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When you read the title, some of you might be thinking that you heard about this name somewhere. is an internet marketing blog which is handled by Aidan Booth himself. He provides a lot of useful information and advice on internet marketing and even gives coaching classes for starups. He is involved in a diverse business on the internet by making websites for niche sites or eCommerce stores and also offering other services for promotion and marketing on the website.

Here are Aidan Booth top marketing products and services offered by the whole team


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100k Factory

100k Factory was launched in 2017. This revolution was an internet marketing system which could be used for building a huge revenue system for business. It was training, as well as a kit which enabled companies to build a $100k per year profit scheme.

100k Factory was an extremely simple and easy to use tool which worked with the combination of just 4 easy websites, using Facebook Ads and Amazon. This is a whole training course which covered numerous internet marketing disciplines, which users were taught about. The users could also use the Software to generate income from several avenues and sources.

We all know that there is a huge competition on the internet market. This training also taught about how to get traffic in just a short amount of time, from viral sources, thus, eliminating the concerns for any kind of risk or even about the competition.

7 Figure Cycle

7 Figure Cycle was launched in 2018. It is a 7 step compounding system used by business developers to earn more revenue and profits. With the help of this course and even the software, users were able to identify suppliers from a huge database, find the best selling product, and also selecting the final product. After this process has been done, users were taught to keep the shipment ready and send over the product to Amazon. Once the users started selling their products, they could earn 50% profit and get paid at the same time. The whole process could be repeated to guarantee profits to any company holder.

This is worth noting that a number of students invested in this training module and tried this out. The results were amazing and they were able to earn a profit without a website, and didn’t even have to wait for weeks before their products were sold in the market.


BlackBird is another of Aiden’s marketing tools and software. It is an Amazon Business Software which kept a check on the business of the user. The tool uses modern technology and algorithm that allows business users to achieve and check a number of things like emailing customers to receive 5 star reviews and tracking product sales, reviews, pricing and even ranking on Amazon.

Other than this, BlackBird technology also spies on your competitors to gain intel about their results on the eCommerce platform. The software can assist users to search the whole Amazon marketplace for the best new opportunities. At the end of all of it, the tool analyzes the on-page performance of your product page titles, business and also images, letting business developers know about their progress and flaws. In the analysis itself, the tool can help users to know about the most ranked keywords, and also price points and revenue impacts.

Parallel Profits

Parallel Profits is an upcoming project and tool by Aiden Booth and Steven Clayton, which is set to release in 2019, starting from 23rd January. For the ones who are waiting for this opportunity, the cart is set to open on 29th January and will close on 7th February. As anticipated, it is obviously one of the biggest revenue and profit earning technology offered in the market.

For now, the details of the product have still not been released, but it is going to be out soon before the launch. If you are among the ones who cannot wait, then keep checking Parallel Profits Review page for  updates.


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