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Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2: Flyaway - Back-On :: Review by Mac_Tear

Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2: Flyaway - Back-On Album Title: Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2: Flyaway - Back-On
Record Label: Avex Trax
Catalog No.: CTCR-40286
Release Date: January 28, 2009
Purchase: Buy at CDJapan


"Flyaway" serves as the theme song for the recently released PSP title Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2, a direct sequel to the first game, which was released worldwide two years earlier. It marks the sixth single release of the five man group Back-On from Toyko. The band is known for creating anime opening themes such as the Air Gear opening theme "Chain", Murder Princess opening theme "Hikari Sasuhou", and others.


The opening theme "Flyaway" features a fast-paced rock arrangement in similar style to Bump of Chicken's "Karma" from Tales of the Abyss. There are synthesizer elements and both lead and rap vocals by Kenji03 and Teeda, who also wrote all the lyrics on this disc. The melody is surprisingly catchy and the lyrics are well written and fitting. Like all songs here it uses some English phrases within the Japanese lyrics, which can be recognized if you listen carefully.

The second track, "Where is the Future?" serves as the game's ending theme and captures a rock ballad style with its rhythmic arrangement and serene vocals. It's a perfect track to chill to; the percussion and vocals are especially excellently done here. Two bonus tracks are also included. The first and last on the normal release is called "Re:Start", another rock number in similar style to the first track, only a little more poppy with more focus on electronica. Nothing spectacular, but a nice track on its own.

Finally, only released on the limited edition of the single, a fourth track makes its appearance, "Flyaway - Tales of Remix". This song is very interesting as its completely different to the original; instead of rock it uses an electronica arrangement with massive use of synth and club beats. The vocals are faster and Kenji03's lead vocals are replaced by an female singer this time with accompaniment of Teeda's usual emcee vocals.

But why is it called Tales of Remix? Listen carefully, then you recognize something immediately. Two Tales of Destiny themes make their appearance within — around 2:25 an electric guitar performs a solo of "Bare Its Fangs" while "Lion - Irony of Fate" shows up around 4:05 also as interlude. All in all it's a unique and fun remix with some surprising moments.


Back-On did an very good job by creating the theme songs for the latest entry of the Tales series. All songs are entertaining, fun, and catchy with effective performances. The remix from the limited edition is absolutely worth listening to if you're a fan of this kind of music. Let's be curious what the original soundtrack will offer after this powerful introduction.

Overall Score: 8/10