Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review


The Inbox Blueprint 2.0 is a comprehensive business model that Anik Singal has developed. It is an internet marketing course that has been especially designed for beginners. It provides step-by-step lessons on how to use email subscriptions for building a successful and profitable online marketing business. Anik Singal is a highly respected name within the internet marketing industry. If you are an affiliate marketer, or are attempting to become one, you most likely recognize his name. He is the person behind some of the most popular IM and personal development products.

This is just of the many products from Anik, where he teaches procedural techniques for how an email subscribers list can be established. The Inbox Blueprint 2.0 course assumes that every subscriber’s email address is equivalent to one dollar, which indicates the potential income that can be made. When teaching learners, both video tutorials and written lessons are used.

Background Information On The Man Behind Inbox Blueprint 2.0

anik-singalThe online marketer Anik Singal has been part of the internet marketing industry for more than 10 years. He also wrote a book entitled ‘the Circle of Profit,’ and has released an internet marketing training course as well. Email marketing has earned him a great fortune, and he has trained more than 100,000 students online. It is said that Anik came from humble beginnings before he established his online entrepreneurial empire. His Fortune 500 company has earned a sizeable income for home through its online sales. At some point in Anik’s career he was able to successfully overcome $1.7 million in debt via internet marketing. In 2005, he earned $12 million.

Several television networks have featured his success story, including CNN. He has also twice been mentioned by Inc. 500 as one of the top 3 young entrepreneurs, as well as by Business Week. Many of the success online marketing ventures of Anik’s can be linked to the generous help he provides to people and his comprehensive training initiatives. He has helped numerous regular people achieve a steady income from their email marketing efforts, particularly in this program’s first version – Inbox Blueprint 1.0.

What Is Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Exactly?

This training course is easy to follow. It was specifically developed for beginners who would like to improve their chances or start to become successful with internet marketing. The program discusses how the power of email marketing can be tapped into in order to obtain the best results and make money online through simply emailing individuals. Anik Singal says when he developed his Inbox Blueprint 2.0 course, he kept in mind that the money is in the list.

Most successful internet marketers, in fact, become successful via their email lists. It can give you some kind of guarantee that his program can help you achieve the results you desire. Proven procedures are featured in Inbox Blueprint 2.0 with the goal of building a successful online business all from scratch.

How Much Does It Cost?

The initial investment for the course begin at $1,497, and 3 separate payments can be made to pay for it.

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 course: 8 Steps

1. Addiction Meter

The addiction meter is the first step in the modules. The student is basically introduced to a couple of recommendations regarding the niche they can pick to become successful with email marketing. It gives them various options for picking a good niche, since not every niche works well with email marketing.

Without an email subscription list, an initial capital investment is required for building an online business. It can be very detrimental for investors targeting niches where the market doesn’t need their products. The ideal niches, in this case, are ones that have products with high demand. Essentially the addiction meter guides students through several websites which are excellent resources for choosing relevant products for a specific niche, and the various ways that money can be earned online.

2. The Bait

The student is shown in this step how an opt-in page can be built, data collected from email subscribers, different design techniques, in addition to valuable information that can be shared with email subscribers. The following is covered in this step:

– Opt-in pages defined
– How to design an opt-in page
– Data that needs to be collected
– The difference between double and single opt-ins
– How your opt-in pages should be worded to achieve the best results

3. TYP Method

In this step you are taught how to design a marketing “thank you page” that is displayed after prospective customers subscribe to an email list. It emphasizes what strategies can be used with your “thank you pages” as well as how to acquire the Clickbank thank you page. You will learn the following:

– The best technique to use for your thank you pages
– How to apply for the thank you page from Clickbank

4. Email Machine

In this step, the major topic is the automatic responder service. The email machine will respond to subscribers on an email list promptly. One o the major benefits is allowing the marketer to set up daily automatic emails to subscriber or ad-hoc emails. The automatic responder service does have recurring costs that the marketer must pay. You will learn the following:

– Autoresponders introduction
– GetResponse
– Aweber
– Icontact
– Tracking your clicks

5. Email List Relationship

This step focuses on the internet marketer establishing a good working relationship with their email subscribers. It needs to be a relationship that is grounded in and built on trust, in addition to promoting a service that subscribers find to be valuable.

– 3 rules that should be followed and how your strategy should be planned
– How to build strong relationships with your subscribers
– How to write emails announcing big product launches
– How to write excellent sales oriented emails
– How to provide your subscribers with valuable content

6. Payday Secrets

In this step, the student is taught how the email subscription list can be transformed into money. It basically shows the numerous ways that a genuine product can be created in their niche, in addition to how their earnings can be increased, and how other affiliate marketing programs can be used for promoting their income.

– Monetizing your list and building relationships
– Creating your own product and offering it to the market

7. Easy Traffic

In this segment the student will learn how organic traffic can be generated or a marketer’s opt-in page, through commenting on relevant blogs, forums, Yahoo answers, social media sites, free advertising, guest blogging, paid advertising and forums.

8. Unlimited Success

This training module’s final step shows the catch to maintaining an online business. It provides the student with important metrics that must be watched closely, as well as improving email open rates, increasing the number of conversations with subscribers, boosting email deliverability and ensuring that emails are deliver to and read by subscribers.

The Programs’s Pros And Cons


– Inbox Blue 2.0 provides valuable information and fairly good comprehensive training.
– The initial purchase and membership payment usually have 60-day money back guarantees. This can come in handy if the student isn’t satisfied.
– Well designed opt-in pages are offered by the program, which offer betters odds of obtaining more subscriptions for the page.
– The webinars and videos used in the training enhance how easy it is to understand the course.
– Due to the utilization of subject lines, power words and swipes files not is much effort is required for writing effective emails.


– Article directions within the modern learning settings may be quite ineffective
– For most people wanting to start an online business, the initial investment might be too overpriced or expensive.
– Training might be very complex and overwhelming, particularly for beginners and those without any internet marketing knowledge.
– Students are encouraged by the program to use PLR (Private Label Rights) content, which might directly violate the ranking rules of Google.
– In some modules there is not comprehensive and detailed information on internet and email marketing.

Final Thoughts

Building an email subscription list is among the best ways of building your online business and reaping its rewards. However, like any other kind of business, it will definitely take time, and might not be quite as easy as is described by Anik Singal. Building your business is definitely a step by step process. Although it is easy to recommend Index Blueprint 2.0, it is worth noting that it isn’t a program that has been designed for beginners. Instead it is geared toward individuals with a couple years of experience working with internet marketing, and who at least have made some profit in the field, and are wanting to expand on their email marketing knowledge.



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