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Community Support, Reviews, Interviews

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dave [at] squareenixmusic.com

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April 2005

Favourite Game Music Artists

Hitoshi Sakimoto
Yuzo Koshiro
Masaharu Iwata
Yoshitaka Hirota
Ryuji Sasai
Hidenori Iwasaki
Manabu Namiki

Date of Birth

February 26, 1988

Place of Residence

Bristol, England



General Interests

Playing Piano
Video Game Music
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Game music and I have a very complex off-on relationship. I attempted to tear myself away from it in 2008 while I went through a university phase where most of my friends listened to popular music. Game music, though, is my vice, and I couldn't tear myself away from it for long. I longed to hear various tracks from Hitoshi Sakimoto on Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quest and Manabu Namiki on the DoDonPachi series. In 2010, I re-introduced myself to the game music scene, having missed a great deal of decent albums.

What's interesting to note though, is that a lot of the styles we hear in popular music also feature within game music soundtracks. Game music is a broad term which encompasses all genres of music from acid rock to waltzes, and from salsa to grunge. In regard to the styles I love the most in game music, I'm particularly fond of electronica, trance, and orchestral themes. A few of my recent favourite albums include the Soukaigi Original Soundtrack, Gran Turismo 4 Kicks, and the God of War III Original Soundtrack.

I hope that you enjoy reading my reviews on this fine website, and I hope that I can persuade you to listen to some amazing soundtracks. See you in the forums!

Contributed Reviews

Album Title Catalog No.
Alan Wake Collector's Edition Soundtrack Promotional
All Star Pro Wrestling II Original Soundtrack SSCX-10060
Alpha Promotional
Angela Aki - Kokoro no Senshi ESCL-2770
Arc Rise Fantasia Original Soundtrack KDSD-00344/6
Arcus II -Silent Symphony- TOCT-5616
Bahamut Lagoon Original Soundtrack PSCN-5046
Beyond the Beyond Original Game Soundtrack ARCJ-33
Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon Original Soundtrack SQEX-10064
Chrono Trigger Original Sound Version NTCP-5021/3
Culdcept II Original Soundtrack SVWC-7083/4
Devil Crash / Alien Crush TKCA-30097
Dodonpachi Dai-Ou-Jou & ESPGaluda Perfect Remix SRIN-1013
Dodonpachi Dai-Ou-Jou & Ketsui ~Cutting the Bonds of Hell~ Original Soundtracks CVST-0000
Earthscape Promotional
EHRGEIZ Original Soundtrack SSCX-10025
Fallout - The Soundtrack CD-H95-193-1
Fallout 1 & 2 - Vault Archives AURAL01
Fallout 3 Soundtrack, Featured Selections from Promotional
Fallout 3, The Songs of Wasteland - Music As Heard In iTunes
Final Fantasy III Original Sound Version NTCP-5013
Final Fantasy III Legend of Eternal Wind PSCR-5252
Final Fantasy V Mambo de Chocobo N09D-016
Final Fantasy VIII: Eyes on Me - Faye Wong TODT-5271
Final Fantasy X: feel / Go Dream SSCX-10058
Final Fantasy X: Suteki da ne - Rikki SQEX-10029
Final Fantasy X-2 Vocal Collections AVCD-30481/6
Final Fantasy XII: Symphonic Poem "Hope" HUCD-10015
Final Fantasy, 20020220 - Music from SQEX-10030/1
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Kaze No Ne - Yae PCCA-1915
Final Fantasy Song Book Mahoroba UPCH-1332
Final Fantasy, Tour de Japon - Music from DVD Promotional
Flower Original Soundtrack Promotional
Front Mission 1st Special BGM Selection Promotional
Front Mission 4 Plus 1st Original Soundtrack SQEX-10021/4
Game Music is Dead COCC-15322
God Eater Original Soundtrack AVCD-38031/2
God Eater: Over the Clouds / Diamond - alan AVCD-31781
God of War Soundtrack Promotional
God of War II Official Soundtrack SYS-1128
God of War III Original Soundtrack SE-2080-2
God of War Trilogy Soundtrack Promotional
God of War Blood & Metal iTunes
God of War Ghost of Sparta Original Soundtrack iTunes
Gradius V Soundtracks KOLA-081
Gran Turismo Original Game Soundtrack SRCL-4269
Gran Turismo, The Sound of 7243-4-95063-29
Gran Turismo Rock Arrange FSCA-10049
Gran Turismo 2 Original Game Soundtrack VRCH-4005
Gran Turismo 2 Music at the Speed of Sound W2K-12390
Gran Turismo 2 Extended Score Groove LACA-5003
Gran Turismo 3 A-spec Original Game Soundtrack VRCH-4006
Gran Turismo 4 Original Game Soundtrack VRCL-4008
Gran Turismo 4, The Music From and Inspired by UICO-4012
Gran Turismo 4 Original Soundtrack Classical Collection KICA-1360
Gran Turismo 4 Kicks SOLMC-046
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Original Game Soundtrack VRCL-4009
Gran Turismo Original Sound Collection VRCL-4010
Hanjuku Hero Original Soundtrack TIN-50
Hanjuku Hero VS 3D - Fight! Hanjuku Hero / Without Yolk... SSCX-10089
Hanjuku Hero VS 3D Original Soundtrack SSCX-10095/6
Kaleidoscope Original Soundtrack OCRO-0001
Ketsui ~Cutting the Bonds of Hell~ Perfect Soundtrack INDV-0106
Kingdom Hearts -Final Mix- Additional Tracks SQCD-40001
Live A Live Original Sound Version PSCN-5007
Live A Live Perfect Strategy Guide Book Limited Edition Promotional
Megaten World ~ Goddess World PCCG-00257
Might and Magic PLCE-904
Mushihimesama Original Soundtrack CVST-0002
Mushihimesama Perfect Soundtrack INDV-0107
Need For Speed Redbook Audio T-5009H
Need For Speed II, Excessive Speed! The Music from 3611
Need For Speed IV: High Stakes - The Album 7657
Need For Speed Nitro Official Soundtrack iTunes
Need For Speed ProStreet Original Music iTunes
Need For Speed ProStreet Official Soundtrack iTunes
Need For Speed Shift Official Soundtrack iTunes
Ogre ~Grand Repeat~ DPCX-5221
Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber Original Soundtracks DPCX-5203/5
Perfect Prince Original Soundtrack Promotional
Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II Premium Arrange KDSD-00039
Prince of Persia Original Soundtrack Promotional
Prince of Persia Bonus Disc Promotional
Racing Lagoon Original Soundtrack SSCX-10032
Radiant Silvergun Soundtrack - Promotional
Romancing SaGa La Romance NTCP-5037
Romancing SaGa 2 Eternal Romance NTCP-5039
Romancing SaGa 3 Windy Tale NTCP-5043
Rudra no Hihou Original Sound Version PSCN-5050
Seiken Densetsu Legend of Mana Original Soundtrack SQEX-10036/7
Shadow Hearts From the New World Original Soundtrack KDSD-00078/9
Soukaigi Original Soundtrack SSCX-10017
Square Vocal Collection SSCX-10052
Star Ocean The Second Story Fantasy Megamix FSCA-10145
Star Ocean Blue Sphere Arrange & Sound Trax SCDC-00123/4
Stella Deus BGM ReArrange Album AT-001
Stella Deus Original Soundtrack SVWC-7215
Super Mario RPG Original Sound Version PSCN-5047/8
Super Robot Taisen Gaiden ~The Lord of Elemental~ Sound Storm KTCR-1376
Super Robot Taisen Koji Hayama Song Collection EMCA-0007
Super Robot Taisen Powerful Music Battle KTCR-1315
Super Robot Taisen Powerful Music Battle II KTCR-1423
Tales of Eternia Original Soundtrack MJCG-80064
Tales of Eternia Remaster Audio ZMCX-1193
Techno Drive Original Soundtrack iTunes
Techno Drive Promotional Disc Promotional
Tekken 6 Soundtrack SRIN-1068
Tekken 6 Arcade Soundtrack iTunes
Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion Soundtrack iTunes
Tekken 6 for PSP Soundtrack iTunes
Tobal No. 1 Remixes Electrical Indian SSCX-10002
Tobal 2 Original Soundtrack SSCX-10007
Utada Hikaru - Colors TOCT-4455
Wangan Midnight Soundtrack SCDC-00188
Wipeout - The Music 481119 2
Wipeout Redbook Audio SCES-01909
Wipeout 2097 - The Music CDV-2815
Wipeout 2097 Redbook Audio SLES-00327
Wipeout XL - The Music ASW-6189
Wip3out - The Music ARC/11/10/99
Wipeout 3 Redbook Audio SLUS-00865
Wipeout Pure - The Official Soundtrack DISNCD155