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Rockman ZX Soundtrack -ZX Tunes- :: Review by Shy Ranger

Rockman ZX Soundtrack -ZX Tunes- Album Title: Rockman ZX Soundtrack -ZX Tunes-
Record Label: Inti Creates
Catalog No.: INTIR-008/9
Release Date: October 27, 2006
Purchase: Buy at VGM World


Inti Creates — developers of the Mega Man Zero and Mega Man ZX series for Capcom — is very fortunate indeed. Such a small company boasting such an incredible sound team is beneficial beyond belief — and it is this sound team, III, that consistently improved on each Mega Man Zero soundtrack and its remastered counterpart. The leap to the ZX series brought with it a slight change to the musical style, but III met the challenge — and how! Now, the ZX soundtrack has been remastered with amazing success on ZX Tunes. Overall, it's the best soundtrack yet to come from III — as well as one of the best soundtracks ever to herald a Mega Man adventure. In fact, it's one of the peaks in synth rock itself.


The remastered tracks for the Zero series gave the GBA pieces much better sound quality and remixed many of them to greater effect, adding complex guitar and keyboard solos or additional instruments to further their harmonies. ZX Tunes handles both quite well. Listen as "Brilliant Show Window" and "High-Press Energy" lose the static of the DS sound system and blast through the speakers with keyboards rocking. Enjoy highlights like "Rockin' On" and "Sky High - Grand Nuage -" refined to brilliance with electric resonance. Almost every piece has been refined to sharpen its melodies and augment its atmosphere. The only slips come when III inexplicably uses the occasional grating keyboard effect — sprinkled throughout "Green Grass Gradation" and "Snake Eyes" amongst a couple other pieces. Otherwise, the high-powered synth style and much-welcome actual electric guitars give the album a backbone and body not found often in soundtracks.

While the sound quality is high and the mixes are appreciable, it is the fusion of those elements with ZX's standout soundtrack that secures ZX Tunes as a masterpiece. The Aile disc — the first of two — displays quite a number of highlights. The opening level theme, "Green Grass Gradation", boasts one of the catchiest melodies available and sets the tone for most of the soundtrack with its multiple keyboard sections. "Brilliant Show Window" for the city setting is a major-key wonder akin to olden Mega Man 2 pieces, jumpstarting itself again through the bridge and ending with melodic guitars. "Wonder Panorama" enhances the underwater Area F via a beautiful synth rock arrangement, switching from powerful dual harmonies to a soothing female vocalist breathing the piece the second time around. "Industrialism" from Area E showcases the bass instead, towing along the simple leads as if by will alone. "Sky High - Grand Nuage -" is a delightful and bright piece conveying the hope that unifies the Guardians. "Danger Attraction" plays off the theme park vibe in Area H while rambling nicely between leads and chord progressions, ultimately to end up where it started. "Misty Rain" stuns for a Mega Man piece yet fits within the rainy degradation of Area I, carrying Vent and Aile along with a peaceful piano contrasted by the rapid-fire static pad signifying the overwhelming danger of the power plant. The Aile disc also contains one of the two standout cover pieces. "Black Burn - Electpital Dance -" transforms the serious, heavy original (featured on the second disc) into a technologic dance led by an unsolvable, unyielding voice. This first disc is sure to please with the quality and quantity of awesome pieces being so high.

The Vent disc is also a pleasure and a joy. It kickstarts the adventure with the other fantastic cover piece. "High-Press Energy - Super Aniki Edition -" plays off the original (found later) over into a superhero theme, with the energetic boy eager to blast with his "ROCK BUSTER!!!" "Mountain Rider" is the irresistible piece for Area B, bouncing through the work zone with a guitar backed by a smooth riff and brass fanfare. "Ogre Claw" is as ferocious as the fires of Area G, with intriguing electric guitar effects. Perhaps the best section of the entire soundtrack, though, comes up next with the back-to-back velocity of "Rockin' On" and "High-Press Energy" as the boss battle theme and piece from Area K. "Rockin' On" justifies its title with fantastic guitar work and a blazing BPM. It easily gains the most from being remastered, allowing the keyboards and drums also to attack relentlessly. "High-Press Energy" is meanwhile intensified by shredding, stronger sound effects, and a wild ending that knocks out the speakers and seizes the eardrums. Not to be overshadowed is "Gauntlet" for Area L, handing out heaping doses of melodic catchiness and giving generously with its own wild ripper of an ending. "Trap Factory" revels in being the battle theme versus the sadistic Prometheus and Pandora, mocking with a chilling piano before lashing out with a keyboard barrage. "Black Burn" chills the room down upon entering Area O, sensing the desperation the heroes feel within the despair of the looming destruction ahead. "Snake Eyes" provides one last catalyst for the fight in the final area, hauntingly hitting with deep vocal pads. "Pallida Mors" unleashes that fight with chaotic yet driving synths, backed up furiously by an unintelligible growl. Finally, after the battle is won, the pleasant and boppy "Dream Weaver" plays a relaxing acoustic tune to celebrate victory and reclamation of peace. The Vent disc completes what the Aile disc began well, and together the two form an astonishingly enjoyable soundtrack.


Rockman ZX Soundtrack -ZX Tunes- is definitely a work of excellence. Crisp sound quality brings out the strengths of the original pieces; mixes and remixes elevate their compositions; all at once create a work majestic. III has never been better, and their brilliant music is a treat indeed. So many albums aspire toward perfection. Of course, ZX Tunes doesn't reach it — but it almost grabs on. This is an album for the ages — in a word, legendary.

Overall Score: 10/10