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Andrew Fox: The Man, The Myth, The Marketer

Andrew is a United Kingdom native who is best known as a renowned affiliate marketer and app developer. Throughout his impeccable career he has created several products that have allowed individuals to find success with their online marketing abilities. While he has created several popular software solutions, some of the most popular have included:


Zapable is an incredibly easy to use software that allows individuals to create mobile applications from scratch built to your own specifications. It was designed with several features that make it suitable for a wide range of businesses and niches, many of which required unique designs to target their specific market.

One of the primary advantages of using this incredible software builder from Andrew Fox was a custom design module, which allowed users to create a specific layout for the app. An example this would be the ability to install display videos, icons or articles at the header of the website depending upon the type of product or service your marketing. In addition, it was possible to display the common functions such as services, products or even categories that were offered.

Zapable’s interface was designed through a modern widget system that allowed the process of designing and app a simple series of dragging and dropping slides to create the specific look your desired. A few of the other exciting features that Andrew placed within this included:

1) The ability to create a specific directory for industries such as real estate and tourism as well as others. It was possible to create a location finder, social interaction portal, as well as a listing page directly within the website. In addition, the location binder was able to be customized to include multiple sites where visitors were able to find listings based upon your proximity.

2) Various e-commerce applications could be added to the website. Andrew created Zapable with the ability to offer various shopping features such as Amazon, iTunes, Shopify, as well as a custom catalog that could be added to the website.

WP Scope

WP Scope is a note creation of Andrew Fox that was developed as a WordPress plug-in that used the Periscope video streaming app to publish content while generating leads and sales for marketers. Andrew designed this in an effort to help his promoters tap directly into their niche market, thereby increasing traffic from a source that many competitors were simply not using.

Through the use of not use WP Scope, it was possible to get a consistent stream of social media traffic from Periscope, a popular video marketing tool that is owned by Twitter. With the use of Andrews WP Scope, it allowed marketers to earn decent profit by leveraging the most popular video content that was available on the internet. In fact, WP Scope was designed as the first piece of software that exclusively used periscope in the form of a pre-programed video profit system. A few of the main features of the app included:

1) The ability to offer an unlimited amount of videos that were only available on your website.

2) The entire process was completely automated once it was set up.

3) The app was completely compatible with every conceivable market niche.

4) WP Scope offer lifetime support and updates

5) All updates could be completed with a single click.

6) The program featured step-by-step instructions as well as a complete series of tutorial videos.

In conclusion, Andrew Fox’s WP Scope plug-in offered its users free ways to create profit online through the use of automated content creation, video and viral traffic.

Personal Beliefs:

For those who are interested in beginning a career in the tech world, Andrew’s that it is essential to network and find a group of peers and mentors will help you find success in your journey. One of the greatest influences in his life has been Com Mirza, a software guru that he was introduced to at a tech event by his good friend, Dave Mizrachi.

After the event, the two would connect through Facebook and built a solid relationship, where Com Mirza, and that he saw much potential in Fox and believed he would go far in his career. Com Mirza would eventually invite Andrew to Dubai to attend his preliminary Billion Dollar Mastermind conference, solidifying their friendship for the years to come.

Throughout the years, Com has invested a lot of time and resources into Andrew’s projects and vice versa. This is one of the primary reasons why Andrew believes that all individuals need to attend events and conferences where they can meet with like-minded people to help expand their network and find new opportunities.

In addition, Andrew Fox believes that all software developers need to begin with a prototype before they launch their main product to help determine the response from the market and plan accordingly to the reception. He believes that a product does not have to be 100% for it to work. In fact, the market will tell you whether it is going to be popular depending upon your response you get from the consumers.

In addition, by launching a prototype first is going to prevent you from delivering an outdated product that is not going to help serve its potential users. It has become common practice where developers launch software products with out involving consumers in the process and then try to figure out how to sell the same app to them.

As opposed to creating one large big business plan in place and all of your capital and resources into a, Andrew has recommended that you use some of your existing asset to create a prototype software and presell early enough without placing yourself in too much risk.


While Andrew devotes a lot of time to his career, he has a deep love for luxury cars and has described himself as a petrol head. He has owned some of the most incredible vehicles available including McLarens, Ferraris, Porsches with his favorite car being the Porsche GT3. He has stated that this is his favorite driver’s car and loves the noise that it produces.

Andrew has laid several hints that he may launch a mastermind card and that is going to be exciting and should attract others like him in large numbers.

Andrew fully believes that a luxury car should be enjoyed first and foremost on the road as opposed to sitting in a garage gathering dust.

So, as we look back, who exactly is Andrew Fox? He is a renowned expert in affiliate marketing and app development who has created several popular products over the years. On November 6, Andrew will be releasing a new marketing app known as Mobile Agency Apps.  You can check out my Mobile Agency Apps Review page for more info on this upcoming product.

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