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Biohazard: I Won't Let This End as a Dream - Fumitaka Fuchigami :: Review by Chris

Biohazard: I Won't Let This End as a Dream - Fumitaka Fuchigami Album Title: Biohazard: I Won't Let This End as a Dream - Fumitaka Fuchigami
Record Label: Toshiba EMI
Catalog No.: TODT-3706
Release Date: April 10, 1996
Purchase: Buy at eBay


The Resident Evil series isn't known for its theme songs and this single is likely the reason why... Resident Evil was meant to be Capcom's first mature and realistic survival horror game. Though it had cheesy elements such as the voice acting, awful dialogue, and much of the musical score, nothing was quite as laughable as the theme songs for the game. They're both incredibly upbeat and dated efforts featuring 80s instrumentals and a male vocalist. So camp that they would even feel out of place in, say, a Tales game. So now we've established these songs simply don't work in the game, how do they stand on their own?


The single is opened by the ending theme for Resident Evil, "I Won't Let This End as a Dream..." In the opening, the relief of Chris and Jill is represent with the sound effects of a helicopter and some serene strings. However, the piece soon breaks into a very cheesy song featuring an incredibly upbeat melody sung by Fumitaka Fuchigami. I imagine that Chris would be a bit too tired at the end of his sleepless journey to break into such an ecstatic piece. But, never mind, as it is very catchy. It's difficult not to smile when hearing the fantastic melody sung in conjunction with pounding drum beats and jazz fusion guitar. Unless, of course, you're someone who is too ashamed or serious to like something so stupid...

The opening theme for the game, "Icy Gaze", is actually the second item on the single. It has a slightly different style since it is driven throughout by a funk bass guitar rhythm. However, the male vocalist is back singing an equally catchy melody and, of course, the pounding drums and wild guitar too. Probably the best feature are the backing singers such a snazzy female and even a male rapper towards the end. This track is even more inappropriate for representing the start of such a horrifying game. However, the dramatic screams towards the end of the track do add a bit of comedy value! Simply put, this song is ridiculous but highly entertaining!

The instrumental versions of the songs were expected entries on the soundtrack. Although the lead vocals are removed, the backing vocals still remain and help to carry "Icy Gaze" in a rather funny way. Those who played the original Resident Evil or own the Biohazard Soundtrack Remix will recognise the instrumental versions as the inspirations for the overseas opening and credits themes. In my opinion, they're not as enjoyable or rich as the vocal pieces yet almost as corny. The overseas version would have benefited from completely new compositions rather than a quick fix.


There is something surprisingly likeable about this single. It's almost as if the game designers knew how cheesy their game would be viewed in retrospect and chose to get first dibs laughing at what they produced. At least that's what I hope... The songs here are a total misfit for a horror game, but so enjoyable on their own if you enjoy ecstatic retro pop. Of course, there will be many out there will find this so cringe-worthy that they won't even get past the first minute, so avoid the single at all costs if this is you. If only Resident Evil 5's theme song were this good, but I'm told it's going to be a serious and evocative African-inspired track. Oh well!

Overall Score: 7/10