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Who is Chad Nicely And What Does His Upcoming System (LSC2) Entails?

You may have seen the hype around the powerful lead generation, and lead conversion tool called Lead Conversion Squared that is about to get launched. This software automates the process of generating and converting leads.

The brain behind this tool is Chad Nicely, although he is assisted by David Michaels. It is true that before you invest in a system that cost a considerable amount, you have to do a background check on its creators to know if they are legit or not.

If you are interested in learning more about Lead Conversion Squared, you must be looking for more information about Chad Nicely to help you decide if his tool is worth consideration or not.

So, who is Chad Nicely? In this post, we will discuss Chad Nicely, and his upcoming product launch that he is doing with David Michaels.

Is he legit? Let’s find out…


Born in 1976 in Santa Maria, California, Chad Nicely grew up in a hostile environment. He was raised by an abusive father, who found pleasure in seeing his kids in pain.

He often questioned his father why he was so mean to them, and all his father would say is that his dad too used to beat them, and so he was beating his kids so that they too can beat their own kids.

Chad never allowed this to sink into him- in fact, it motivated him to get into law-enforcement so that he can put his dad in jail. He took all his Administration of Justice classes and eventually joined the police academy.

He failed in his first attempt, but after his 2nd attempt, he graduated, but he could not stay in his job for long as he started working in an oilfield in his hometown.

It was at that time when working for that oilfield that he started looking at life from the business side of things.

He later started a web design company, White Peaks, LLC in 1999. It was tough for them to convince local businesses that they need an online presence because people are migrating to online platforms. However, the business started doing well, and this gave him the capital to venture into other businesses.

He set up two restaurants and a coffee shop and things were moving on well. However, after some time, things started going haywire due to mismanagement. Chad also started having fights with his fiancée, who was also his partner. At that time, they had a daughter called Katarina.

Everything came down real quick, and he even divorced his wife. After some time, she fought to win his girl heart back, and she finally won the battle. Today, he is a father of two girls, whom he loves so much. He opted to cut the chain of beating kids in his family. Chad has a partner called Jimena.

He is now a digital marketer and enjoys teaching and assisting marketers to become successful in what they do.

His upcoming product launch is expected to take the market by storm-the Lead Squared Generation is a tool, which Chad Nicely, together with David Michaels have created and is set to launch in September 28th 2020.

Let’s discuss some of the aspects of this tool so that you can learn a thing or two about this upcoming product launch.


Lead Conversion Squared, sometimes called LCS2, is a system that is designed to help businesses capture leads and convert them to customers.

One of the main problems many online businesses face is lack of enough leads. That’s why Chad Nicely saw it wise to help in this front.

The tool work by nurturing leads so that they can become loyal paying customers. In other words, this system is designed to help you turn cold traffic into hot leads by making it easier for you to send customized emails to them as well as offers that entice them to buy from you.

LCS2 can help anyone, including website owners, internet marketers, online starters, and many more as everyone online needs leads to make sales. Ideally, as an online marketer, you will want to convert as many leads as you can.

After all, this is how you make money. The whole intention behind Lead Squared Conversion is to help you increase the number of customers you get, no matter the niche you are in. And this system does this with the help of tools it comes with.


To help you understand how LSC Squared work, you will need to understand its component and how each will help businesses generate and convert leads. LSC2 is a 3-in-1 software- let’s look at each of these components;

Virtual Assistant

LCS Squared offers you a virtual assistant that will help you generate more leads. From the official website, this virtual assistant is trained and will help you generate 1,000 leads every month.

Think of this virtual assistant as your personal trainer. He will tell you all you need to know about where your leads are and the best way to capture them.

The Lead Magnet

In addition to the virtual assistant, you will also get a squeeze page creator. This will help you create landing pages that you can use to convert your traffic into leads, hopefully, convert them to customers.

While many businesses don’t focus much on their lead magnets, it is surprisingly powerful. When properly set, it can skyrocket the number of leads you generate.

On top of this, LSC2 will teach you how to send traffic to your lead magnets. It will teach you techniques to use that do not involve paying for ads. All the techniques taught in this system are proven to be effective. Chad and Michaels have used these exact techniques to build their online businesses.

CRM System

This is one of the main components of the LSC Squared. A CRM, also called Customer Relationship Management software, is meant to help you manage your leads. You will not need to set up your CRM as your virtual assistant will do most of the work for you.

The robust CRM software you get features a sales pipeline, an automated lead follow up, a text messaging follow-through, a powerful tagging system, and much more.

Once you gather leads, the CRM captures personalized information about the lead, including their gender, age, and location. With this information, you will be able to send personalized messages to your leads.

To convert leads, you will need to send personalized messages that they can relate to, that’s why capturing this information is important.

The CRM tells you all you need to know about your leads, and where they are in the sales funnel. With this information, you will know whether they need to be convinced to make a purchase or if you should give up on them.

With all these three components, you will be able to use Lead Conversion Squared to generate more leads, nurture them, and qualify them as customers.

Is Lead Squared Conversion Legit?

In this market where a lot of fake programs and tools are launched every day, one can be skeptical about whether or not to invest in this system.

However, looking at the creators of this system, Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels, we can say that this system looks very legit.

For instance, Chad Nicely has built his reputation online as a digital marketer. He wouldn’t want to ruin his reputation, which he has built for many years by creating a bogus system.

The tools and techniques provided in LCS2 can transform your business, increase your leads and conversion considerably.


Chad Nicely started his first company in 1999. He began by offering web design services to local business in Wyoming. He used the capital he gained from his first venture to set up two restaurants and a coffees shop, which he later closed down due to losses brought by mismanagement. Although this was short-lived, he learnt a lot from this failure.

He used the lessons he gained on marketing to set up an e-commerce related business. After ups and downs, he settled down as a digital marketer, and to date, he is teaching other marketers how to better manage businesses online.

What makes his courses and products unique is because they are created out of his own experience and skills. This means that everyone can gain something from them.

His upcoming product that he is doing with Daven Michaels called Lead Conversion Squared is set to be launched on September 28th 2020.

Lead Conversion Squared will revolutionize how businesses generate and convert leads. It is all shaped towards automating the process of attracting leads, engaging with them to establish trust, and converting them into customers. The LSC2 has all the tools a business need to generate and convert leads.

Marketers are hopeful that this tool will be of great help. You can get into this bandwagon by signing up for the 3-day MasterClass that is meant to showcase how this tool will be beneficial to you as a marketer or local business owner.

Check it out!


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