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Overview Game Series Game List Discography Composers

Falcom Date of Formation: March 1981
Location: Tokyo
President: Masayuki Kato
Head Composer: Hayato Sonoda
Productions: Ys, Dragon Slayer, Legend of Heroes, Brandish
Sorcerian, Zwei, Vantage Master

Nihon Falcom is principally a developer of RPGs for personal computers. They released a string of successful PC-8801 titles during the 1980s, including Ys, Xanadu, and Sorcerian. Since then, they have created numerous remakes for modern PCs and overseen many ports of their work. In recent years, they have monopolised on the Legend of Heroes and Ys series for the PC and PSP.

Falcom is especially popular for its musical scores, crafted by the ever-changing Falcom Sound Team J.D.K. Since the original Ys, it has acquired a reputation for offering some of the most melodic and light-hearted compositions in game music. While they specialise mainly in pop- and rock-based soundtracks, they have offered recent diversions too, such as the Celtic Zwei!!, jazzy Gurumin, oriental VM Japan, and symphonic The Legend of Heroes VI: Sora no Kiseki.

Despite only released a few games per year, Falcom has an overwhelmingly large discography. In addition to original scores, their classics from titles such as Ys, Sorcerian, and The Legend of Heroes have been arranged for everything from candypop vocalists to piano-based albums to the London Symphony Orchestra. Their J.D.K. Band is especially popular for their rocking performances and have recently been revived by the new face of Falcom, Yukihiro Jindo.