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Pikmin 2: Song of Seed - Strawberry Flower :: Review by Simon

Pikmin 2: Song of Seed - Strawberry Flower Album Title: Pikmin 2: Song of Seed - Strawberry Flower
Record Label: Toshiba EMI
Catalog No.: TOCT-4740
Release Date: May 19, 2004
Purchase: Buy at Play-Asia


Pikmin is quite a fun game or so I'm told. It had a cult following here in the UK and, although I'm not entirely sure what happened to the sequel over here, the five track single Pikmin 2: Song of Seed - Strawberry Flower demonstrates that there definitely was one. If the music's anything to go by, it should have been a cracker!

A band called Strawberry Flower put together two songs. "Song of Seed" and "Soap Bubbles". Strawberry Flower's vocals are some of the cutest and child-like I've heard. Put together with the warmth of the xylophone, acoustic guitar, fairytale story-esque wind instrumentation, and playful percussion and it makes for a beautifully childish carefree fun CD. The remixes are all suitable different but still follow the same trail of thought and production — fun folksy end of day barn dance gone cutesy. In fact the remixes sound like different songs in their own right.

The CD is sold at a CD single price which is great because the five songs only clock in at 13 and a half minutes. However, what you are given are golden strands of laid back cute pleasure. Highly recommended for people who enjoy happy village themes!

Overall Score: 8/10