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Interview with Yuzo Koshiro (RocketBaby - November 2000)

The following interview was carried out by RocketBaby.net, a sadly defunct site that once interviewed numerous game composers. Square Enix Music Online is hosting the interview to avoid it being lost forever.

RocketBaby: What was your inspiration for the music of Shenmue?

Yuzo Koshiro: I got inspiration from Shenmue's beautiful graphics.

RocketBaby: How does your Shenmue music compare to your other music?

Yuzo Koshiro: Shenmue's music can't be compared to any other music of mine. All other composition processes (and backgrounds) are quite different from what I have experienced at Sega's sound room. This is the first time I used headphones to create music. That was very tough for me.

RocketBaby: How long did it take you to write your Shenmue music?

Yuzo Koshiro: The Shenmue project was running for over four years. I joined them for the last one and a half years.

RocketBaby: How did you approach arranging Shenmue's music?

Yuzo Koshiro: I took great care trying to match the sound colors of the original work. I did not want my arrangements to sound like the work of a hack.Shenmue

RocketBaby: How closely did you work with the other Shenmue composers?

Yuzo Koshiro: Takeshi Yanagawa and Ryuji Iuchi are the best partners. I sometimes exchanged composition ideas and opinions with them. Mitsuyoshi was our leader, and his smile is cute!

RocketBaby: How was it to work with Yu Suzuki and what did he expect of you?

Yuzo Koshiro: Producer Yu Suzuki suggested the direction Shenmue's music should take. I always tried to understand his intentions and was careful that my compositions would not stray away from his ideas. I think he likes my music.

RocketBaby: What is next for Yuzo Koshiro and will you be working on Shenmue II?

Yuzo Koshiro: I won't work on Shenmue II. I've got another project at my company, Ancient. The project is on Dreamcast. It's a brand new title!

RocketBaby: Is the new Dreamcast game a sequel or something totally new?

Yuzo Koshiro: It's a new title.