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Final Fantasy VI Piano Collections :: Review by Soapy

Final Fantasy VI Piano Collections Album Title: Final Fantasy VI Piano Collections
Record Label: NTT Publishing
Catalog No.: PSCN-5005 (1st Print); NTCP-1003 (Reprint)
Release Date: July 25, 2001; June 25, 1994
Purchase: Buy at CDJapan


Final Fantasy VI is a favorite among many gamers. The last of its kind on the SNES in the US, it is a fantastic game, with an incredible soundtrack. Reiko Nomura did the arrangements this time. Some of the tracks are jazzy, so if you're a fan of jazz or like playing jazz, you should have a great time playing the piano version of "Johnny C. Bad" and "Spinach Rag."

Track-by-Track Reviews

1) Tina

Also known as "Terra's Theme," this is a beautiful piece that portrays the heroine of the game. It is a sad, contemplative tune that has definitely become one of my favorites. (10/10)

2) Gau

The wild child from the game has a smooth and at times upbeat theme song. The introduction and conclusion are both very mellow, and it is a great piece overall. I don't find it as catchy as some of the other themes, however. (8/10)

3) Cefca

Cefca's (Kefka's) a strange one for sure, so I find this theme for him a very fitting one. I can just picture him now, a sneaky and conniving little pixilated man. The music definitely brings that thought across. (8/10)

4) Spinach Rag

This track drove me crazy because I went into the auction house SO many times. The arrangement for the piano is nicely done and sounds like can-can music to me for some reason. (8/10)

5) Stragus

The old loonie in the game has a very interesting theme. It sounds like he has a split personality. (7/10)

6) The Mystic Forest

An enigmatic and menacing tune, arranged and performed very well on this CD. (8/10)

7) Kids Run Through The City Corner

A fun and easy-to-hum to melody. It sounds very sweet and melodious on the piano. (9/10)

8) Johnny C Bad

This is a fun piece if you want to play it yourself on the piano. An upbeat, snazzy arrangement that makes you want to get up and boogie. (9/10)

9) Mystery Train

The famous haunted train from the game. It definitely suits the scene that you play through very well. It also matches the decoration of the train, if that makes any sense. (8/10)

10) The Decisive Battle

A quick-paced battle theme that sounds like a challenge to play. Some parts are very impressive. (8/10)

11) Coin Song

One of the easier piano pieces to play from the album. A mellow and quiet melody that makes me kind of sleepy actually. (9/10)

12) Celes

The famous opera scene is another favorite moment in the game, and the heartfelt and touching musical performance backed it up well. The music sounds much better in the Piano Collections than it did on the Original Sound Version. MIDIs back then just didn't quite cut it. (10/10)

13) Waltz de Chocobo

An interesting version of the chocobo theme, this time a waltz. It still has that old Western tavern feel to it like some of the other tracks. (8/10)


This is one of the better Piano Collections in my opinion. There were very few tracks that left me unsatisfied. It is definitely an album that you can listen to over and over again. If you can play the piano, these are also tracks that are very enjoyable to play on your own. However, there are quite a few which can prove to be quite challenging.

Overall Score: 9/10