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Luminous Arc 2 Will: Unlimited World - Kana :: Review by Don

Luminous Arc 2 Will: Unlimited World - Kana Album Title: Luminous Arc 2 Will: Unlimited World - Kana
Record Label: Marvelous Entertainment
Catalog No.: MJCD-23041
Release Date: May 21, 2008
Purchase: Buy at Play-Asia


Like its predecessor, Luminous Arc 2: Will also features a vocal theme. However, this time it was composed and arranged by an external source rather than from someone who was also composing for the game. The single features only two pieces, "Unlimited World" and "No Name," and like the first single, features karaoke versions of these pieces as well. Composed by Iseppe and arranged by Hal, how does "Unlimited World" hold up to "Brilliant World" from the first game? And how does Hal's composition, "No Name," match the non-game song from the original, "Wish On"? You�ll just have to read on to find out.


"Unlimited World" definitely has a J-pop sound, but at the same time, there are definitely elements that help to distinguish it between a normal piece and something composed for a game. Most striking in this song is the violin. Combined with the rock-based bass line and Kana's vocals, it really contrasts nicely to create a beautiful soundscape full of energy. The electric guitar solo and violin solos are a nice addition and help to tie the verses together. In the end, I think this piece surpasses "Brilliant World," but at the same time, this could also be because Iseppe may have more experience in composing vocal pieces than Kazumi Mitome from the first game.

"No Name" also follows in the footsteps of its counterpart, "Wish On." Unlike the piano pop style of the first, Hal decides to create a beautiful soundscape that relies on a semi-Celtic, semi-Asian inspired pop style. Out of the two songs on the single, this is my favorite. I'm always a sucker for slower pieces when it comes to vocal performances and I really think that Kana does a fantastic job at expressing the emotion found within the piece. It's a rather simplistic piece with a focus on woodwind and piano work, but the pop style and the subtle electric guitar riffs heard throughout really help craft a marvelous work. I highly recommend this one!


Composed by an external source, a seeming trend in video game music today despite some exceptions, the "Unlimited World" single surpasses the original. Both the songs featured create entirely different soundscapes that really cater to Kana's voice. She also does an outstanding job. It's a shame that one of the composers for the game wasn't responsible for any of it, but what can you do? I'd definitely pick this one up if you are a fan of the game version of "Unlimited World" and want to hear more of Kana's voice or if you're a fan of her previous works.

Overall Score: 9/10