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When getting into Forex investing, knowing where to invest, what to look for, and how you should treat your investments is often somewhat of a mystery. Most of the people at the top are using extremely powerful software and personal methods to ensure that they make the best possible profits over time. However, most people don’t have the time or the money to enter the market in this way and instead need to slowly work their way up with lesser programs and investments that don’t always pay off. This is one of the things that Dow Jones Focus Group seeks to eliminate by helping new investors find a high level of profit within a very reasonable time frame.

The first thing that one notices when they start on the program is that it isn’t a get rich quick scheme. There are no promises that you will suddenly be making millions overnight, there are no calls for extra money after your initial investment, and there is no mandatory tiered system that you must complete before actually working within the focus group. Instead, the focus group works with you on how to invest, why to invest, and what you should do in the future as well.

This program is really a how to guide that helps you think like the pros instead of just following their trades and hoping it works. The program shows you the best possible strategies and helps you understand why you are doing things rather than just telling you to do things. This helps you build confidence and also allows them to get great feedback on their software. When you are confident in the investments you are making you will be able to truly keep a diverse portfolio that grows over time and helps you reach your financial goals.

equinox-softwareThe biggest goal for them is get feedback on their Equinox software so that they can continue improving it, can promote it to others out in the world, and so that they can ensure that their methods are still working. This means that they want you to succeed, they earn more by helping you make the right choices than they ever would by running some form of Ponzi scheme. They work within the world of binary options, which means they need to set themselves apart from all the other groups who make high handed claims without any proof.

One of the most interesting things about their focus group is their very realistic claims. Many companies who work in the realm of binary trading have a tendency to over state their results or their signal levels. Many claim that they can give you 100% results all the time, this is impossible as an ITM of 100% isn’t even achieved by the professionals. Instead, Dow Jones Focus Group offers ITM levels above 70%, usually above 80%, and helps you understand why investments fail when they do.

They also make it clear that each and every focus group could have different results, but they have a great track record and have been featured on websites such as Buzzfeed giving them a great track rate that should more than speak for itself. The program also doesn’t require that anyone have a specific level of knowledge or insider connections to make a profit. This is great when you are just starting out because most people aren’t going to have these connections or knowledge.

The focus group is conducted using the Equinox software that has been used by thousands of people from all walks of like to improve their financial situation. This software has no negative reviews, has been certified as legitimate by so many different companies, and has the highest levels of investor confidence on the market today.

So if you are looking for a program that will teach you how to invest, why to invest, and when to invest while automating the entire process, you should take a look at the Dow Jones Focus Group. With a limited number of spots available for the 2015 group you really don’t want to miss this opportunity. Not only does the group get you access to amazing software, it also helps you make industry connections that will push you farther than you would have ever thought possible. So apply today and begin trading with the big boys tomorrow.


I have been using the Equinox software for quite some time now and with great success as you can see from the screenshot below. In order to get access to the Equinox software you need to act today because  Jeffery Richards is closing the doors forever. You have nothing to lose it’s free…give it a try now or miss out forever on this goldmine.



Make sure you read the article below about  Forex Trading Tips For Bigger Profits. 

The market where trading in various foreign currencies takes place is known as the foreign exchange market. It is also commonly known as simply forex. It is a global market that allows traders to trade in various currencies in international markets. Here are some tips to help you to succeed in the forex market and become a successful trader.

One of the most important things for a beginner when it comes to trading in foreign exchange is to start small and use the money earned through trading to invest more. You may risk losing all the money in a bad trade if you invest too much of your money right from the beginning. You should invest money only after you have earned enough and are certain of your trading skills.

Needless to say, you need to understand the basics of forex trading as a beginner. Many people who simply start forex trading without understanding the basics end up losing all of their money. As a beginner, you should start slow and learn the basics before making significant investments in foreign exchange trading.

It is important that you practice on a demo program before opening a real money account. Practicing on a demo program will allow you to get a sense of the market but without any kind of risk. You should analyze your trading performance and move to real money trading only when you are comfortable with your trading skills.

It is important that you learn about various currency pairs that are generally traded in the forex market. Many people learn too much about a single currency pair and then trade only in that currency pair. Keep in mind that it’s not possible to predict the future when it comes to foreign currency and therefore, it is important that you learn about multiple currency pairs.

Practicing on a continuous basis will help you learn the inner workings of the market without putting actual money at risk. Internet is your friend and there are a number of very helpful tutorials that can teach you a lot about forex trading. It is important that you learn as much as you can before you start trading with real money.

One thing that separates successful traders from others is that they learn from their mistakes. You will also do yourself a favor by analyzing your trades and trying to determine the exact reasons for your losses as well as profits. Do not resist looking at your losing trades. Keep in mind that losing trades can teach you a lot as this analysis will prevent you from repeating the same mistakes.

Stop loss and protective stops are extremely important in forex trading and you will understand their importance once you have understood the basics. It is important that these are used in an effective manner. One helpful tip that is followed by many successful traders is to not have a protective stop on a round number. You should place protective stops below round numbers in case of long positions.

You should try to open a Dow Jones Focus Group  demo account with your chosen forex broker. As mentioned above, trading on a demo account will help you in learning about foreign exchange market. It will also help you learn technical analysis without putting any real money at risk. A demo account can also be used for testing various new trading strategies without any risk.

As is the case with various trading markets, you also need to explore new paths to succeed in Dow Jones Focus Group trading. Your needs will keep changing with trading experience. You should also change your plan according to changes in your financial situation.

You should never get out when you are ahead. However, you should have an exit strategy and it will help you in avoiding any impulsive decisions.

Overall, foreign exchange trading market refers to trading of various currencies all around the world. The above mentioned tips will not only help you in becoming a successful forex trader as a beginner but will allow you to become successful and create your own techniques that will help you in maximizing your success and profits.

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