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Nintendo 64 Original Soundtrack Greatest Hits (US) :: Review by Jon Turner

Nintendo 64 Original Soundtrack Greatest Hits (US) Album Title: Nintendo 64 Original Soundtrack Greatest Hits (US)
Record Label: Nintendo of America
Catalog No.: 1101-Winter96
Release Date: November 1, 1996
Purchase: Buy at eBay


This album kinda had me disappointed the first time I listened to it, but now that I've accepted that it's nothing like the totally awesome CDs Nintendo has, such as the Donkey Kong Country soundtracks and Super Mario 64 soundtrack, I actually enjoy this album. Now let me get on to the disappointing stuff. Killer Instinct Gold's tracks disturb me, especially track 5, which doesn't contain music at all. All it has is just a totally terrible cacophony of sound effects, along with a voice line or four. The lines are something like "hakoda" or "indakuroken", then I hear screaming. *Groan*. Also, track 6, although enjoyable, is not even in Wave Race 64. Why didn't Nintendo just put the actual music from the game on the CD instead of just wasting it with a hardly exciting 7:48 track that seems to go on forever?!

The Star Fox 64 music is just as awesome as the original game, with guitars exploding all around it. I haven't played the game yet, but I hope this music gets to be in it. The Blast Corps music is questionable. Most of the game's tracks are full of malevolent feeling, except for track 10, which sounds like I'm in the jungle with futuristic music. The Super Mario 64 music, however, is something quite different. Track 18 is a humorous "It's a me, Mario!", then the following track is that same familiar Mario Bros. theme, juiced up with a 64-bit update. Wow. All of the other tracks give me the feeling of playing the game itself as well as playing the Mario games of the past. This CD is very good, but it could have been better if there were a bit of more music from the other games and if it had track 5 the hell out of there.

Overall Score: 7/10