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Mario Kart 64 Greatest Hits (US) :: Review by Jon Turner

Mario Kart 64 Greatest Hits (US) Album Title: Mario Kart 64 Greatest Hits (US)
Record Label: Nintendo of America
Catalog No.: Promotional
Release Date: March 1, 1997
Purchase: Buy at eBay


I never thought that this CD would be available at Electronics Boutique. What a great surprise... for a short while at least. More on that later. As the name of the CD implies, this album is a collection of the best music straight from the ultra-cool Mario Kart 64. What we have here is a great selection of tunes that are energetic and electrifying, but softened up with humorous paths in between. Almost all the tracks are humorous, except for some which seem to sound unmusical like "DK's Jungle Park" and "Koopa Castle", or heroic like "Rainbow Road" and "Victory Lap". The composer, Kenta Nagata, deserves great credit for composing some of the most impressive music I have ever heard.

However, despite all of the CD's credits, it is ultimately unsatisfying. The problem does not lie with the music, even though some tracks aren't exactly memorable, but with the fact that this CD is entitled "Greatest Hits". The result is only half-an-hour of game music on the CD. Bummer. Some of the track titles are incorrect in terms of describing the music, and there is not *any* linear information of who composed, recorded, or performed the music on this CD. These are the same faults of other Nintendo domestic CDs. There's another Mario Kart 64 CD called "Race Tracks" that has the complete soundtrack and also a Japanese release. You Mario Kart fans out there would probably be better off steering in their directions.

Overall Score: 5/10