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Valkyria Chronicles 2 Limited Soundtrack :: Review by Marc

Valkyria Chronicles 2 Limited Soundtrack Album Title: Valkyria Chronicles 2 Limited Soundtrack
Record Label: Sega
Catalog No.: Promotional
Release Date: January 21, 2010
Purchase: Buy at eBay


Valkyria Chronicles 2, the sequel to the PlayStation 3's Valkyria Chronicles, was released solely for the PSP in January 2010. Once again, Hitoshi Sakimoto is the sole composer and he streamed a variety of orchestral tracks for the score. Hitoshi Sakimoto intended to overcome reduced production capacity of the PSP on the score. In addition, he aimed to integrate the light-hearted 'school days' feel permeating the sequel with the more mature sound heard in its predecessor. The Valkyria Chronicles 2 Limited Soundtrack gives a taste of how he fared. This is a digital soundtrack packaged with the pre-order bonus for the game, Document of Gallia 1936. It features three major themes from the game, including a shortened version of the main theme.


In no place is the more localized, light-hearted feel of the game heard better than in the first track, a short version of "Valkyria Chronicles 2 Main Theme." The track opens accompanied by bells heralding a new day of school, and the melody evokes feelings of an academy. The use of woodwinds, here and throughout the lighter tracks on the album, help drive the cheery, youthful feel. If only listeners were given a glimpse of the glorious development heard in the full version...

Similar to its predecessor, battle tracks are central to the album experience. The full version of "Exciting Battle" is just as exciting as its name intimates. A xylophone is heard frantically beating away in the background as the strings play arpeggios introducing the track. The percussion is heavy and militaristic, an element brought over from the first title and retained throughout here.

I would like to draw special attention to "Theme of the Rebels," the only full-length track of this sampler. This track is beautifully chromatic in its approach and definitely serves as one of the better villain themes I've heard in some time. While just a three track sampler, Sakimoto definitely chose the very best tracks from the original soundtrack to present, and "Theme of the Rebels" is a particular testament to this.


The Valkyria Chronicles 2 Limited Soundtrack gives a brief insight into the musical direction of Hitoshi Sakimoto's sequel score. The main theme demonstrates the more light-hearted, localised story of the sequel, but the subsequent two tracks demonstrate that the soundtrack still has plenty of energy and drama. The quality of the sound does not diminish to any noticeable degree in the switch to portable device either. However, this sampler is painfully inadequate for those looking for an alternative to the full two disc album release. While it compiles probably the best tracks from the score, the main theme is grossly shortened and many other highlights are omitted. This album is worth a listen if you imported the game and are curious about the full soundtrack. Otherwise, however, I'd recommend sticking to the full release.

Overall Score: 6/10