KBBCourse.com Review – Knowledge Business Blueprint: Is the Product Really Useful?

Hey guys Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi  & Russel Brunsson have opened the doors to the KBB Course.

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  • Product Name: KBBCourse.com  -Knowledge Business Blueprint
  • Developers: Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson
  • Verdict: 99%
  • Full In-depth Review by Alex J Here


KBBCourse.com Review

This article would present to you an unbiased review of Knowledge Business Blueprint, the latest program launched by Tony Robbins (one of the most trusted names when it comes to personal development) and Dean Graziosi (a coach who have trained coaches around the globe with incredible success). With them, they had Russell Brunson, one of the most revered marketing brain of current times. People in the world of business believe that the combination of these three minds can only lead to perfection. Let’s review the product to find out the reality.

Mastermind’s primary goal is redefining the concept of learning for people around the globe. It promises to come up with new opportunities to let people extract and share their wisdom with individuals interested in “paying for speed”. With Mastermind, no one would need to face hardship for learning; the days of standardized schooling will also be over. People will start relying on Self-education.

Who is this new program for?

For every expert who is willing to extract and share their knowledge, make a strong impact, and last but not the least earn some profit For people searching for a genuine way of earning money by sharing knowledge For individuals who want to report others’ expertise

About KBB Course Com

Tony Robbins Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson Knowledge Business Blueprint Mastermind.com

This revolutionary self-learning program includes a couple of components. They are:

A self-learning course Mindmint software

The Knowledge Business Blueprint Course: It has been designed for teaching people the method of systematically extracting things they know and then share that extracted knowledge with others.

The course would provide you aThe course might not make you an expert instantly but will surely help you to understand the ways of facilitating educational courses for others. This skill, in turn, would allow you to make money.

The Mindmint software: Dean and Tony worked together to develop this one-of-a-kind software. You can use this software for automating the process of running profitable masterminds.

Mindmint works by creating agendas for powerful masterminds irrespective of the fact whether you are conducting it in-person or online. It offers simple and step-by-step guidelines and teaches people how to help others in changing their lives. Here are a few things Mindmint would do for you:

It would consolidate all your expenditures into one. There will be just a single system for designing your payment structure and accepting payments. It comes with an event formula that would allow you to build events from scratch. The software would allow you to build an agenda in only 15 minutes using drag n drop features.There’s a website builder that would provide you with pre-built web pages and pre-written sales pages and emails for marketing. Mindmint’s CRM would track the activities of your customers efficiently and charge them for every event.

The KBB course: What are the different modules?

The course has a total of four modules. Read on to get acquainted with each one of them.

Module 1: This module would introduce you to methods adopted by Tony Robbin for achieving success. You will also get to know about things you should expect when trying to achieve success. Module 1 includes the highly effective triangle model of Story, Teach, and Tool.

Module 2: This module has been designed to make you a marketing expert. You will learn how to market an event. You will learn ways of hooking your audience, sharing your stories with them, and closing deals successfully. Module 2 would help you to identify the best platforms (these include social media, email, affiliates) for marketing and also teach you how to use them effectively.

Module 3: Module 3 is about perfecting the Mastermind formula and running events. It would provide you with the blueprint of running events of your own along with step by step guidelines for organizing perfect events.

Module 4: Knowledge Business Blueprint is a program that would help you to earn some cash by becoming a knowledge broker. Module 4 would provide you with a profitable knowledge broker formula.

To conclude, we would like to state that this program by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi would help you utilize your knowledge to its full potential. The program is truly worth trying as it would not only help you share your knowledge with people who need it but will also allow you to make some money along the way.