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Tekken 6 Arcade Soundtrack :: Review by Dave

Tekken 6 Arcade Soundtrack Album Title: Tekken 6 Arcade Soundtrack
Record Label: Namco Sounds
Catalog No.: iTunes
Release Date: November 25, 2009
Purchase: Buy at iTunes


Tekken 6 was actually released in three versions. There was an Arcade-only original version called Tekken 6, an enhanced Arcade-only version called Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion, and a console adaptation of Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion, released as Tekken 6 worldwide. The original version of Tekken 6 only actually featured 17 themes, created collectively by NBGI, Monaca, and SupeSweep. For those who find the three disc release for the console soundtrack too much to stomach, Namco Sounds released a digital soundtrack featuring just these tracks. Time for a closer look...


Monaca's Keiichi Okabe actually headlined the score for the original version of Tekken 6. Following an immersive opening and character select theme, he jumps straight into the stage themes with "Edge of Spring". In Tekken tradition, the track features a steady dance beat, though overlying acoustic instruments are added atop, including a simple yet resonant piano line. "Splashing Casino" meanwhile is a lovely jazz featuring groovy beats and appeasing brass. It seems to fit the particularly stage perfectly while maintaining just the right amount of dynamism. "Ethno Evening", meanwhile, is among the hardest tracks on the Tekken 6 score and channels back Okabe's blistering rock influences from the days of Tekken 3.

There is plenty of diversity offered elsewhere in the score. Also from Monaca, Kazuhiro Nakamura offers two impressive stage themes. "Death Fight on the Neon" strangely brings some heavy metal to the soundtrack, and "Blowin' Up the Enemy" seems to build a little further on Okabe's more ominous themes. Satoru Kosaki's single contribution, "Artificial Ruins", is of the quality most would expect from him too. SuperSweep's Ayako Saso makes a single appearance on this release too with "Only One Fight...". It doesn't stray too far away from her normal style either, but her colourful range of instrumentation — from flute to panpipe, acoustic guitar to keyboard — makes it a unique gem nevertheless that fits the surroundings of the Noh Theater.

Though most of the soundtrack was outsourced, Namco Bandai Games Inc.'s internal sound team did handle a number of compositions. Rio Hamamoto's "Rustic Asia" fuses distorted rock and electronica with Asiatic instruments and chanting, culminating in an especially impressive segment at 1:20. Fan favourite Go Shiina also demonstrates his aptitude with fusions on the original version of "G", blending everything from Asian, rock, orchestral, and electronic forces. The track's greatest asset is how it flows between these styles without a hitch, demonstrating Shiina's ingenuity as a composer. Following the climax of the score with "Sacred Dark", cinematic composer Ryuichi Takada rounds off the experience with a serviceable staff roll theme.


The Tekken 6 Arcade Soundtrack features some of the best music from Tekken 6. Many will appreciate how this soundtrack completely cuts the event and ending themes that plagued the three disc release to give a high quality yet stylistically diverse listening experience. However, there are still many notable omissions here that are exclusive to the full release, such as Basiscape's various cinematic themes or the wonderful additions from NBGI on the Bloodline Rebellion. Either way, the soundtrack to Tekken 6 is worthwhile listening in some form.

Overall Score: 7/10