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Trash 004 :: Review by Don

Trash 004 Album Title: Trash 004
Record Label: Sweep Records
Catalog No.: SRES-0004
Release Date: August 14, 2003
Purchase: Buy at VGM World


The Trash series of CDs contain music to many small projects by Supersweep. Trash 004, featuring compositions from Shinji Hosoe, Ayako Saso, Yousuke Yasui, and Masashi Yano, is a short album featuring six themes. It appears to be a collection of original compositions or unusued tracks from miscellaneous games. Is it worth picking up?


Shinji Hosoe's contributions are definitely more for the hardcore audience. All three of his themes, "Is it Meat?," "Dies Good," and "Crazy Mansion," feature his heavy industrial techno style. The first and third themes also feature his signature use of crazy vocal work. They are interesting, if you are into this style, which I am, but more casual listeners might be put off by his work.

Ayako Saso's "Rapture Bargain," also incorporates the use of heavy industrial techno and crazy vocal work, but it also throws in some very interesting melody lines with the pulsating beat. I'm always a fan of crazy Saso and this is no exception! "Cannon," by Yousuke Yasui, continues the hardcore industrial techno theme of the album but I find it to be extremely repetitive with very little variety, until near the end when it transforms suddenly into a soft string led theme.

Ok, going into this album, I didn't realize it was all hardcore industrial techno, but the album ends with Masashi Yano's "Goliath's Feast," and it's in the same vein as the rest of the album. Crazy vocal work, perhaps the craziest on the album, over a pulsating beat and some futuristic synth is the framework for the theme. While I haven't really heard Yano do much hardcore techno, I found this to be particularly enjoyable.


Trash 004 is an interesting album to score. On the one hand, fans of Supersweep's hardcore industrial techno, such as me, will probably enjoy this much more than the casual listener, who will probably just consider the album noise. If you are an avid fan of this style of music, especially from Supersweep, why not piggyback it to the next VGM World order you have. I can't really recommend this for the casual listener; however, my score is representative of what I think of the album, despite its brevity.

Overall Score: 9/10