All There Is To know About Publish Academy And Why It Is A Good Idea To Invest In It

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ANIKS-FREE-BOOKWith everything moving online, more and more people are trying to carve out a niche for themselves and at the same time, earn a profit from their efforts. In this regard, internet marketing has caught on, even to the furthest corners of the world.

The world is experiencing tremendous development with regard to internet marketing. The interest in this field is growing by the day, and participant are growing in numbers with each passing dawn. This growth is indicative of the amount of potential internet marketing has, especially when the topic of interest is wealth creation and driving up sales. There seemingly is no limit to what internet marketing can achieve.

Many people have recognized this and in an effort to learn about internet marketing, they have invested a great deal of money, time and energy in internet marketing course. However, a common phenomenon among such people is that they end up disappointed. The courses they invest in do not yield the desired results.

However, one course that has received rave reviews over time is the Publish Academy. Originally going by the name Profit Academy, it is a ‘school’ that takes individuals with no marketing experience and knowledge whatsoever and turns them into internet marketing gurus. As an organization, it was established and is run by Anik Singal, an internet marketing guru and genius
himself with loads practical experience.


The main offering of his organization is a 13 module course. The guide is not just another regular e-book with vague instructions and somewhat half-baked advice. No! This particular course is designed to guide every individual, regardless of their experience in internet marketing, and give them the knowledge and skill required to succeed and flourish. In particular, the course is meant to enhance your ability to create a product, market the product and get traffic flowing to your website.

What sets this course apart (and quite frankly the reason you should invest in it) is the interaction that exists between the ‘students’ and the tutors. The student has access to a great deal of support through weekly training sessions, expert internet marketers as coaches, and Q&A sessions as part of the training.

The best way to give you a rough idea of the how rigorous and comprehensive the training is, here is a break down to the course.

Module 1: The Introduction Module

This module is designed to demystify internet marketing. Many of us have an idea of what internet marketing is, but not many are privy to the intricate details of the subject. As such, the introduction module answers the fundamental question of what internet marketing is. In this module, you also get to learn about the steps involved in launching your business and has case study synopsis for the student to study. It also has delves into the resources you have and how to use them.

During this module, the students also have access to one-on-one coaches whenever they find matters getting difficult.

Module 2: Writing Killer Emails

In this part of the training, students are taught the art of email writing for online marketing purposes. As a student, you are taught about the tricks, and tips for writing emails, the different kind of emails and how to balance promotional content. Students are also taught on the best practises of finding good affiliate programs and the D.O.C focus.

Module 3: Case Study In Details

This part of the training entail and in-depth look into the different kinds of email with particular emphasis on balancing content with promotions.

Module 4: Getting Traffic

At this point of the training, the students are equipped with the basics of online marketing. They are thus trained in the different ways and methods of getting traffic. For instance, they are taught about free traffic that results from SEOs, forums and Kindle publishing. They are also taught on investment traffic such as Solo Ads and social network marketing (for example, Facebook marketing).

Module 5: Promoting Launches & Creating Big Pay Days

This module entails delving into case studies, namely, ‘How I’ve made $1m from promotion’, ‘how I promote webinar series’ and ‘how I promote regular launches’.

Module 6: Now What

In this module, the coaches take the students through what they have learned and rework the business model for them.

Module 7: Researching Niches

This module focuses efforts on market researching. It also focuses on the various aspect of the product such as types of product, product idea and naming your product.

Module 8: Building Your 5X Funnel

This module explains what funnels are, how they work as well as providing mathematical explanations of how they work.

Module 9: Creating Bonuses For Conversion

This module has examples with which the student get to interact with.

Modules 10 to 13 teach students on the various aspect of product creation, creating sales material and launching the product.

Why You Should Invest In It

This step by step process of learning gives students a chance to understand vividly the various steps and the reason as to why each step is done. As such the guide is suited for people with any level of expertise, especially the novice internet marketers.

You should also consider investing in Publish Academy as the opportunity for internet marketing are tremendous. The cost implications of investing in this course can be easily offset in a matter of months after completion of the course (of course depending on your dedication).

With regards as to why you invest in Publish Academy specifically, they have crafted their program specifically to meet the needs of all levels of experience. In addition, the expansive support structure that they have developed comes in handy when it comes to practically conducting internet marketing.

Finally, you should invest in Publish Academy since what they teach is what they practice. Every aspect of the course is derived from what they have been doing in the last 12 years. This is to say that their methods are proven to produce astonishing results.

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