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Final Fantasy VIII Piano Collections :: Review by Soapy

Final Fantasy VIII Piano Collections Album Title: Final Fantasy VIII Piano Collections
Record Label: DigiCube (1st Edition); Square Enix (Reprint)
Catalog No.: SSCX-10041; SQEX-10026
Release Date: January 21, 2000; July 22, 2004
Purchase: Buy at CDJapan


Final Fantasy VIII went along a different path game wise, but music wise, I find that once again, Nobuo Uematsu has created another gorgeous collection of music. Arrangements were done well by Shiro Hamaguchi, which gave this album a sweet and airy quality.

Track-by-Track Reviews

1) Blue Fields

The overworld theme for Final Fantasy VIII, a rather forlorn and sad tune. I think this arrangement for the piano sounds absolutely beautiful, much better than the Original Soundtrack at least. (9/10)

2) Eyes on Me

A definite Final Fantasy fan favorite. This is the "love theme" in the game. An endearing and romantic piece, which I think is much better without words. (10/10)

3) Fisherman's Horizon

This is the music for one of the towns you visit in the game. It sounds simple but it's complex at the same time. It has a pleasing and memorable melody. (9/10)

4) Succession of Witches

This one is evil and eerie sounding, which describes the scene and villain well. A wonderful piece if you like having chills go down your spine. It was a bit too creepy for my tastes. (8/10)

5) Ami

Another clear and delightful sounding piece that represents friendship. It's a hopeful sounding piece; it reminds me a little bit of "Fisherman's Horizon." (9/10)

6) Shuffle or Boogie

An upbeat and jazzier piece that was arranged quite nicely. It has a very laid back feeling and I seem to picture some guy strutting his stuff with a cowboy hat. Irvine perhaps? (9/10)

7) Find Your Way

This is one of my personal favorites. Although it's creepy as well, it has a curious element to it. Although this piece is the music for a tomb, it's not as eerie as you would expect it to be. (9/10)

8) The Oath

A touching piece with a lot of emotion behind it; another very enjoyable arrangement. (9/10)

9) Silence and Motion

Once this piece picks up, it gets much better, although some parts of it are rather slow and unexciting. (7/10)

10) The Castle

A pretty good piece when it gets going. It has a foreboding feel to it, like background music to a haunted castle. Which is basically what it's supposed to be. (8/10)

11) The Successor

Similar to the "SUCESSION OF WITCHES," though perhaps not quite as evil sounding. (9/10)

12) Ending Theme

The traditional Final Fantasy prologue tune comes back in the "Ending Theme." The rest of the piece isn't as noteworthy, but since ending themes are generally a mix of themes put together, some parts sound better than others. (6/10)

13) Slide Show Part 2

This is another one of those old western lounge themes which is fun and bouncy. It's just too bad that it's so short. (8/10)


Even though this wasn't a popular game, it had some popular music. Although many people would probably want to give it a go on the piano, these arrangements aren't that easy. Most people would probably enjoy singing along to "Eyes on Me" once they master the song. This Piano Collection CD is an amazing album to add to your Final Fantasy collection.

Overall Score: 10/10