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Comparing Blog Marketing, Email Marketing And Twitter Marketing

Have you got any idea on what makes more money? Is it email, blog or Twitter? In fact, I was able to test all these platforms recently, and the results are somewhat interesting. I am going to reveal this information for free even though some of my internet marketing colleagues are calling me nuts for doing so. Hey, you can always hop into JohnChow.Com to witness how I make money using the internet. It is time to see how I make money online. I hope this post will open your eyes a bit, and give you a better idea on how to take your blog to the next level.
Making Money With Twitter

Some of you may be surprised to hear that it is possible to make money with Twitter. The Twitter setup is ideal for affiliate marketers to make good profits since the URLs in Twitter are cloaked through a URL shortening service. People really cannot tell whether the link you are offering is a normal link or an affiliate link. My money making experiment on Twitter began with sending a tweet about Ultimate Footer Ad to my followers on March 13th. This tweet produced many questions about the product, and I followed up my tweet after three hours. These two tweets resulted in $306 of sales with the first day of sending them out. I was sure that the sales came from these tweets since I had not blogged or sent out a newsletter about it until such time. The results were much better than I had expected. In fact, I thought that I may sell a copy or two of the product, but never expected to achieve $306 overnight on Twitter.

Making Money Blogging

I wrote a blog post about Ultimate Footer Ad on March 15th. The post grossed $297 within 24-hours of posting it. As you can see, Twitter did better than the blog post in making money within the first 24-hours. This doesn’t mean Twitter will always make more money than a blog post. Keep on reading to learn more.
Making Money With Email Marketing

The next thing I did was to send out a newsletter about the same product to all my email subscribers. This was done on March 17th. This email resulted in grossing $405 within the first 24-hours. This puts email marketing at the top for this particular promotion. One thing about email promotions is that it is almost instant. The first order came within five minutes. This is why John Reese calls his email list his ATM. Once you have developed your email list to a decent size, it sure becomes a cash machine.
Lessons For You To Take Home

This promotion was done with one product, so it may be difficult to draw any broad conclusions from it. These are my observations based on my results.
Twitter Is A Money Maker

Even though you can make money with Twitter, you need to do it with the right offer highly targeted to your followers. Spamming your followers with junk products will eventually lose your followers. The offer you select should be priced right if you are to make the most of Twitter. The reason for my promotion to do well on Twitter was the lower price of it – $27. The product was of high quality compared to this price. But if the product costs $270, it would be difficult to pre-sell such a product with just 140 characters.
Anyone That Doesn’t Have An Email List Should Start One Now

Email marketing works effectively while producing instant results. If you don’t have a method to capture the leads coming to your blog, you should develop one right now. I use Aweber for all my email promotions since they are the best in the industry today. Many marketers lament that Aweber cost $19 a month to set up. But this is the wrong way of looking at it. The question you should be asking right now is how much it is costing you to not have a list? I have made more than 100 times of my monthly newsletter cost every single month. There is a saying that you should not be penny wise and pound foolish.
Blogging Is A Long-Term Money Maker

Over time, your blog is definitely going to overtake the money you make from email and Twitter. A blog post has a longer lifespan and is indexed by the search engines. It helps the blog post receive traffic for months and even years, once the post has been written. By comparison, a very few people would check their Twitter history or old emails received by them. Most probably, the old mails may have been already deleted by now.

A blog is your foundation, and you need to add support systems like email and Twitter to maximize the income of the blog. If I used only the blog post for my promotion, I would have definitely missed out on 2/3 of the income I received within the first 24-hours. This is why it is important to support your blog with additional systems such as email marketing and Twitter marketing. They will definitely help increase your profits in the long run. If you have to rely only on a blog, you are definitely leaving more than 1/2 of the profits on the table.