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Tales of VS.: Be Your Wings - Girl Next Door :: Review by Solarblade

Tales of VS.: Be Your Wings - Girl Next Door Album Title: Tales of VS.: Be Your Wings - Girl Next Door
Record Label: Avex Trax
Catalog No.: AVCD-31688
Release Date: August 5, 2009
Purchase: Buy at CDJapan


The vocal single for Tales of VS. is Girl Next Door's "Be Your Wings". While a shortened version of the song made its way to the game's official soundtrack, the full version is limited to a single. Fortunately, this single is a triple A-side, also featuring "Friendship" and "Wait for You", and there's also a bonus remix included. Less fortunately, only some of the songs featured in this single are particularly good...


Girl Next Door finally get things right with the full version of "Be Your Wings". It features a dark sounding arrangement by Toru Watanabe, which fits quite well with the nature of the opening of the game. However, it also contains the same poppy Girl Next Door style that's been known for a long time. I do enjoy the song a lot more than most previous tracks by the band with its catchy lyrics and amazing bridge. In fact, "Be Your Wings" could be the second best of the era, with "Infinity" topping this completely. Regardless, I love it! It also receives an instrumental version.

I was wondering what the other two A-sides would sound like on the single. Right from the starting chords, "Friendship" screamed "Guuzen no Kakuritsu" to me. I don't like the chorus at all here and it comes across a little rushed even for Girl Next Door songs. Maybe I'll come to like it, but I've only found it a big mess so far.

Strangely enough, the third A-side "Wait For You" screams Day After Tomorrow and in a pretty good way. Even though it has a typical J-Pop sound, there are slightly more interesting features and heavier beats here. Being a bit slower than the other two, it's a refreshing contrast. While a decent song, I still feel it is a bit too derivative and CHISA has given better performances.

Wow, a Ferry Corsten remix to finish? I do love my Ferry songs so it isn't surprising that I really enjoyed the remix of "Jounetsu no Daishou". Compared with other remixes Girl Next Door have put out, this is more of a trance remix than the others. The heavy beats and smooth synths really fill out the track, though there are some ambient elements too. Even CHISA's parts sound a whole lot better here. I'm pretty sure people will criticise this one for its length, but seriously Ferry remixes are better longer.


Of Girl Next Door's singles, this one is in the middle. I'll admit that Be your wings is typical, but is a great song from them nevertheless and works well as the opening for Tales of VS. "Friendship" and "Wait For You" are alright, but there are some glaring faults within each track and both are quite derivative. Then again, at least there is the Ferry Corsten remix. Overall, a worthwhile purchase if you're a fan of Girl Next Door.

Overall Score: 7/10