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Star Ocean The Second Story Arrange Album :: Review by Ersatz

Star Ocean The Second Story Arranged Album Album Title: Star Ocean The Second Story Arrange Album
Record Label: First Smile Entertainment
Catalog No.: FSCA-10056
Release Date: November 6, 1998
Purchase: Buy at CDJapan


This album proves to be a very interesting mix. The best way to describe it is a healthy mix of minor techno-infused elements, traditional MIDI used where appropriate, and hints of "real" instruments laced here and there. Just my kind of mix. The first time I listened to this CD, I wasn't too thrilled with it, to tell the truth. The only track I really listened to was "We Form In Crystals" and I'll explain why later. But, after sitting down and carefully listening to the whole thing straight through, you soon realized how subtle yet how powerful this album is.


I cannot testify as to personally playing the game myself, but if this arranged version sounds as good as it does, then there is no doubt the original, set to a specific theme isn't done as well. Certainly, because of the lack of an abundance of "real" instruments here doesn't make it any less soothing as other arranged ventures. Some of the better tracks do well with the synths and soft drumbeats, in fact.

The music and the way it's laid out is very unique as well. The drumbeats used are more or less the driving focus of the arrangements and pretty much laid out in the background. On a few tracks will you hear a "real" instrument being played. Noteworthy of this fact is "We Form In Crystals", "Theme of RENA", and "Stab The Sword Of Justice". Now, when I say "real" instrument, I mean a synth played to sound the way a certain instrument should sound like.

"We Form In Crystals" is a very soothing yet eerie track that takes the listeners mind through an empty place. Women's chants and a soft piano tune are played for the entirety to create a very somber timbre. One of the reasons I listened to this so much was because of the chants used throughout and the little quips here and there of shakers and violins. Certainly, a very precise tune that will let your mind drift if you allow it to.

"Mission To Deep Space" is done very well too. It actually sounds like the beginning of the voyage to outer space, the arrival, and the amazement of being there. "Silent The Universe" is another excellent piece that opens too the listener what exactly is to become of this album. After taking you through a soaring trip of horn assembles and string arrangements, you're treated with commanding drum accents to ride along with the former two.

"Sacred Song" is also a track that leaves you smiling inward at the subtle beauty shown. This is truly one of those tracks where they mixed in modern elements with those used long ago. The break used is probably going no faster than 100bpm, and the phat bass line that comes in between the string arrangements is nothing short of cool. There is a little flute passage driving the melody here and there while some chants back it up completes this mix of classical and new age, if you will.


This certainly is a nice album one who loves synths will enjoy greatly. My only complaint was that many times the track would be over six minutes long through recycling the same loops over and over again. While sometimes it would be appropriate, other times I didn't care for it. Other than that, though, a truly memorable album. One that you would place on when trying to rest after a hard day's work, or something else to accompany your already laid back day.

Overall Score: 9/10