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Final Fantasy S Generation Official Best Collection :: Review by Final Fantasy Kid

Final Fantasy S Generation Official Best Collection (US) Album Title: Final Fantasy S Generation Official Best Collection (US)
Record Label: Tokyopop Soundtrax
Catalog No.: TPCD 0211-2
Release Date: November 20, 2001
Purchase: Buy at eBay


This is probably one of the best arranged compilations you will find. It is filled with a variety of piano and orchestrated versions of the original pieces and is just truly amazing.

Track-by-Track Reviews

1) Liberi Fatali [Final Fantasy VIII Original Soundtrack]

A great start to the CD with a powerful piece for vocals and orchestra. It is a direct rendition of the opening theme for Final Fantasy VIII. (10/10)

2) Eyes on Me [Final Fantasy VIII Piano Collections]

After the powerful piece that precedes, the album slows down to a calm piano arranged piece. The popular piece "Eyes on Me" loses none of its original beauty. Although there is no singer this time, it is still one of my favorites. (9/10)

3) F.F.VII Main Theme [Final Fantasy VII Reunion Tracks]

This is one of my personal favorites. It starts off very minor and has an almost evil touch to it. After a little it gets more major and gets ready for the main climax right in the middle of the piece. The strings in this piece play a major part and are the glue that holds it together. This track made a great transition from MIDI to orchestra thanks to Shiro Hamaguchi. (9/10)

4) Fisherman's Horizon [Final Fantasy VIII Piano Collections]

This piece is a very nice little tune, and the piano version sounds almost just like the original game version except not as annoying. The only bad thing about this piece is it can be somewhat repetitive at points. (8/10)

5) The Man with the Machine Gun [Final Fantasy VIII Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec]

When I first heard this piece arranged, I was just amazed how great it was. The French horn in this piece plays a major role, and I think it did a very good job. Though it loses its impact after listening to it more than 100 times like I have, it's a great piece nonetheless. (8/10)

6) Vamo' Alla Flamenco [Final Fantasy IX Piano Collections]

This energetic piece is one of my favorites on this CD. It is impossible to get tired of this one and the piano really brings out how great it is. (10/10)

7) Daguerreo, the Hermit's Library [Final Fantasy IX Piano Collections]

The first few times you listen to this one, you may not like it that much, because it is so repetitive and is about 4:30 long. However, this piece will grow on you and will become one of your favorites like it has with me if you give it a chance. (9/10)

8) One Winged Angel [Final Fantasy VII Reunion Tracks]

Now who doesn't love this one? It is so evil and devilish in its orchestrated form. This one you just cannot get tired of and is just wonderful. (10/10)

9) Fragments of Memories [Final Fantasy VIII Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec]

I am a little disappointed about this one. The game version was much better than this version. However, I have never liked String Quartets, so it's probably personal taste more than anything else that explains my dislike for it. (7/10)

10) Dark City Treno [Final Fantasy IX Piano Collections]

I am amazed on how much this one sounds like the original game version. That is what makes this one good and it will bring back memories of when you went to Treno. (8/10)

11) The Oath [Final Fantasy VIII Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec]

The beginning of the piece sounds almost exactly like the game version, but later on it becomes completely different, when the full orchestra comes in and the pieces starts getting interesting. It gets a little calmer later and drifts away from the original by featuring a flute solo; however it goes straight back to the original faster than you can say 'Chocobo' as the theme climaxes with a poignant brass section. (10/10)

12) Unrequited Love [Final Fantasy IX Piano Collections]

This is another one of those pieces that I do not like. It may be because it is so quiet. You may like it, but it is one of my least favorites. (7/10)

13) Aeris' Theme [Final Fantasy VII Reunion Tracks]

You cannot help but love this one. It will bring back memories of Aeris' sad death no doubt. Whenever I hear it, I can always hear the battle with Jenova right after her death. It is probably my favorite of all time. (10/10)

14) Ami [Final Fantasy VIII Piano Collections]

This is yet another really great piece. The piano version has never been better and is one of my favorite piano pieces on the whole CD. (10/10)

15) Behind the Door [Final Fantasy IX Original Soundtrack]

You may just play the whole ending of Final Fantasy IX in your head when you hear this one. It has many themes in it and you will probably enjoy that. (9/10)

16) Melodies of Life ~ Final Fantasy [Final Fantasy IX Original Soundtrack]

A great ending to this wonderful CD. The Japanese version is definitely better than the English version and the Final Fantasy main theme also makes a fond appearance towards the end. (10/10)


Overall this CD is very good, except for perhaps "Fragments of Memories" and "Where Love Doesn't Reach". Other than those two pieces, this album was truly unbelivable.

Overall Score: 9/10