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Square Enix Music Official Bootleg Vol. 2 :: Review by Don

Square Enix Music Official Bootleg Vol. 2 Album Title: Square Enix Music Official Bootleg Vol. 2
Record Label: Square Enix
Catalog No.: iTunes
Release Date: January 31, 2007
Purchase: Buy at iTunes


The Square Enix Bootleg series is a series of small albums released exclusively through iTunes. They feature original compositions, mainly of a electronic and rock nature, from musicians currently at Square Enix. This is the second in a series of three and features four compositions by synthesizer operators.


After making a joint contribution to the first volume, Yasuhiro Yamanaka opens the second volume with a rare solo composition, "Eleven Motions". This theme creates a pretty mysterious atmosphere reminiscent of some of his work on Code Age Commanders and The Last Remnant. The melody line features some interesting string and synth work and take on a very eerie sound. When combined with the slight industrial beat, it creates a pretty engaging piece, but it can get a bit repetitive after a while.

"Feel Gravity", composed by Ryo Yamazaki, is much more fast-paced than his contribution in the first volume. It features an interesting beat and the etherealness of the synth effects in the melody makes the vocals a bit more tolerable. The piano, however, really adds a nice sharpness to the composition, offering some of the more interesting accompaniment. It's quite clear here that Yamazaki is talented at electro-acoustic composition.

Mitsuto Suzuki contributes two themes to this bootleg volume. The first, "Jack Yourself," can also be found on his first solo album, In My Own Backyard. Featuring vocals like his contribution in the first volume, it's a theme that relies on a steady electronica beat and enunciation of some rather perplexing lyrics. Fortunately, the beat changes in the duration of the song and the instrumental sections help salvage the pretty monotone vocals and the boring beginning section. It's still not a particularly strong theme, however.

Suzuki's second contribution, "Light in Darkness (Post Production Mitsuo Suzuki Mix)," is definitely the more interesting of the two. While it does feature vocal samples, it's a much more exhilarating beat and a varied composition that lends to keeping this theme afloat, considering its length. Overall, it features a more spacey and futuristic soundscape, but it's pretty good at managing to mix the softer and more exhilarating sections. Unlike the other track, this is exclusive to Square Enix Music Official Bootleg Vol. 2.


This volume is pretty decent as well. I find that Suzuki was hit or miss on this album, but Yamanaka and Yamazaki managed to keep things a bit more interesting overall. This one might be worth picking up as well, particularly if you find softer electronica to be your style or you've heard samples and enjoyed what you've heard.

Overall Score: 7/10