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Notification January 2019:

Aidan and Steve are launching another huge Coaching Program that teaches a business model that can generate super fast income and allow the guys that will put it to use to make full time living working only from home. The Coaching Program is Called Parallel Profits and will be launched on January 29th 2019 you can read  here my Parallel Profits Review and walk-through.

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Product: 100k Factory Revolution 
Product Creators: Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton
Price Point: 1 payment of $2497 (or 3 payments of $997)
Our Opinion: 100% Recommended 
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On 5th of April 2016 Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton Launched 1ook Factory Revolution edition. Below you will find the unbiased review I wrote about it.

How To Reach $8K A Month With The 100k Factory

A while back the 100K Factory hit the market and shook up the scene. A large group of business owners started raking in large sums of cash thanks to two guys, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. The 100K Factory was a game changer for a lot of people. They went from struggling to keep their website alive to living out all of their hopes and dreams.

Most of those people are still earning a substantial income from the websites they built using the 100k Factory system. However, Aidan and Steve realized they could do even better. They put their brains together once again and have recently released the 100k Factory Revolution.

Just in case you don’t know, the 100k Factory is a combination of a few different things. First, it’s a learning experience. You’ll attend an online training course to learn how to build a website that can generate $100k a year. There are also live webinars, coaching sessions, and workshops to ensure you get everything correct. You are then provided with a sort of “blueprint” and suite of software tools to help you create that website.

The Revolution is similar to the original version in some of the core principles but different in its methods of execution and income generation. The goal of the Revolution  is still the same as the original version: earn $100k a year after a 2 month training period. These might seem like an impossible dream, but so many have already made it a reality with the old system and many are close to making it a reality with the new system.

A Multi-Use System.

The new edition focuses on generating income by selling real products from your website. You’ll set up an eCommerce store, which some of you are probably familiar with. That’s where the similarities will end, though. The workings of this eCommerce system are different from any other. Its unique system of obtaining, promoting, and selling goods is what helps you reach that 100k a year goal.

One of the great things about the system is that isn’t a “one-off” platform. You can use it time and time again, without paying for it more than once. You can even apply everything or some of what you’ve learned to your own sites. Create a website, reach the 60-day benchmark, and then start again. In this way you can easily double, triple, or even quadruple that $100k a year income.

As with the original system, scalability is an important factor. $100k is a given, but it’s more of a minimum than a real goal for most. Some students have made more than $100k in only their first month of learning and implementing the program.

The system is multi-use as well as multi-phase. The learning process is broken down into three key phases that are each covered in-depth over the course of fourteen weeks. Aidan and Steve will personally demonstrate and explain how the system works and how to create your own automated profit machine.

What Is The 100k Code?

Let’s look at the three key phases of the learning process. The learning process is referred to as “The 100k Code”. The goal is to walk you carefully through every step of the process so that at the end of the 14 weeks you are ready to start generating at least $8k a month or $100k a year.


Learn To Sell Products.

The first phase is learning how to sell physical products. This is one area where the new system differs greatly from the old. That doesn’t mean you have to invest money in buying, storing, or even shipping products. Much of the profit on your websites will come from leveraging physical products through eCommerce sites with high conversion rates.

The secret to avoiding expenses is the implementation of dropshipping from China. You won’t have to pay a dime to store, ship, or purchase the physical products. It’s a no-risk scenario that ends with money in your bank account.

Learn To Generate Traffic.

You need traffic to fuel your sales. The first system focused heavily on automated traffic generation and you can expect some of the same great information in this update as well. The creators focus on creating affordable adds that generate nearly-instant traffic with very high conversion rates.

So, not only do you generate lots of traffic, but many of those people are going to be converted into paying customers. How to accomplish this is covered in the second portion of the training program.

Learn To Expand.

The final stage is learning to expand your website, business, and your profits. $100k a year is generated using only four products, one website, and a few hours of work each week. Imagine how much you could make if you scaled that up. If you put in eight products, two websites, or worked twice as many hours you could easily double your profits.

Why stop at $100k a year when there are already students earning ten times that amount? With only four products you need to generate $66 a day from each product, which is usually only 2 sales a day depending on the product.

Selling only 2 products a day is going to be too simple once you’ve learned everything the training program has to offer. You’ll be eager to crank that number up to 4, 6, 8, or even more. The system is extremely easy to scale with a little effort.

In addition to the live training program described above, the 100k Code includes instructional PDF manuals, planning kits, and a live support system that is managed by the creators.

Made Easy With The Command Center.

All of the hard work is managed through the Command Center. The creators of the 100k Factory spent more than $30k building this digital command center. It allows you to instantly create and activate push-button websites.

You can also use it to identify products with a high profit potential. The command center provides you with real-time details and statistics around the clock. You’ll use it quite frequently to build, launch, or optimize your websites.

A Suite Of Custom Tools.

It was mentioned that the program comes with a powerful set of custom tools. These are collectively referred to as the 100k Converter. These tools are primarily designed for acquiring customers and automating traffic generation.

Traffic is important, but it doesn’t mean as much if some of that traffic isn’t converted into paying customers. These tools are designed to attract traffic that becomes leads and leads that become buyers. All of these tools were designed and tested specifically for this program. They all work and they make reaching that $100k goal much easier.

A 12 Week Case Study.

You also get the opportunity to see Aidan and Steve implement this strategy themselves to build a working website that generates $8k a month. In a module referred to as “The Case-Study”, they provide you with weekly videos and workshops as demonstrating the creation of a working business model and website step-by-step.

Not a single detail is left off of the camera. Every moment is filmed and then documented. You can return and watch the videos over and over again until you are confident with your own abilities.

Continue Learning From The Coaching Center.

Your learning doesn’t end when the 14 weeks has ended. Your membership gains you access to a support system called the Coaching Center. You can have your site evaluated, ask important questions, and learn how to overcome obstacles that might be holding you back.

More About The Creators.

One final topic to consider is the people who created this program: Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. They both bring their own unique talent and years of success to the table. They are also laying their reputation on this very same table. That’s why they are determined to build a system that works every time and without fault.aidan-and-steve

Steve Clayton is a former Vice President of a major Fortune 500 co
mpany. He has already created quite a few successful marketing tools and programs, but none of them have been as capable and wildly successful as the 100k Factory. A couple of his other products include Commission Blueprint and Niche Blueprint.

Aidan Booth is a celebrated internet marketer from New Zealand. Aidan Booth got started with internet marketing as a necessity to survive in a new country. He was able to learn how things worked and start turning a profit after a relatively short time. The world of online marketing seemed to come naturally to him.

Before long, Aidan Booth was turning out websites left and right. At one time he had more than 1500 websites generating him some sort of profit. All of that experience has helped him gain a wealth of knowledge; knowledge that he is willing to share with you in the 100K Factory training program.

Is It Right For You?

The Factory is not going to be right for everyone. You have to be willing to listen, observe, learn, and trust the teachers. If you can do this, then you can start earning, at least, $8k a month with minimal work.




…End of the review

If you want you can read more about Internet marketing in the article below

Internet marketing is very important when it comes to online businesses. As such, through this article, you will get to know everything there is to know about internet marketing. In this article, we are going to mention only proven tips. We are going to talk about each tip in broad, making it easy for anyone to understand and apply. Through these techniques, you will get the opportunity to improve your marketing techniques.

1. Social Media Marketing

In order to get the most out of your marketing, you have to consider taking advantage of social media. Try to market your business on Twitter and Facebook. Social media is a fantastic tool as it allows you to upgrade your online presence and communication. The best thing about some of these social media platforms is free, which reduces marketing costs.

Social media is a perfect way to keep in touch with your loyal customers. It can also be used take business related statistics, promotions, business updates and attracting new customers.

2. Addressing Your Visitor’s Fear Of Internet Purchase

The fact of the matter is that a majority of first time visitors tend to be afraid purchasing an item from a website for the first time. As such, it is very important to make sure that you address your visitor’s fear of internet purchasing. This can be achieved by having your long and existing users taking picture of products bought (while holding them) from your website. This is a great way to create trust with new user.

3. Brand Awareness Campaign And Presentation

It is very important to represent your business very well if you are marketing a product or service online. Remember that your website is the front face of your business online. Therefore, when potential customers land on your page, they should find it easy to negotiate through your website and locate what they are looking for. At the same time, you should be able to fulfill their needs.

4. Avoid Looking At Your Website’s Ranking

When it comes to internet marketing, it is very important to avoid looking at your ranking. This is because research has proven those internet marketers who constantly look at their website’s ranking end up being discouraged or concentrating more on raking the website better rather than marketing the business. Therefore, it is important to first concentrate on the work and then look at the results later (after few months).

5. The Level Of Content

The first thing a visitor look at when they visit a website is the content and the level of them. Quality contents create a perception of a great and organized website. It is advisable to have average quality content rather than having fillers, which simply repeats your keywords repeatedly but saying nothing. It is important to put your efforts on content quality of your website and/or products/services for better results.

Ensure each content is civil, direct to the point and reflects your company. Do not be little any product even that of your competitors, as your goal should be maintaining reputation in order to increase sales and traffic.

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