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How to Start a ASMNow.Com/Start Mastermind Group?

What is a mastermind group? The concept of a mastermind group was first introduced by Napoleon Hill in the early 1900’s in his book “Think and Grow Rich”. It is a group of two or more people that share common goals and meet regularly to help each other by providing feedback, sharpening their business and personal skills, and supporting each other in order to keep focused and on track. A mastermind group is a very powerful asset and it can help you reach new heights because all the members are working together as a team to brainstorm together, create new insights, to improve your business and personal life. WHY DO PEOPLE JOIN THESE GROUPS?

Join ASM Mastermind groups can help you: get motivated, gather information, and succeed faster and more easily in your work. They also enable you to meet excellent businessmen and help you increase your network quickly. People that attend these types of groups feel supported by the other members because they help them tackle problems from work. The members of a mastermind group can work with each other in certain projects. The members of the group will promote you and you will promote them, too. It is a fun way to grow both professionally and personally.


Mastermind groups have existed for a long time. Some of them are focused on areas of your interest and you can be a part of them. You can find some of them in social network platforms, like: LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. Some mastermind groups are very large (of several hundreds of people) and these ones usually charge people who want to be a part of them. Some of these large groups may be related to professional organizations.


If you want to create your own mastermind group, you need to start by clearly defining the purpose of the group. Once you define it, you need to organize a set of rules, determine the type of technology required and define the structure that you will need so that the group works as you expect it to. You may need to think of a date to start and (if necessary) a date to end the group, too. When you choose who to invite to the group, remember that they must have similar interests for the group as you do. You can start it with just another person and then invite more colleagues.

It is better to choose people you already know because there are certain types of people that you want in the group and certain people that you want out of it. In case you want to invite people that you do not know, some of the best places to meet them could be: conferences, forums, trade shows, chat rooms, social media channels, social events, or local meetups. Try to select people from diverse areas of your industry in order to get a variety of opinions about every topic discussed. The group will work better if there are different observations from different perspectives from related types of work. The people who you invite should be ambitious and actively involved in their profession, so that they attend a lot of meetings.

A good size for a ASM mastermind group can be from 8 to 10 people. This enables them to contribute a great variety of different types of ideas and it is not hard to get everyone to go to the meetings. The group can meet in any place where they fit comfortably and have enough quietness to discuss the matters that they are interested in. Some examples of these types of places can be: conference rooms, meeting rooms, someone’s house, or a hotel. You can even plan to Join ASM com  or go once or twice a year to a touristic place where you have the meeting and also have a vacation. If the group is not entirely local (or even international) you can use: zoom conferences, Google Hangouts, group Skype calls, etc. and gather once or twice a year face to face on a specific location.


In a mastermind group, people can be assigned different tasks, depending on what is needed according to the purpose of the group. One person can be assigned as the leader or president (who has control over the activities that take place), another is assigned as the timekeeper (who manages the time spent on each activity of the schedule), another can be assigned as the treasurer (who keeps the money), etc.

They can either stay permanently in their positions or be changed for other members of the group periodically. The structure of the mastermind group can be almost anything that you want, depending on the purpose of the group. An example of the structure of a  ASM Now Com Start mastermind group can be “goals met, main task, new goals”. In the first activity (goals met), the members talk quickly about the success they had in meeting the goals defined in the last meeting. The second activity (main task) is the longest one. It can be solving a certain problem that a member of the group has, a lecture about a specific information that someone requires. Brainstorming, education, responsibility, support, inspiration, and networking are common practices in the second activity. The third and last activity (new goals) is to set goals for the next meeting. Another structure can be “achievement, goal, challenge”.

In the first activity (achievement) people talk about something that is working well. In the second activity (goal), people talk about the important goal that must be kept in mind. In the third activity (challenge), people talk about something that is not working well, why, and how to fix it. Although the structure of each meeting depends strongly on the purpose of the group, the general activities tend to be very similar. In these meetings the different members share their knowledge, ideas, and resources on a specific type of work. People can share information about a certain type of new technology, discuss how to solve common problems, or how to achieve goals.


You can attend to as many mastermind groups as you wish to; the more you attend to, the more you will learn. The problem you need to worry about is how much spare time you have. These types of groups demand a great deal of commitment and they can consume a lot of your time. It is a good idea to start with one and start ASM Now Com Start  groups as soon as you feel you can.


One of the greatest advantages about mastermind groups is that you get to make contact with intelligent and talented people that work on areas related to yours. These people become your contacts and you can get to work with some of them in a team. These people can help you tackle the problems you tend to have in your office and help you make your business grow quickly. There are cases when mastermind groups have such a variety of people in them, that you get to discover new business opportunities. This may not be the main objective that people tend to have in mind when they form these types of groups, but if it happens, it can be a great opportunity to expand in a new market. Make Sure you ASM Now Com Start Today or you will miss out.