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Grasshopper Manufacture

Overview Game List Discography Composers

Grasshopper Manufacture Date of Formation: March 30, 1998
Location: Tokyo
President: Goichi Suda
Head Composer: Masafumi Takada
Productions: No More Heroes, killer7, The Silver Case, Samurai
Champloo, Contact, Michigan, Shining Soul II

Grasshopper Manufacture is an development team founded in 1998 by innovative designer Goichi Suda (SUDA51) after Human Entertainment disbanded. They initially gained a cult following in Japan with adventure games such as The Silver Case, Shining Soul II, and Flower, Sun, and Rain. However, they raised profile overseas with cult classics killer7 and No More Heroes, as well as commercially profitable anime adaptations such as Samurai Champloo and Blood+: One Night Kiss.

The main composer behind the music for Grasshopper Manufacture is Masafumi Takada. Tanaka's works range from the upbeat funk of The Silver Case, warm orchestrations of Shining Soul II, chilling ambience of Michigan, and instrumental hip-hop tracks of Samurai Champloo. However, he is most popular for his cool and stylised scores to No More Heroes and killer7. Since 2004, Takada has been assisted by sound effects designer and additional composer Jun Fukuda. More recently, Etsuko Ichikawa, Yusuke Komori, and Masahiro Yuki have created some of the team's music.

Grasshopper Manufacture's sound team are often licensed to create sound for other companies, most notably Sandlot, Nudemaker, and Clover Studio, when they have time spare from their in-house projects. The company also has an in-house record label that has published original and arranged albums dedicated to The Silver Case, No More Heroes, and Flower, Sun, and Rain, many of which have already sold out. However, some of the team's music has never been released on CD.