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Radiant Silvergun Tokyo Game Show Limited Disc

No Image Available Record Label: Treasure
Catalog No.: Promotional
Release Date: 1998
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Production Credits

Original Composition: Hitoshi Sakimoto

Track Listings

Disc One (9:18)
Track Title Track Time
01) Return (Stage 3 BGM) 3:05
02) Debris Part 1 (Stage 3 BGM) 3:11
03) Reminiscence (Stage 2 BGM) 3:02

Additional Information

Description: Promotional album for Radiant Silvergun (developed by Treasure and published by ESP Software for Saturn). This album was only for sale at the Tokyo Game Show in 1998.

Resources: No MIDIs are currently available for this album. To submit MIDIs for this album, please click here.

Missing Information: An album cover is missing from this album, as it has so far proved too rare to find a legitimate source of such information. To submit a cover for this album, please contact us.

Special thanks to the staff and contributors at Chudah's Corner, Game Music Revolution, Squaremusic, RPGFan, and SoundtrackCentral for many of the translations.