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Noriyuki Iwadare

Overview Biography Discography Game Projects Interviews

Noriyuki Iwadare Date of Birth: April 28, 1964 (Matsumoto)
Education: Graduated from Nihon University
General Interests: Reading, Skiing, Watching Movies
Instruments: Piano, Guitar
Game Works: Langrisser, Lunar, Grandia, True Love Story

Employment History

Company Tenure Role
CUBE 1990 - 1993 Composer
Freelance 1993 - Composer

Brief Profile

After enjoying classical music in his youth and attending university, Noriyuki Iwadare became a composer and keyboardist in a band with Hiroshi Fujioka. After they were hired to produced music for three game arranged albums, Iwadare was scouted to compose for Space Invaders: Fukkatsu no Hi. Finding enjoyment fitting music to scenes, he decided to enter the industry full time by joining video game music production company CUBE Corp. in 1990. He gained familiarity with aspects of his work by contributing to ports to Sega consoles. However, it was until Langrisser and Lunar: Silver Star that he made a big name for himself.

After joining Two Five Records in 1993, Iwadare became well-known for his works on the Grandia and Lunar series. Grandia allowed him to use streamed technology to create emotional vocal tracks while he defined its sequel with two vocal themes. Lunar: Silver Star inspired a sequel and prequel; all games in the series were also remade and sometimes given Western releases that helped Iwadare gain an America audience. He also remained active in the Langrisser series and the first instalment of its successor, Growlanser. He also worked on several simulation games with the Sotsugyou, Tanjou, True Love Story, and Mercurius Pretty series.

Since 1993, Iwadare has engaged in many activities as a non-game artist. These include musical direction of the HAY Dance Company's performances, compositions for Tokyo Disneyland and children's TV shows, and works for communities, organizations, and schools. His most high-profile works were the concept vocal album Ingmar -for the beginning- and two pieces on Tindharia no Tane. In recent years, Iwadare has risen back to prominence on proejcts such as Radiata Stories, Grandia III, Amagami, and Grandia Zero. He has also scored two games and created two arranged albums for the Phoenix Wright series. He continues to work on numerous game and non-game projects.

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