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Trash 001 :: Review by Don

Trash 001 Album Title: Trash 001
Record Label: Sweep Records
Catalog No.: SRES-0001
Release Date: August 12, 2002
Purchase: Buy at VGM World


The Trash series of CDs contain music to many small projects by Supersweep. Trash 001, featuring compositions from Shinji Hosoe, is a small two theme album. Is it worth picking up, considering the amount of music it contains and appropriately low price?


The first theme, "Trash Light," is an industrial theme that manages to capture a mellower atmosphere than most of Hosoe's industrial pieces. It has a pretty engaging synth line and the beats make for an interesting ride. The synth effects in the background also help to convey a sense of space.

The second theme, "Fortune to a Thing Not Much," is much more engaging, in my opinion. It's a more futuristic and spacey composition than the former, but it also offers a melody that is much more focused, yet also provides a nice soundscape overall, that varies as it progresses. It's easily the strongest of the two themes and sounds like it could be in a shmup.


Justifying a purchase for a CD that only has two themes is quite hard to do, but fortunately, unlike many singles released in Japan, the price point is much more user friendly. For about $3 at VGM World, you'll be able to add this to any other order without putting a dent in your wallet for shipping, so if you are a fan of Hosoe, it's definitely worth piggybacking this onto an existing order.

Overall Score: 8/10