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Biohazard 2 ReMIX ~met@morPhoses~ :: Review by Noj-Esco Airk

Biohazard 2 ReMIX ~met@morPhoses~ Album Title: Biohazard 2 ReMIX ~met@morPhoses~
Record Label: Suleputer
Catalog No.: CPLA-1001 (Vinyl); CPCA-1027 (CD)
Release Date: March 20, 1999; Apr 21, 1999
Purchase: Buy at Game Music Online


Biohazard 2 ReMIX ~met@morPhoses~ offers techno that's upbeat, creepy, and depressing all at once. I'm not normally one for arranged music, but this one — because it's a daring move and somehow strangely genuine — is one I listen to all the time. It's only about about 20 minutes in total length and is reasonably repetitive, but is still worth it if you like the melodies featured and have some affinity for techno.

The remixes feature the melody of save room theme from Resident Evil 2, called "Secure Place" on the Biohazard 2 Original Soundtrack. The original is one of the most superb and effective tracks written for a game so I'm sure many will love it here. Also expect a few tracks from elsewhere in the score to be used transiently, such as the Tyrant attack theme from the second scenario (the normal attack theme not the super one).

The only odd part is the only talking featured in the album. It is sometimes very cool and eerie, more like in a Hannibal Lector / Silent Hill-esque way. The voices are apparently done by Chris Redfeild — not the significantly cooler Leon S. Kennedy who was the star of the game this CD is based on! However, it's pretty obvious from the second remix that the voice actor is an impostor. Is it Wesker in disguise?

Like I stated above, if you're looking for something that's easygoing and enjoyable, it wouldn't hurt to pick this up. Just don't expect anything epic, merely something that's somehow strangely replayable for months to come. It's fun — let's just go with that.

Overall Score: 8/10