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publish-academy-anik-singalAnik Singal is a groundbreaking internet marketer, entrepreneur and film maker who you might have come across at one point or another. He discovered the secret behind exploiting the internet magnificently and as a result shaped an empire for himself. Though he is in his mid-twenties he has made a wave on the online scene. Countless people have benefited by learning how to use internet marketing using affiliate programs therefore reaching their financial goals.

His company started in a college dorm but this did not stop it from growing into becoming a successful web based company worth several million dollars. He had sign up in college as a pre-med student but changed his major once he realized he could make money off the internet. The fact that his family had no preceding involvement in business did not halt him from making a name in the business sector. Attaining individual accomplishment is one of his objectives. To complement this he also would like for each person in the world to have the identical chance to achieve their dreams. He comprehended that most people do not realize their dreamed owing to economic constraints. This, in most cases, makes them dejected and/ or become habituated to alcohol and drugs. Singal endeavors to offer a platform for people to accomplish their visions and wishes by acquisition of financial liberty. He completes this by training them on how to make money online as he does.

According to him, hard work and commitment is what made his company what it is today. After the success of classroom affiliations he has dedicated himself to an extensive series of projects. These are comprehensive of fashioning an account to enable University of Maryland apprentices start their own trades; he has also produced and stared in Lethal Commission which is a tech-themed action film filmed in India; he also established, a website that aids individuals combat and overwhelm their destitution.

Anik singal has an extensive variety of products and new business. These are inclusive of List Academy: Inbox Blueprint 2.0, Profit Academy, Future of Wealth, IM target, Empire Formula, IM lobby and finally Affiliate classroom. Blueprint 2.0 is a bit by bit sequence that is intended to communicate potential dealers how to save money and upsurge their spread through email advertising. The course was stimulated by his spell of botch, where he lost all his affluence but recovered it through operative use of the email. The email is an excellent marketing process for businesspersons with little startup assets. The email allows one to mark specific customers and trail their acquisition at little cost and on worldwide scale at large. The course is intended to assistance new entrepreneurs learn email marketing.

Future of Wealth emphases on mounting noble rational habits before going into business. This is grounded on the law of attraction that says that you attain any goal you dedicate your mind to. The utmost impediment to your success is probably one’s own reserves. The course is founded on neuroscience and psychological study. It assistances one recognize the obstacles to clear intellectual in one’s own mind. This can be improved by execution of mind training for 20 minutes each day. It aids improvement of one’s critical thinking, helps one envision their objectives and getting to know the steps required to achieve these aims.

Publish Academy & Profit Academy  helps future entrepreneurs get revenue from their individual benefits. The course is comprehensive of a seven step guide, weekly online workshops and full account of how Singal built his own businesses that implants one with the skills for prompt businesses accomplishment. It breaks down fruitful online publicizing into controllable goals. Through cautious organization, one can gain knowledge on how to turn an idea into a vigorous, profitable commercial in only a month of Sundays.

IM Lobby aids entrepreneurs with any quantity of skill create and function computerized marketing websites. It clarifies how to set up a site in only 10 minutes, lets you pick a niche and proposals training and capitals on how to entice new clienteles to the site. IM Target taught industrialists how to set up numerous associate website to attract new users. By providing 5000 keywords options, offering a free domain name for new trade and teaching search engines optimization policies that let you acclimatize search engines’ constantly altering policies.

Empire Formula was all about a teaching session enlightening on how to turn a solitary product into a successful online business. It provided guidance on deciding on a first product, receiving in sales and how to capitalize in earnings. Finally, Affiliate classroom offered direction and capitals to help both new and knowledgeable entrepreneurs shape and enlarge positive online companies. It means included interviews with experts, eBooks, software, sales scripts and a wide range of other marketing tools. He worked hard with Affiliate classroom to teach others how to operate affiliate marketing practices to make full time living through operating part-time on the internet.

Affiliate Classroom was initiated in 2005. It presented online marketing training passages to individuals and companies. By 2007, it was earning $1.5 million in annual revenue and had expanded for the United States to Mumbai and Hyderabad. He has been named a Top 3 young Entrepreneur by BusinessWeek and twice as Inc. 500 CEO. In year 2008, Singal gave out a gift of 50,000 dollars to the Hinman CEOS program. In the year 2012, Singal founded VSS (visualize strategize select). This company focuses on digital product creation. They help people visualize a goal, strategize a plan, and select actions that turn dreams into reality.

lethal-commission-anik-singal-publish-academyIn 2011, Anik Singal began production of the tech-action movie “Legal Commission” in Mumbai, India. In this movie he played the lead role whereby he had to track down secret software that is about to leak to the world based on the times of India.

Throughout his life, he has met a number of hurdles that threatened to bring him down. Starting a new businesses venture is a risk in itself. To add on it Singal has had to deal with medical conditions that have threatened his life. The Crohn’s disease for instance has made him undergo a number of surgeries. This and other illnesses made him miss numerous classes. Seeing to it that he is operated on annually to ensure he is fit. Associates kept telling him that he takes a break and go see the doctor and reschedule his midterm exams but Anik Singal refused. Being a strong believer of being positive he refused to give up but instead worked twice as hard. He credits his success to his condition which taught him how to stand up against hardships. He strived to thrive and become the best at what he does. This inspired him to start a website that encourages people to fight for their rights, good health and happiness. Through this site a community has been built to discourage people from quitting and giving up.

Through the years Singal has interacted with different kinds of people. He thus has earned that there is a big gap between successful people and those who do not succeed. There is also a difference in the way they carry themselves. Winners are fighters who are not willing to quit no matter what comes their way. Even though they might fall a number of times, they pick themselves up and try again until they achieve what they have set out to do. He strongly believes that you have to search for success and not the other way round.


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