of our Niche Profit Fast Track review. Here, we’ll be showing you how the course works in detail. Therefore, after you read this section, you’ll be able to determine whether or not this course seems like something for you.

The software

The beauty of Niche Profit Fast Track is that it’s not just an online course. Will you get training? Absolutely, but the bread and butter lies within the software aspect of this course. This is due to the fact that you’ll be exposed to Adam Short and Bobby Mclees website building software at no extra cost. Therefore, in this course, they’re literally handing you the keys to what made them successful.

Here are some software tools that you’ll be exposed to in the course:

Software that allows you to gain social media based organic traffic. Software that allows you to harness the leads you obtain through social media platforms. A software tool that lets you analyze your competition. A tool that allows you to determine the profitability of a niche. Software that lets you leverage blog content as well

So when it comes to software, Short and Mclees really go all in for you. You’ll have little to no trouble creating a website, driving traffic to that website, and monetizing that website.

Niche profit accelerators

This is probably the piece of the course that you’ll love the most. This is due to the fact that this component of the course actually features up to 12 ready to go businesses that you can launch. This means that within your first year, you can actually launch up to 12 successful businesses that are already well researched for you.

The 60 day training course

In this component of the course, you’ll be exposed to plenty of great training modules to help you really gain a grasp of what the course has to offer. This is also known as ther bootcamp, and will definitely help you gain a grasp of what this course really has to offer. They will show you new blueprints every week, and over the course of 8 weeks you’ll be exposed to plenty of excellent training modules and checklists.

The member area

The member area is the last piece we want to touch on, because it gives you that “not alone” experience. In this section of the course, you’ll be able to interact with other people who are on the same journey as you. Not only will this help you feel like you’re not alone, but you’ll even be able to bounce plenty of ideas off of each other. Any course that offers a community aspect is a good one, and that’s definitely one of the things that sets Niche Profit Fast Track apart.

There are so many features that this course has to offer, and while it may seem like too much to handle, the way Short and Mclees break it all down is extremely helpful.

How much is the course?

Online courses can cost upwards of $5,000, and even at that price, they won’t offer as much as Niche Profit Fast Track. So while you may think the price we show you is a bit steep, you need to consider what you’re getting for that price. Plus, to be quite honest with you, this course will most definitely pay for itself. So in this section of our Niche Profit Fast Track review, we’ll be breaking down the price for you.

So what’s the price look like?

The price, if you want to pay in a lump some, comes out to be $2,497. So, for about the price of a community college semester, you can have 12 websites generating you passive income within 1 year. For that price point… that’s pretty hard to beat right?

Plus, if you can’t afford the whole $2,497 upfront, you can make payments. These payments will run you about $997, and while it will cost you about $400 more than if you paid upfront, it makes this course available to everyone.

We know that not everyone has an extra $2,500 laying around, so the payment plan option is definitely a nice touch.

Plus, if you’re worried that this is some type of scam or something, you’ll be very pleased to hear that there is a money back guarantee. This means that if you don’t like what the course has to offer, and you’re within the 30 day limit, you’ll be able to get your entire deposit back. Not too bad, right? So even if you want to just test the course out, you have that option as well.

Adam Short and Bobby Mclees have made millions of dollars through the websites that they design, and as the market adapts, it’s good to get advice from people who have survived since the dawn of this industry. Therefore, when you compare $2,500 to what you could earn, the opportunity cost is really extremely low.

A lot of courses out there will cost you a whole lot more than Niche Profit Fast Track, but while they cost more, that doesn’t mean they offer more content. For the price point, Niche Profit Fast Track is an excellent choice.

What we like about Niche Profit Fast Track

There really is a whole lot to like about this course, but for this section of our non biased Niche Profit Fast Track review, we’ll try and keep it to our top 3 favorite aspects of this course. So if you want to see some great positive aspects of this course, you’re definitely in the right place.

The ability to start from scratch

Not a lot of courses will go ahead and give you the ability to create a website from scratch. This is due to the fact that they’ll force you to use premade options, and while this course has premade options, it’s not the only route you can take. Therefore, to be quite honest with you guys, the freedom to choose is one of our favorite parts.

The software

A lot of online courses will also come with some type of software. While that’s well and good, these courses don’t have software that’s proven to be successful for over 10 years. Think about that for a second, that’s 10 years of success you’ll be handed for no extra price at all. Plus, the way that Short and Mclee will show you how to leverage that software is in a league of its own.

The ready to launch websites

This is another one of our favorite features, and while we did enjoy the freedom they give you, you really can’t beat instant success. Short and Mclee quite literally researched niches that will work and make you money, and along with the course, they’ll have you ready to launch your first website within a month. Plus, instead of making just one, you can make one website for each month of the year if you wanted too. Therefore, when it comes to return on investment (ROI), we really can’t find anything that offers more at this moment in time.

There is so much to like about this course, and while we could definitely go on all day, we want to leave some aspects as a surprise. So if you want to learn more, you’ll just have to take a look outside of our Niche Profit Fast Track review.

What we don’t like about Niche Profit Fast Track

Niche Profit Fast Track is an excellent course, but this wouldn’t be an unbiased Niche Profit Fast Track review if there wasn’t something we didn’t like about the course. This is due to the fact that not every online course is going to be perfect, and when it comes to this course, there is really only one issue that we have with it.

The price point

The course is a bit on the expensive side, and that’s even more true if you’ll be making the 3 payments. So while you’ll be getting a lot of content, and the ability to make money right away, not everyone will be able to buy into the course. Unfortunately, in this world, nothing is free so we kind of understand where Short and Mclees are coming from. While that price point may be high, they really do offer so much potential, so it’s a price point that we can live with.

When it comes to things we don’t like about the course, that’s seriously the only thing we could think of. There is just so much to like about this course, but we still wanted to make this an unbiased Niche Profit Fast Track review.

The verdict

Now that we’ve given you the full Niche Profit Fast Track review, we can really take a look at whether or not this course is worth it or not. Therefore, in this final section of our review, we’ll be giving you our verdict. If you’ve made it this far, don’t worry, you’ll definitely be happy to hear about our final thoughts.

Being created by Adam Short and Bobby Mclees, we know that this is a course that you can trust right away. These guys know what they’re doing, and have had great success, so success is something you can definitely expect to find within this course.

While the price may be a bit on the higher side, for what you’ll be getting (12 businesses ready to make you money), can you really complain about that deposit? You need to spend money to make money, and compared to other online courses, this course is an absolute steal price wise.

Therefore, our final consensus of this Niche Profit Fast Track review, is that this course is definitely one that you should look into. If you want to make money online, and want some help along the way, Adam Short and Bobby Mclees will help you generate the passive income you’re looking for.

Now that you know the facts, what’s holding you back? We hope you learned something from our Niche Profit Fast Track review today!

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