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Mega CD Alshark Original Soundtrack :: Review by Don

Mega CD Alshark Original Soundtrack Album Title: Mega CD Alshark Original Soundtrack
Record Label: Polydor
Catalog No.: POCH-2208
Release Date: October 1, 1993
Purchase: Buy at eBay


Released two years after the original Alshark, the Mega CD Alshark Original Soundtrack is used to complement the game's port to the Sega CD entertainment system. Featuring many reprises, with a few new tracks, how does this compare to the original?


For the most part, the reprised tracks are mainly upgrades. However, when it comes to the rock themes, they are definitely arranged differently than basic upgrades. "Alshark-2993 HR," an arrangement of "Alshark," starts off the album with its high energy. The solo in this one also sounds much crisper. "Fighting Smash," an arrangement of "SMaaaaaSH" from the original sounds so much better in this version. Instead of rock and synth, this is definitely a rock based composition from the get-go. It's another highly entertaining upgrade.

"Task Battler," an arrangement of "Attack! Task Battler" keeps the sound of the original for the most part, however, the guitar is much crisper and it features a nice keyboard solo reminiscent of some Motoi Sakuraba work. It's really entertaining. "Beast Bayden's" upgrade is really nice. The slick guitar work heard in the original is only made better with the use of the upgrade in quality.

As for the remaining reprises, the sound quality improves and makes for a more enjoyable listen, although hardly anything changes. Exceptions to this are "Sad City," which implements violin into the piece, and "Altia," an arrangement of "Silent Satellite" that has a much more prominent bass rhythm and includes spoken voice into the mix.

One new additions that is really enjoyable are "Fire Field." It's a nice mix between some rock elements with an electronica bass line. There is also some heavy breathing and laughter heard in the latter portions of the piece of music, retaining some of the quirk found in the original. A highly enjoyable piece and a great addition to the soundtrack.


Overall, the Mega CD Alshark Original Soundtrack is a great improvement over the original in terms of sound quality. Every non-rock reprise is much more enjoyable. When it comes to the rock pieces, many are arranged to take advantage of the electric guitar. Every single rock track on this album, like in the original soundtrack, is definitely worth a listen. The new additions, with the exception of "Fire Field," are pretty average and don't really add much to the soundtrack. Fortunately, there are only a few of those. I recommend this album more than the original release, should you have to choose between this and the original soundtrack.

Overall Score: 9/10