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adam-short-picThe creators behind Niche Profit Full Control are Bobby Mcless and Adam Short. Credited with yet another successful program, the Niche Profit Classroom, the duo are quite renowned in the internet marketing circles. These and much more products by the same creators have forked over 32,000 individuals over time. All these products are very successful and highly adored by many buyers.

There are a few things that separate these creators from other self-proclaimed internet marketing gurus. For instance, these two individuals have lots of experience generating income online with their original ideas. You’re likely to find that most of the gurus repeat the same topics over and over again but the same can’t be said for these 2 individuals.

A Review Of Niche Full Profit Control

If you comb through various internet marketing products on the internet, you will come to the conclusion that they offer incomplete training sessions to beginners, especially most of whom lack the relevant technical skills. Beginners without these technical skills don’t have the ability to make any money online and incomplete training doesn’t provide any benefits either. As a result, the whole industry has been tainted.

Well, you can rest assured that the new product is completely different. For instance, it’s a complete package with everything required to commence and successfully grow an online venture. The creators share a few case studies that have helped former students gather enough success in their endeavors.

The creators also share their own websites including a new website that’s already making lots of waves by using the same strategies advocated by the program to make at least 5 figures each month. The program is very trustworthy because the creators reveal strategies they have personally used to successfully make money online.



NPFC has been divided into 2 different phases. The creators understand that creating an online business requires different types of training compared to that required for a normal or an already existing business.

The first phase is completely focused on helping beginners with the process of setting up their online business. Here, students get enough training that allows them to earn as much as $10,000 each month through the promotion of affiliate products. The training includes all the important aspects such as building landing pages, creating amazing websites and enticing sales pages. Phase one provides you with every information necessary to help you start a new online business from scratch.

The second phase focuses on teaching students how to increase the profits from their business from thousands to millions of dollars each month. Here, the program teaches students how to make more waves with affiliate businesses as well as creating a product thereby making more money. From the program, you can learn how to improve your business through using techniques such as reverse engineering, advanced traffic strategies, membership websites, product bundles and much more.

What Are The Contents Of The NPFC Program? Some of the components of the program include the following.

Core Training

The program has a core training module that’s spread over 8 weeks and into 8 separate modules. The program can be conducted through a webinar where the creators are available online to answer any questions from their students through a live stream. The creators and their assisting teams guide the students through the program allowing them to dive deeper into the topics as well as discuss any issues they might have concerning the program.

During the 8 weeks, the training modules are expected to cover niche selection, training on creating a production as well as sales funnels, setting up an effective selling machine, the importance of testing such as conversion testing, profit maximization, traffic maximization, content publishing and a final wrap of all the 7 modules mentioned above. Well, that’s just the start since the program also includes numerous other issues as listed.

First, there are a few case studies and various templates that the students can use effectively. Secondly, the students have access to at least 6 different types of software which will be described further in detail. Buyers also get access to a personal swipe file of one of the creators, Adam short. Finally, there is a video training course presented by Adam short which dwells on setting goals and proper time management.

Access To A Private Community Forum

There are many self-proclaimed internet gurus who don’t provide their students with timely support leaving them to seek their own paths without a clue about anything. If a student doesn’t have enough support, he/she will most likely be dissatisfied and eventually might end up quitting on the product in question. Thanks to this program, students can receive support in a few ways.

First, buyers are given access to a forum for members only. Here, the creators together with their team provide guidance and support to all the students. If you gain access to this forum, you have the ability to discuss issues with other students and get exceptional guidance from Adam Short and all of his team members.

‘Done For You’ Business

This is yet another important component of the program. As mentioned earlier, most students have a hard time starting anything. That’s why the importance of niche businesses can’t be underestimated at this point. Niche businesses usually have landing pages, product information, sales pages and high quality auto responder sequence as well as many other things. With these few items, students can use them effectively and start making money right away. Therefore, since all the grunt work is already completed, the students are usually off to a good start.

As mentioned above, the package includes everything the students need to start making money. Therefore, they can start selling the products immediately or create their own models of products for the system. If you have seen a successful product as well as an effective sales funnel, it’s very easy to create your own.

Some of the niches that are featured in the package include fat loss for women, stress management, survival training, save your marriage, neuro linguistic programming, build muscle fast, penny stock trading as well as the real secrets of men.

All the packages also come with 20 very high quality articles that can be used on any website for content marketing purposes. There is also a highly converting opt-in page, high quality sales letter as well as 2 high quality reports that are available freely allowing the student to create their own customized subscription list. There is also a complete auto responder sequence which includes emails (both selling and informational) for providing the subscribers with value. Remember, each of the businesses mentioned have been selected purposely because of the million dollar profit potential they each possess.

  • Software Found In The Program

The program provides every student with 6 very powerful software tools. These are used to create a very profitable online business very fast.

First, there is the Market Feeder which allows you to find the hottest and most popular products in Clickbank. If you are updated on the internet marketing world, you should be aware that Clickbank is currently one of the largest affiliate marketplaces on the internet. Over the years, the site has gathered over one billion dollar affiliates. Using this product, you can carefully analyze the marketplace and choose the hottest products to promote.


Secondly, there is the Market Analyzer tool. Using this tool, you can understand the various indicators in the market and get an overall score that helps you chose the right niche to promote.

It’s important to understand that choosing the right product to promote is the first step in creating a successful online empire. There are many people who make lots of losses before they eventually discover the right product and start making money. Using these software tools, you can find the most popular products to promote very fast.


Competition Profiler is the third rule. Using it, you can analyze your competitors’ websites as well as their sales funnels and get enough access to competing performance data. With this data, you can successfully improve your internet marketing campaigns.


Number 4 in the software package list is the Niche Profit Press. Using this tool, you can create very high quality pages in a few minutes. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can create webinar pages, sales pages, squeeze pages and any relevant pages. Even better, you can enjoy using the fully customizable templates. So, it’s irrelevant whether you understand CSS, HTML or Javascript because using this software tool, you can create very high quality sales and landing pages.


Traffic Advantage is the fifth software tool available in the package. Internet marketing has been completely changed through social media. Using different social media platforms, you can deliver targeted traffic to your service/product. Using this software tool, you can redirect all the traffic coming from your social media to your sales funnel effortlessly.


You can also get access to Social Leads Builder, yet another list building program. Using this tool, you can add subscribers to your email list very fast. You can do that by motivating people to join your email list from different social networks including Facebook, Twitter, forums and blogs.


The Bottom Line

In summary, there are many things that make NPFC more popular than other internet marketing programs available today. For instance, the creators run their own websites successfully and make a lot of money from doing so. They have successfully launched products in the market for the last 6 or 7 years. They have garnered amazing reputation especially because their products are of very high quality and offered at very affordable prices.

The Niche Profit Full Control program has everything a beginner needs to successfully build an online program from scratch. It’s irrelevant whether you have the needed skills or not because you can use the available software tools to create and launch your own product. There is in-depth training that covers various case studies as well as the creators’ personal experiences.

There are also webinars that offer Question and Answer sections where beginners can interact with the creators directly. Therefore, if you have been in search of a complete program that allows you to create your own business and gets you access to everything required to successfully launching that business, you should definitely try out this particular program. Enjoy all the benefits and join the elite internet marketers by ordering this amazing program today.



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